Star God Soldier King Chapter 2125



At this time, the True Red Dragon Queen calmed down.

She deserves to be the king of the red dragon clan, even if she is already in a desperate situation, she can maintain a minimum of composure.


Hilda looked shocked.

She didn’t understand that she was already very close to the Red Dragon Queen. As long as the Red Dragon Queen gave an order, she could mobilize all the Red Dragon soldiers to fight back against the Crystal Red Dragon family and rescue the Red Dragon. Here comes the queen.

And the Red Dragon Queen actually said no.

Hilda couldn’t understand.

The Queen of the Red Dragon sank and said slowly: “Hilda, first of all, I’m really very, very happy to see you at this time. I don’t know what you are using. The way to break through this powerful magic crystal red Formation barrier, but no matter what, I want you to thank the human who helped us for me.”

Hilda heavily nodded, “I Yes, Queen Your Majesty!”

The Red Dragon Queen continued: “My life and death are no longer the most important issue at present. Even if you can lead the Red Dragon clan to defeat the Crystal Red Dragon Legion, we are the Red Dragon. The dragon clan also lost their safe territory, impossible against the mighty Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces. But remember, we the red dragon clan can be suppressed and defeated, but as long as Life Essence is still there, we will It lasts forever and will never be destroyed!”

Hilda cried bitterly: “I understand! The Red Dragon family will never be destroyed!”

The Red Dragon Queen said with a faint smile: “So, I want you to do three things for me and for the entire Red Dragon family.”

Hilda immediately said: “Queen Your Majesty, let alone three things , even three hundred pieces, three thousand pieces, I will die!”

The Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “First, you protect Valenstadz. I know, Now Valenstadz has returned to the Red Dragon Legion, and he has the Life Essence I quietly placed on him. Protecting him from the false Red Dragon Queen is protecting our entire Red Dragon family.”

Hilda’s heavy nodded, “Yes!”

The Red Dragon Queen continued: “The second thing, I will inherit my queen throne and become the new queen of the Red Dragon family.”

Hilda immediately criticized out in surprise, “no! Queen Your Majesty! This is absolutely not possible! I’m simply not ready to be a queen! And a wise man like you is the red dragon family. A true leader!”

The Queen of the Red Dragon said with a smile: “Hilda, no one is born a leader. When I was chosen by mother as his successor, I was also ignorant, no Be prepared. And, looking back now, what a terrible mistake I made! I was so taken by the crimson dragon queen’s rhetoric that I believed someone I shouldn’t have. You just said Am I wise? Hehe, maybe in dealing with small issues, I am indeed wise enough, and indeed majestic enough, But look at what the Red Dragon clan has become now? The only thing I did right was put Life Essence on Valenstadz. I’ve been watching Valenstadz for a long time before, Valenstadz is a very promising red dragon in the younger generation, and it turns out that I did not miss him. It’s just that he wanted to fight the Crystal Red Dragon Queen with his own strength, and it was impossible to do it. And now, I’m going to do the second right thing, which is to pass the throne to you. Hilda, don’t be refusing, you have to understand, my current state is no different from a dead dragon, I’m impossible or come out of the crystal red Formation, this Formation sucks all my strength and shatters it At the time of this Formation, I will surely die. “

“What? ! “

Hilda exclaimed.

Fortunately, she followed Chen Xing’s advice and communicated with the Red Dragon Queen in advance by means of soul communication, otherwise , rushing to smash the Crystal Red Formation is equivalent to killing the real Red Dragon Queen.

If that is the case, Hilda will not forgive herself in her life.

The Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “The Crystal Red Dragon Queen is indeed very insidious, so you have to be cautious at all times. And her purpose is very simple, just to take revenge on our red dragon family, take away Life Essence, and dedicate it to her dark master. “

Hilda clenching one’s teeth and said: “This crystal red dragon queen, isn’t she a member of our red dragon family? How could they be so vicious against our Red Dragon clan? “

The Red Dragon Queen sighed, “This is actually the grudge of the previous generation. speaking of which , this crystal red dragon queen was originally the first in line to be the heir. If she didn’t make a mistake, she, not me, should really be the red dragon queen. Unfortunately, she violated the iron law of the red dragon clan, made peace with the male red dragon privately, and gave birth to a dragon egg. In order for the dragon egg to hatch normally, she even stole the Life Essence of mother Your Majesty. In this way, she was punished for several crimes, her lover was executed, her dragon egg offspring were destroyed, her red dragon scales were all uprooted, and then she was exiled from the red dragon territory, never to return. “

“No wonder…” Hilda sucked in a cold breath, “No wonder this guy is so sinister and vicious, her mind has been distorted by evil!” I must kill her! To avoid future troubles! “

The Red Dragon Queen said in a tranquil voice: “Hilda, I tell you this, not for you to take revenge immediately, but to let you know that we have a grudge with Crystal Red Dragon Clan.” origin. I don’t care what you want to do with the Crystal Red Dragon Clan, but you have to promise me first and take over as the new Red Dragon Queen. This is not for you, but for the spiritual support of our Red Dragon clan and the hope of continuing to work hard to survive. “

Hilda said sadly: “Your Majesty, I will find a way to save you!” “

The Red Dragon Queen shook the head, “No, I already know my own destiny, I’m impossible to get out of the Crystal Red Formation alive.” So, let you take over the Red Dragon Clan earlier, and I can feel at ease earlier. Hilda, you must be brave and take on the burdens that fate has entrusted to you. I know that at this critical time of the life and death of the Red Dragon family, it is indeed very difficult for you to bear such a burden, but you must stand up and dedicate to the entire Red Dragon family. “

Hilda cried, “Yes!” Queen Your Majesty! I must…will not live up to your expectations! I, I Hilda, are willing to become the new generation of the Red Dragon Queen! “

The Red Dragon Queen was sighed in relief, “Excellent, my pressure has been relieved by more than half in an instant!” Listen now, I’m going to tell you everything you should know about the Red Dragon Queen. “

“Yes! “Hilda listened respectfully.

The Queen of the Red Dragon picked up the key points, and quickly told Hilda all the precautions.

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