Star God Soldier King Chapter 2123


“Crystal Red Dungeon…”

Hilda couldn’t help gasping when she heard this word.

Until now, she finally understood why Chen Xing had to send her to the crystal red dungeon.

It turned out that as early as three days ago, Chen Xing had begun to doubt the identity of the Red Dragon Queen.

She also finally understood that everything that happened in the crystal red dungeon was originally related to the true red dragon queen.

Hilda said with a trembling voice: “Chen Xing…Is the soul lament I sensed in the crystal red dungeon the soul song of the True Red Dragon Queen?”

Chen Xing nodded slightly and connected, “It should be like this, you bloodline, it is very normal to have telepathy, but the real red dragon queen is imprisoned in the crystal red formation of the crystal red dragon queen, and the current state is probably not very good. Okay, so your induction is very slight, and you don’t immediately suspect that it’s the real Red Dragon Queen.”

Hilda burst into tears: “My Queen Your Majesty! I Hill It’s really useless! I hate myself so much! As the captain of the female guard, I didn’t even find a counterfeit controlling our Red Dragon Legion! I really! Death 10,000 times is not enough to atone for my sins! But I can’t die now I have to kill that fake Red Dragon Queen first!”

Saying that, Hilda turned around angrily and wanted to leave.

Valenstadz said quickly: “Hilda elder sister! Don’t be impulsive! With Chen Xing here, let’s have a long-term plan!”

Hilda clenching one’s teeth and said: “What else do you need to think about in the long run? I can’t wait a minute or a second now!”

Chen Xing said solemnly: “Ms Hilda, this matter is not only about Your own anger is also related to the life and death of your entire Red Dragon Legion! I ask you to calm down and think about it, if you go to confront the Crystal Red Dragon Queen now, not to mention whether you can defeat her, even if You can, but what about your fellow red dragons? They are still within the valley now! Those crystal red dragon soldiers can rush into the valley at any time to slaughter!”

Hilda Startled for a moment, then let out a sigh of relief, and sat down softly.

“Lord Chen Xing, you’re right, I do… ah. I’ve been swept away by anger, and I’m confused and don’t know what to do. Lord Chen Xing, please. Help us come up with an idea!”

Valenstadz also said: “Yeah, my friend Chen Xing! Quickly help us come up with an idea! Since you have long suspected the Crystal Red Dragon Queen Now, there must be a way to deal with her, right?”

Chen Xing smiled faintly, “Based on the current situation, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen herself is not terrifying, she is just a little insidious. We want to It shouldn’t be a problem to kill her to save the Red Dragon Queen and protect the entire Red Dragon family. But the real difficulty lies in destroying the Crystal Red Dragon Queen. You know, the Crystal Red Dragon is the bred of the Blue Dragon and the Black Dragon. The forces that have risen, the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces have long been impatient, if the Crystal Red Dragon Queen said that she could get Life Essence as easy as blowing off dust, it is estimated that the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces would have already started. Therefore, we must think of a foolproof strategy, which can not only destroy the power of the Crystal Red Dragon, but also completely defeat the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition led by Morton.”

Hilda frowned and said: “Lord Chen Xing, I naturally understand what you said. However, the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces are so powerful that we may not be their opponents.”

Chen Xing said with a smile : “I already have a plan for this matter, but I have to follow the steps first. We must first confirm that the real Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty is indeed in the Crystal Red Formation. If the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is not in the Formation If we fight against the fake Red Dragon Queen, the fake Red Dragon Queen will take the opportunity to call it a rebellion.”

Hilda heavily nodded, “Yes, this is also my concern. Moreover, with the insidiousness of the fake Red Dragon Queen, she will definitely do so.”

Chen Xing asked: “Ms. Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty to communicate?”

Hilda was startled, “This…I’m afraid I can’t do it. I tried many times in the crystal red dungeon, but I couldn’t break through the crystal red. Formation’s hindrance. Unless, unless we directly attack the crystal red Formation, but then, it is equivalent to cast asid with the fake red dragon queen e all considerations for face. “

Chen Xing thought for a moment, “If, if Life Essence is used as a medium, can you try to communicate with Your Majesty, your red dragon queen?” We must know what is going on with the Red Dragon Queen, and we must know that she is indeed imprisoned in the Crystal Red Formation and is still alive. “

Hilda thought for a while, “I can try, but Life Essence is on Valenstadz…”

Valenstaz said quickly : “I can give Life Essence to elder sister Hilda, but… I really don’t know how to give it back. “

Hilda was also confused, “To be honest, I don’t know either. Although I am the Captain of the Red Dragon Queen and the first in line to the Red Dragon Throne, I don’t know how Life Essence should be acquired. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I don’t need to get Life Essence on you, Ms. Hilda, in fact, as long as you two hug each other, Ms. Hilda, you can use it The power of Life Essence. The Red Dragon Queen once owned Life Essence, and now that you are near Life Essence, you will naturally have the opportunity to have a hyperspace soul exchange with her. In addition, I can also wish you a helping hand. ”

Chen Xing owns the Star God gem, and the Star God gem itself is the soul gem of one of the nine great creation singularity gems in the universe. Coupled with Life Essence as a medium, those who want to break through the crystal red Formation. It’s not difficult for the barrier to communicate with the True Red Dragon Queen.

Hilda is excited and hugs Valenstadz gently.

Valenstadz Some blush and heartbeat.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “you two, hold tight, at least, like a person. ”

Hilda immediately hugged Valenstadz tightly, but Valenstadz was a little afraid to hug Hilda, for fear that her behavior would cause blasphemy to Hilda And offended.

Hilda frowned and said, “Valenstaz, are you not full? “

“No, elder sister Hilda, I’m worried…” Valenstadz’s sorry laughed.

Hilda snapped: “What happened?” It’s time, you still take care of this and that? Our queen is suffering! We must get in touch with her ASAP! “

Valenstadz started and hugged Hilda tightly.

Chen Xing sank and unleashed the power of the Star God gem.


The invisible ripples immediately surrounded Hilda and Valenstadz.

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