Star God Soldier King Chapter 2120


Seeing the interrogation screen projected by the crystal fox crystal, Hilda and Valenstadz were completely stunned.

When two Black Dragon soldiers rushed to say that Valenstadz was not a betrayer and that it was the Red Dragon Queen who had really tipped them off, Hilda couldn’t help roaring in exasperation: “No! This is absolutely impossible! How could the real Red Dragon Queen betray the Red Dragon Legion! This is absolutely impossible!”

Valenstadz also frowned: “Yes! My friend Chen Xing! Although they can help me clear my grievances, they actually said that the Red Dragon Queen betrayed the entire Red Dragon Legion, which is simply unreasonable!”

Chen Xing said lightly with a smile: “Yes, this is Of course, it is very unreasonable. There is only one explanation that can explain the existence of such unreasonable factors: the one who betrayed the Red Dragon Legion was not the real Red Dragon Queen, but a fake who pretended to be the Red Dragon Queen.”

Hilda and Valenstadz immediately held breath cold air, daring not to deny it casually, nor to affirm it casually.

It is true that the real Red Dragon Queen will never betray her own race.

And if it’s the fake Red Dragon Queen, then it all makes sense.

“Chen Xing, you must understand that the Queen of the Red Dragon is of noble birth and is not something that ordinary dragons can pretend to be.”

Hilda said solemnly: “First of all, if If you want to disguise as our red dragon queen, you must be a real red dragon clan. If it is another Dragon Clan, we can find the clue just by relying on the smell on your body! Secondly, if you want to pretend to be a red dragon Dragon Queen, you have to be able to defeat the Red Dragon Queen first, and that must be at least the level 1 strength of the Dragon King! Looking at our entire Red Dragon family, is there a dragon that can rival the Red Dragon Queen? Haha, it doesn’t exist! Even me This red dragon female guard Captain, the strength is only the Queen Your Majesty’s 1/4/2022. Even more how, the Queen Your Majesty has Life Essence on her body, her life force is endless, it is impossible to be defeated .”

Valenstadz immediately said nodded: “Yes, my friend Chen Xing, this remark of Hilda elder sister, is also the biggest doubt in my heart.”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Indeed, as you suspected, your Queen Your Majesty is so powerful, how could she be disguised by the enemy so easily? You Red Dragon clan, who dares to challenge the Queen? What about Your Majesty, even beating Queen Your Majesty, and pretending to be Queen Your Majesty? But if you look a little wider, you’ll see that it’s possible.”

Hilda frowned and asked: “Look more broadly? No matter how broad it is, the dragons of the red dragon family are also impossible… Wait! Chen Xing! Do you mean to say! The crystal red dragon family?”

Hilda already understood something.

Valenstadz blinked, “What? What do you mean? What happened to the Crystal Red Dragon Clan?”

Hilda frowned and said solemnly: “The Crystal Red Dragon Clan , was originally a branch of our Red Dragon family! According to legend, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen was originally the first-in-line heir to the previous generation of Red Dragon Queen, but for some unknown reason, she broke away from the Red Dragon Legion and created the Crystal Red Dragon Clan! If you can pretend to be our Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty, then in the entire Dragon Clan world, there is only Crystal Red Dragon Queen! But… how is this possible?! Crystal Red Dragon Clan is in our Red Dragon Clan world! The Dragon Legion took in our entire Red Dragon Legion at the most difficult time! Until now, everyone in our Red Dragon Legion is grateful for the kindness of the Crystal Red Dragon Clan!”

Chen Xing faintly With a smile, “According to my observations over the past time, Crystal Red Dragon Clan doesn’t seem to be close to your Red Dragon Legion, your Red Dragon Legion lives in Crystal Red within the valley, and the Crystal Red Dragon’s troops are stationed in the valley. Besides, none of the crystal red dragons visited your red dragon clan, right?”

Hilda blushed, “The crystal red Dragon Clan… is indeed a little indifferent, but I think, That should be the characteristics of their crystal red dragon clan.”

Chen Xing laughed, “The position where your red dragon Legion is now seems to be very safe, but if you think about it carefully, where you are Does the valley look like a pocket? Are those crystal red dragon soldiers guarding the pockets really here to protect you? If they are really here to protect you, why aren’t they stationed in the entire hidden frontier? So, there is only one answer , those crystal red dragon soldiers, not to protect you, but to supervise you, and when necessary, they can directly rush into the valley and slaughter your unarmed red dragon people.”

Hilda And Valenstadz’s complexion suddenly became ashen.

This arrangement is too vicious!

However, Hilda still couldn’t believe it, “Chen Xing, I’m the Captain of the Red Dragon Queen, I can’t just rely on your words to doubt our loyal ally, right? Jinghong The dragon clan is subordinate to the Red Dragon Legion, our two clans have always been very friendly and harmonious for hundreds of years, the crystal red dragon clan, why do you do this?”

Chen Xing faintly smiled, “Maybe it’s to please Black Dragon, or maybe it’s for other reasons, I really can’t analyze this, but I can be sure that Crystal Red Dragon Clan is definitely not with you. I can also be sure, you The current Red Dragon Queen is exactly what the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is pretending to be. Your real Red Dragon Queen is just because you trusted the Crystal Red Dragon Queen and came to the Crystal Red Dragon Queen to talk, and you are unprepared. The ambush of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.”

“Wait! Wait!” Hilda frowned and said, “There is a very big loophole here! As I said just now, our The Queen of the Red Dragon is very powerful, even if Nezulio, the Dragon King of the Black Dragon, goes out in person, he may not be able to completely defeat the Queen of the Red Dragon!”

Chen Xing said faintly with a smile: ” Yes, the Red Dragon Queen with Life Essence is indeed so powerful that even the Black Dragon Dragon King is somewhat afraid, but if Life Essence is not on the Red Dragon Queen, and the Red Dragon Queen does not realize that the Crystal Red Dragon Queen has to deal with Where’s her?”

Hilda was startled, “What? Life Essence is not on the Red Dragon Queen? How is that possible? That is the supreme treasure of our Red Dragon clan, especially in this turbulent time. When the time comes, the Red Dragon Queen must always carry it with her.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Ms. Hilda, did you not notice at all? It’s all been destroyed, isn’t your Queen Your Majesty in a hurry to create a new dragon egg?”

“That’s because Your Majesty, Queen, hasn’t recovered from her heartbreak!” Hilda defended road.

“That’s all just excuses.” Chen Xing sighed and shook the head, “because she’s not only a fake red dragon queen, but she hasn’t got Life Essence, without Life Essence, she can’t be famous The dragon life force comes to bless the dragon egg – so, if the dragon egg is really going to be produced, she will be exposed instead.”

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