Star God Soldier King Chapter 2121


Hilda froze in place.

Chen Xing’s words are indeed very reasonable.

Moreover, combined with the recent performance of Queen Your Majesty, it is indeed doubtful.

Hilda frowned, “However, even if you say that, it can only make me have a little doubt, and can’t prove anything. I still don’t believe that the Crystal Red Dragon Queen will Attack the Red Dragon Queen and pretend to be our Queen Your Majesty! I mean, what does she want? Want to get our Red Dragons? But she’s already the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “What she wants to get is definitely not your red dragon clan, if all she wants is your red dragon clan, then after she trapped your red dragon queen with a plan, She will not sell the position of the Red Dragon Legion to the Black Dragon and the Blue Dragon Alliance. From the analysis of the current situation, she should want to get the Life Essence of your Red Dragon family.”

Hill Da frowned and said, “You mean, Life Essence…isn’t really on our Red Dragon Queen?”

Chen Xing nodded and said, “I’m afraid that is indeed the case. Your Red Dragon Queen is in front. Before I came to Crystal Red Dragon Clan to discuss cooperation, I entrusted Life Essence to others very predictably, so the Crystal Red Dragon Queen could deal with the Red Dragon Queen, but it is precisely because of this that the Crystal Red Dragon Queen did not Get Life Essence – If the Crystal Red Dragon Queen really gets Life Essence, you red dragons who don’t know it in your pockets will probably be wiped out immediately.”

Hilda held breath cold air in fear.

At this point, even though she was very resistant to Chen Xing’s analysis, she had to think about the probability of Chen Xing’s analysis.

And to her own horror, she had begun to believe Chen Xing’s words.

Hilda asked again: “If, if that’s the case… Your Majesty, the Queen of the Red Dragon, to whom would Life Essence be entrusted to? It stands to reason that I’m the one who should be her best. The one you trust!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I think this is exactly what your red dragon queen Your Majesty is brilliant about. Lady Hilda, you are indeed a red dragon Queen Your Majesty’s most trusted person, you don’t have to doubt it. But you know it yourself, the rest of the Red Dragon Legion know it, and even the entire Dragon Clan knows it. If the Red Dragon Queen goes away By entrusting Life Essence to you, when she is imprisoned, you are the first to be targeted. Once you are targeted, Life Essence is completely exposed to the enemy.”

Essty Hilda couldn’t help but nodded slightly, “Yes, you’re right. In my faith, if Your Majesty the Red Dragon Queen really entrusts me with Lifeence, I’ll take my own. Life protects it, but with my strength, I’m afraid… I can’t support it for long in the face of the powerful forces of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “The most important point is that if Life Essence is really in your hands, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen doesn’t need to be so troublesome at all, she will directly let the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon join forces, plus her own Crystal Red Dragon Legion, Attack your remaining red dragon Legions with all your strength. You can’t bear it. Therefore, it is because of your true red dragon queen’s foresight that the entire red dragon Legion has a chance to breathe – as long as the crystal red dragon queen If you don’t get Life Essence for a while, your Red Dragon Legion will be safe. But now, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen can’t wait.”

Hilda frowned and said, “However, I still don’t fully understand. , if your analysis makes sense, who will the real Red Dragon Queen give Life Essence to? You must know that only the real Red Dragon family can get Life Essence.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Before answering your question, I would like to ask you a question, Ms. Hilda.”

Hilda immediately said with a serious face: “Chen Xing, please ask, I must know what to say.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “In all fairness, what do you think of my brother Laowa? “

“Huh? Hilda was stunned for a moment.

Valenstaz said with a blushing face: “My friend Chen Xing, let’s get down to business!” Why do you suddenly ask such a question? “

Chen Xing said to Hilda, “Ms Hilda, this question is very serious, and I need your answer. “

Hilda gave Valenstadz a solemn look, and then said: “To be honest, my first impression of Valenstadz is very bad, I think he is a good-looking person. Although handsome, the villain who betrayed our entire Red Dragon Legion. But now… yes, I have to admit, Valenstadz is not a traitor, he is loyal to our red dragon Legion, we have wronged him before. “

Valenstadz burst into tears, “many thanks, Hilda elder sister!” Finally someone believes I’m not a traitor! Now, even if I die, it’s worth it. “

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Queen Hilda, if it were you, would you choose Valenstadz as your first spouse?” “

Hilda then said: “Lord Chen Xing, please don’t make such a joke!” I’m not the red dragon queen, I’m impossible to have a spouse. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “What I said was just an assumption. “

Hilda hesitated. “If, if I could have a spouse, I think…I wouldn’t choose Valenstads.” “

Valenstadz’s eyes were suddenly disappointed, but he quickly covered it up.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Why? Do you have your favorite male red dragon? “

Hilda said quickly: “No no, of course I don’t!” I am the Captain of the Red Dragon Girl, and I must not have any selfish thoughts. The reason why I wouldn’t choose Valenstadz is just because he, he’s too young, and I, simply don’t know him very well. Of course, youth is the most critical factor. “

Valenstadz said with some regret: “My friend Chen Xing, why do you keep asking such questions as Hilda elder sister?” Does this have anything to do with what we’re trying to solve right now? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Of course it does. You see, even Captain of the Red Dragon Queen like Hilda thinks that you are too young, and some despise you, but you should talk about it, that fake Red Dragon Queen, why would she want to directly call you when she sees you? Did you pounce on the ground? Do you still have to cry and cry for a flower candle in your wedding room? “

Valenstadz opened his mouth, “Because…because I’m handsome?” “

Chen Xing laughed, “Lao Wa, you are quite handsome, but you are not enough to let a woman as experienced as the Red Dragon Queen overwhelm you.” As Ms Hilda said, you are too young to be the first spouse simply. “

Valenstadz pondered for a while, then sighed for a long time, “Yes, this is exactly what worries me the most in my heart, even I know that my qualifications, Not enough to be the queen’s consort. However, if it wasn’t for my appearance, why would that Crystal Red Dragon Queen rush to make me the first spouse? “

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