Star God Soldier King Chapter 2124



In the Crystal Red Formation in the Crystal Red Dungeon.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen is constantly torturing the True Red Dragon Queen.

She tore off the scales of the Red Dragon Queen with brute force, and scratched the original scar of the Red Dragon Queen with the scales that the Red Dragon Queen was torn off.

The blood was gurgling, and there was no complete piece of flesh on the dragon body of the True Red Dragon Queen.

But the True Red Dragon Queen has always gritted her teeth and said nothing!

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said hahaha’s madness with a smile: “Sister Kathleen younger, you really can bear it! No wonder our mother will take the throne of the red dragon clan after expelling me. I leave it to you. From this point of view, the old man did nothing wrong. But unfortunately, she did another thing wrong, which was to expel me.”

True Red Dragon Queen coldly said: “elder sister, you’re wrong. Our mother did something wrong, but it’s not what you said.”

The crystal red dragon queen frowned. He picked it up and asked with interest: “Oh? Then tell me, what did she do wrong?”

The real red dragon queen said solemnly: “She shouldn’t have exiled you, Instead, she should kill you directly. She shouldn’t love you, and she shouldn’t be kind to you.”

The crystal red dragon queen suddenly became annoyed: “Love? Our mother loves me? Hahahaha! Younger sister You can really tell a joke! Can’t you be insane? If our mother really loves me, how can we kill my lover, destroy my dragon egg offspring, and how can we unplug me? All the red dragon scales, and then expel the dying me from the red dragon territory! Is this love?! This is cruelty!”

Said, the crystal red dragon queen lifted the real red dragon queen again Lose a scale.

The real red dragon queen almost cried out in pain, she trembled to take a deep breath, coldly said: “You did something wrong, you should have been punished. And like you Action, even if it is to execute you, is not an exaggeration! Mother is magnanimous, but only made you suffer a painful punishment, but did not ask for your name, isn’t this an expression of love for you? After you made a huge mistake, Do you want her to completely forgive you and not hold you accountable? If you have such an idea, it just proves that you are simply not suitable to be the queen of the red dragon clan. Your selfishness will harm the entire red dragon clan. Perished.”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a malicious smile: “Why, do you think the current Red Dragon clan is not going to perish? Hahaha, Kathleen, you are so naive. I’ll be able to get the Life Essence on Valenstadz at dawn tomorrow, and by that time, the Red Dragon people within the valley will all die! That’s what they are against me, against the blue The fate of the dragon and the Black Dragon coalition!”

The real red dragon queen roared angrily: “The crystal red dragon queen! The red dragon clan you mentioned are also your compatriots! How can you bear it? Betray them!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a sneer: “Who rescued me when I was dying and about to die? Is it my fellow Red Dragon? No, they They are spurning me. The one who saves me is Your Majesty, the blue dragon queen! It is she who, with her powerful magic, created a new crystal red dragon scales for me! Give me a new look, strength, and the meaning of surviving There is only one meaning to my existence, and that is to take revenge against the red dragon clan!”

The real red dragon queen sighed and said: “The crystal red dragon queen, why don’t you understand? The reason why the people spurn you is because you have committed unforgivable crimes! If you don’t reflect on your own crimes, you have to intensify your efforts to target your clansman. Are you really not afraid of retribution?”

“Hahaha! Retribution?”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen laughed and said with a smile: “Kathleen, I think you have nothing to do, so you said something like retribution to me. Come on. Retribution for this thing is just comfort, who would believe it? The entire Universe World is a big dark jungle, weak are prey to the strong, Divine Race stands at the top of the entire food chain! When did you see Divine Race getting its revenge? To put it a bit bigger, fate is so unfair and time is so ruthless, when have you ever seen the two sons of fate and time receive retribution? So, don’t tell me naive words like retribution or retribution, winner is the king, loser is the villain! And you, Kathleen, you’ve lost. I’ll leave you with the last scale, and when I eat Valenstadz tomorrow, I’ll show up to you with Life Essence, and then I’ll pull out your last scale and let you and your red dragon People, let’s go to Yellow Springs together. “

Said, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen turned around and left, laughed heartily.

“The Crystal Red Dragon Queen!” Crystal Red Dragon Queen! “

The True Red Dragon Queen hissed loudly: “You killed me!” You kill me now! please! Let go of my people! ”

A Dragon Clan queen, for the sake of her people, now completely disregards her own dignity and begs her enemies. This is definitely a very heavy heart.

However, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen remained unmoved in the slightest. The more the True Red Dragon Queen begged her, the more arrogant and smug she laughed.

She waved her hand to open the Crystal Red Formation and walked out. , and then the Crystal Red Formation closed quickly.

The real red dragon queen burst into tears.

The entire red dragon family was at stake, but she did everything. No.

This kind of feeling is really too painful and torturous.

It is even a thousand times more painful than tearing off the thousands of dragon scales on her body Ten thousand times!

And at this time, a clear singing voice suddenly appeared in her in the depth of one’s soul, making her bruised dragon body tremble.


She is very familiar with this song!

It is the red dragon lamentation she hummed softly before!

The queen of the red dragon was so surprised that she quickly sang along with the song Up.

Soon, she felt a familiar power!

That was the power of Life Essence!

And a familiar silhouette Also in the depths of her heart!

“Queen Your Majesty! “

“You are… Hilda?” “

The Red Dragon Queen’s excitement couldn’t be more intense!

Through the communication of her soul, Hilda saw the tragic appearance of Queen Kathleen and burst into tears, “Queen Your Majesty ! sorry! Hilda is incompetent! Make Queen Your Majesty suffer! “

“Hilda!” very good! very good! I’m not dreaming, am I? I’m not really dreaming, am I? “

At the critical moment of life and death, the Queen of Red Dragon can’t mention how happy she is to see her most trusted female guard Captain.

Hilda said quickly: “No, Queen Your Majesty, you are not dreaming anymore! With the help of a human friend, I just learned about the conspiracy of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! Don’t worry, I will definitely save you! “

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