Star God Soldier King Chapter 2127


After releasing the soul communication, Hilda pushed away Valenstadz, who was hugging her tightly.

Valenstadz didn’t react for a moment, but hugged tighter.

Hilda was stunned for a moment, and was about to scold Valenstads angrily, but there was a strange feeling in her heart.

It is true that Valenstadz is not the best among young red dragons, but Valenstadz is not something that other red dragons can replace.

Valenstadz is worthy of Hilda’s respect for his spirit of enduring humiliation and suffering for the entire Red Dragon Legion.

It’s just that it’s a little…sorry to keep sticking like this.

Hilda reddened slightly and cleared her throat.

Varenstadz just came to his senses, quickly released his hands, and took three steps back respectfully.

Chen Xing also immediately put away the Star God gem, and asked with a light smile: “Has the communication been successful?”

Hilda took a deep breath, and then heavily nodded .

“I saw Your Majesty, the queen. She… was tortured to the death by that bastard, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen. It’s no longer the same.” Hilda said sadly.

Valenstadz said eagerly: “Then what are we waiting for! Go to Crystal Red Formation to save our true queen, Your Majesty!”

Hildashook the head, “The Crystal Red Dragon Queen is far more sinister than we thought. That crystal ruby, infused with blue dragon magic, has absorbed the life and power of Queen Your Majesty. Once we smash the crystal ruby, Then Queen Your Majesty is equivalent to being killed by us.”

“What!” Valenstadz gritted his teeth angrily, “This damned crystal red dragon queen! Really didn’t I expect her to be so vicious! Fortunately, my Chen Xing brother let us communicate with our souls first, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Hilda heavily nodded, “Yes, many thanks Chen Lord Xing.”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Ms. Hilda, your Queen Your Majesty should have entrusted you with the responsibility of the Red Dragon Queen in addition to telling you this. Right?”

Hilda said with admiration: “Lord Chen Xing, you are really amazing, you already guessed it before I said it.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This is not a guess, speak frankly, the red dragon queen Your Majesty has a hard time surviving, no matter how sad our hearts are, we have to be mentally prepared. And the red dragon family can’t be without a leader, then you The first-in-line heir is the most suitable candidate.”

When Valenstadz heard this, he immediately bowed respectfully to Hilda, “Queen Your Majesty!”

Hilda was startled and hurriedly helped Valenstadz up, “Valanstadz! Get up first! Now is not the time to call me Queen Your Majesty, we still have a lot of questions. It needs to be resolved! Lord Chen Xing! The fate of the entire Red Dragon clan depends on you.”

Chen Xing waved his hand and said with a smile: “I don’t dare to count on it, but Laowa is mine. My friend, if my friend is in trouble, I naturally have to do my best to help.”

Hilda said gratefully: “Lord Chen Xing, what are you going to do?”

Chen Xing asked: “Ms. Hilda, can you promise to obey my orders in everything?”

Before, Hilda would never look at a mortal.

But now, Hilda has no doubts about Chen Xing.

“Yes! Lord Chen Xing! No matter what you ask me to do, I will firmly obey!”

Chen Xing nods with a smile and turns to Valanstad I hereby ask: “What about you?”

Valenstadz said as it should be by rights: “Is there any need to ask?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Then, things are much easier to handle.”

Hilda asked: “What should we do? Should we mobilize the elite of the red dragon Legion now, sneak into the crimson temple quietly, kill Is the Crystal Red Dragon Queen completely unprepared?”

Valenstadz also agreed: “Yes, yes! I also agree with this opinion! No matter how powerful the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is, it’s up to me, hope Elder sister Erda, together with my friend Chen Xing, we will definitely be able to kill her!”

Chen Xing shook the head, “Killing her will not help, but will only To make things worse, give the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon Legion more excuses to attack the Red Dragon Legion directly.”

Hilda said eagerly: “It won’t work, it won’t work, it can’t be directly Give Valenstadz to the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!”

Valenstadz said angrily: “I will not marry the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! I would rather commit suicide!”

Hilda looked at Valenstadz in agreement, “It’s alright, at that point, I will personally kill you.”

Valanstaz said with a bitter smile: “many thanks to Hilda elder sister.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Okay, you two don’t think about it. My plan is very simple, that is to first Get rid of the guests. Didn’t the Crystal Red Dragon Queen tell the world to let the envoys of the other four clans come to join the ceremony? How could the other clans come in just one night? So you can tell by guessing that those guests are bound to come. It’s the Blue Dragon and the Black Dragon in disguise. We have to kill those people before they run back and report to the Black Dragon and the Blue Dragon while we’re dealing with the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.”

Valan Staz immediately said: “Chen Xing, you’re right! I almost ignored this! Leave the matter of killing the special envoy to me!”

Chen Xing sa id with a smile: “That’s not possible, you are the groom, and you have to stand beside the Crystal Red Dragon Queen tomorrow. “

Valenstadz suddenly looked frustrated, “My God! This tortures me so much! “

Hilda said: “Lord Chen Xing! Then let me kill it. “

Chen Xing still shook the head, “No, you and your Red Dragon Maiden must stand by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen tomorrow, don’t make her suspicious.” “

“But! “

“Didn’t you two just say, do you want to listen to me?” “Chen Xing asked with a frown.

Hilda sighed helplessly, “Okay, Lord Chen Xing, we all listen to you. But, you have to tell us, when can we do it? “

Chen Xing smiled: “Don’t worry, after the Queen of Blades and I have dealt with those messengers, I will go to the Crimson Temple to find you. And by that time, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen will be the turtle in our urn. “

Hilda excitedly nodded.

Chen Xing then warned repeatedly: “Remember, you absolutely can’t act rashly until I show up!” Moreover, you must not let anyone know that the Red Dragon Queen is a fake, so as not to be noticed by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, so as to take precautions. “

Hilda and Valenstadz pledged in unison: “Yes!” Mr. Chen Xing! “

Chen Xing waved his hand, “Okay, let’s all go to rest, tomorrow will be the day that decides the fate of the Red Dragon Legion, so you must have enough rest now.” “

Hilda and Valenstadz could only say goodbye and turned to leave the cave.

The Queen of Blades asked with a smile: “Chen Xing, what are we doing now?” ”

Chen Xing laughed, β€œTake a break and talk about it tomorrow morning. “

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