Star God Soldier King Chapter 2129


The sky above the Crimson Temple gradually brightened.

The fake red dragon queen stretched her charming waist lazily, facing the great hall with bright lights, nodded with satisfaction.

This was specially arranged overnight for the great hall of her union with Valenstadz, although as long as the union ceremony is over, she can eat Valenstadz and restore her true face Now, these colorful lanterns and ribbons are useless, but the fake Red Dragon Queen doesn’t think it’s a waste at all.

For her, it was a celebration in itself.

She has endured for nearly a thousand years, and now she can finally take revenge.

When she hands Life Essence to her master, the master will be very satisfied with her actions.


“Yes, Queen Your Majesty!” A crystal red dragon soldier hurried in.

“Go, get Valenstadz and tell him that the union ceremony will start soon, he can’t delay any longer! If he dares to make excuses for delaying, you will bring him to me!”

“Yes!” The crystal red dragon soldier was about to take orders to take someone when he saw a large group of red dragon female guards flying outside the Crimson Temple.

And in the middle of the red dragon female guard is the little red dragon Valenstadz.

“Why are they all here?” The fake Red Dragon Queen felt unhappy in her heart.

But when I thought that today was the ceremony, I really should have been there as the female guard of the red dragon, so the fake red dragon queen didn’t think much about it.

“Your Majesty?” the crystal red dragon soldier asked in a low voice.

The fake red dragon queen waved her hand lazily, “Okay, it’s none of your business here, you go down first.”

“Yes!” The crystal red The dragon soldiers left immediately.

At this time, Hilda took the Red Dragon Maiden and Valenstads and slowly landed on the Crimson Temple. As soon as they landed, they immediately transformed into human figures.

“Congratulations to the female guard Your Majesty! Congratulations to the female guard Your Majesty!”

Hilda led her red dragon female guards to one-knee kneels to show their congratulations.

This is the most normal etiquette, but Hilda endured huge anger to keep her calm.

Valenstadz didn’t want to kneel down for the fake Red Dragon Queen, but in this case, not kneeling means there is a problem, since even Hilda can endure this last pain, Of course he had to endure it.

Everything is for the continued survival of the Red Dragon Legion.

Personal honor and disgrace has become less important.

Of course, for the other female guards, kneeling is a very natural thing.

They still don’t know that the Red Dragon Queen in front of them is a real fake.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of Chen Xing’s plan, Hilda and Valenstadz were tight-lipped, not revealing a single word to outsiders.

The fake red dragon queen waved her hand proudly, “Okay, okay, let’s all flatten! Aiya, thank you Hilda younger sister, you are really my good younger sister. Come come come , Valenstadz, come to my side.”

Varenstadz froze for a moment, then slowly walked into the fake red dragon queen.

The fake red dragon queen hooked Valenstadz’s chin with her hand, and said with a teasing face: “hehe, are you still shy? It’s okay, I like your type. Wait. When the time comes, I will tune, tune, and teach you.”

Valenstadz wanted to slap the fake Red Dragon Queen’s hand away, and then yelled at the vicious one. woman.

But now he can only hold back his teeth and smile.

Hilda on the side was also very angry when she saw such a scene.

This fake Red Dragon Queen, dressed in the appearance of the Red Dragon Queen, and doing frivolous behavior, really tarnishes the Red Dragon Queen!

Hilda can’t wait to show her dragon spear immediately, no matter whether she can defeat the fake red dragon queen or not, she will stab her fiercely with a spear.

But in the end, she endured it.

“Your Majesty, when will the bonding ceremony begin?” Hilda asked.

The question itself isn’t important, but it helped save the embattled Valenstadz from the harassment of the fake Red Dragon Queen.

The fake Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “Of course I hope the sooner the better, but the other four envoys haven’t arrived yet. When they arrive, I’ll announce it.”

Hilda said with a smile: “I don’t know, when will the messengers arrive? Especially the messenger of the Bronze Dragon Legion, it’s not easy to find, right?”

The fake Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “It’s okay, I still have to give the Red Dragon Queen’s face to the Bronze Dragon Legion. So, they will come soon, this, Hilda younger sister you Don’t worry about it.”

Hilda nodded, “Well, then we’ll wait here together.”

After speaking, Hilda stood there Next to the fake red dragon queen.

The fake Red Dragon Queen is obviously a little uncomfortable, but she can’t let Hilda leave. After all, Hilda is the Captain of the Red Dragon Queen and the first heir to the Red Dragon Throne.

In this way, after waiting for more than half an hour, the envoys have not arrived yet.

The face of the fake red dragon queen is so long.

This is way past the agreed time.

She wanted to end the union ceremony early, just announce it casually, and then be able to face the delicious meal of Valenstadz alone.

But until now, those disguised envoys haven’t come.

“Those people who made mistakes!”

The fake Red Dragon Queen cursed in her heart, then smiled and said to Hilda: “The special envoy hasn’t come yet, but I don’t think we can If the auspicious day is delayed, it is better to hold a great hall first, anyway, the special envoy will definitely come, just announce when the time comes.”

Valenstaz immediately said: “This is not possible! This is not in line with The rules of the Red Dragon Legion!”

Hilda also said with a cold laugh: “Yes, Queen Your Majesty, anyway, those envoys will come today, so why are you in a hurry?”


“That’s right! That’s right!” The fake Red Dragon Queen smiled, but anger rose in her heart.

Just like that, they waited for almost an hour, and there was still no silhouette of the envoy.

At this time, Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades finally completely eliminated the corpses of the Black Dragon Captains who were disguised as special envoys, covered up all traces of battle, and flew towards the Crimson Temple.

And in the crimson temple, the fake red dragon queen waited restlessly for a while, then stood up suddenly, “No wait! Start combining ceremony now!”

Hilda immediately stood up and said: “Your Majesty! This is not right!”

The fake red dragon queen shouted coldly: “No one said anything today! I just want to combine now! Who dares No! Who is the enemy of the entire Red Dragon Legion!”

“Your Majesty!” Hilda clucked her fists.

The fake Red Dragon Queen grabbed Valenstadz and said with a smile: “Valanstaz, I now announce that you are my first spouse! Effective immediately!”

Valenstaz struggled and said, “no! I want a regular ceremony!”

The fake Red Dragon Queen dragged Valenstadz into the room, “hmph Humph, it’s up to you now!”

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