Star God Soldier King Chapter 2130


Valenstadz roared and struggled desperately.

But he was always just a male red dragon who had just come of age. The male red dragon itself is not as powerful as the female red dragon. Even more how Valenstadz faced, or one that had survived for a thousand years. The crystal red dragon queen with almost the same strength as the real red dragon queen.

Hilda on the side was eager to rush up to help Valenstadz, but before Chen Xing arrived, she couldn’t act without authorization.

“Your Majesty! Please pay attention to your image!”

“Hehe, image? I Red Dragon Queen, what image do you want!? I’m getting Valenstadz now! None of you can stop it! If anyone dares to stop me, I will kill her!” The fake Red Dragon Queen roared fiercely.

“Your Majesty!”

Hilda’s fists were clenched.

“How can Your Majesty do this?” The other Red Dragon female guards around them whispered.

In the past, the image of the Red Dragon Queen in their hearts was extremely dignified and noble, didn’t expect Today, the Queen would actually…

This kind of behavior makes them loyal The queen’s female guards were all ashamed.

But for the fake red dragon queen, it doesn’t matter at all.

After all, what she has ruined is the reputation of the Red Dragon Queen, and what she will get is the Life Essence on Valenstadz.

When she thought of this, she could hardly control her saliva.

This image made her even more hungry.

Hilda took a deep breath, ready to show her dragon spear.

Can’t wait any longer.

If Chen Xing doesn’t come to save the situation, Valenstadz will definitely be killed by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, and the Life Essence on Valenstadz will definitely become the Crystal Red Dragon Queen. The spoΓ­ls of war.

Then, Hilda has only one way left, and that is to take the lead and kill Valenstadz!

Thus, Life Essence belongs to Hilda.

Although Hilda’s current strength is not enough to fight against the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, but if she gets Life Essence first, she will not necessarily lose to the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

Only then, Valenstadz really died.

This makes Hilda feel extremely heartbroken, but in order to prevent the Crystal Red Dragon Queen from getting Life Essence, it seems that this is the only way!

And at this time, four dragon shadows flew from the Crimson Templeβ€”β€”

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~!

The four crystal red dragon guards, in the form of dragons, slammed into the solid floor of the Crimson Temple, and quickly slid to the feet of the crystal red dragon queen.

Hilda was startled for a moment, and then she put away the idea of assassinating Valenstadz.

She knows, Chen Xing is here!

As soon as the four crystal red dragon soldiers died, the red dragon female guards exclaimed and immediately showed their weapons!

Hilda then shouted loudly: “No one is allowed to act rashly without my order!”

“Yes!” The red dragon female guards have always obeyed Hilda , as soon as Hilda spoke, they immediately put away their weapons.

And looking at the dragon bodies of the four crystal red dragon soldiers, a faint blue light appeared, and after the blue light faded, the blue dragon scales were revealed.


“What’s the matter?”

“Why did the blue dragon appear in the Crimson Temple! Red Dragon Soldiers!”

The Red Dragon female guards shouted in horror.

Hilda smiled coldly.

Of course she knew what was going on.

The so-called Crystal Red Dragon Clan actually doesn’t exist at all!

These crystal red dragons are faked by the blue dragon Legion with disguise magic!

Chen Xing killed four crystal red dragon soldiers flying outside the Crimson Temple, and naturally let the blue dragon’s magic fade away!

The fake red dragon queen looked at the blue dragon corpse under her feet and trembled with anger.

“Who! Who is it?”


With the coldly shouted, Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades both landed from the sky and walked away Into the Crimson Temple.


The fake Red Dragon Queen recognized the two immediately, “Aren’t you the two humans that Valenstadz brought back?”


Chen Xing said with a smile: “Yes, we are good friends of Valenstadz. Since today is my good friend’s wedding day, of course we have to congratulate. Yes, old Wah, congratulations, congratulations, you finally got what you wanted and became the first spouse.”

Valenstaz’s heart was dead, “Chen Xing! I’m joking!”

Chen Xing laughed, “Didn’t I come to give you a gift?”

The fake Red Dragon Queen shouted angrily: “Where is the female guard? I will stab these two tiny human spears to death!”

The red dragon female guards hesitated for a while, but in the end no one moved.

As soon as they came, they were under the direct command of Hilda. If Hilda didn’t speak, they naturally didn’t have to act.

Secondly, Chen Xing and the others killed the blue dragon! Not a crystal red dragon, nor a red dragon!

Killing the blue dragon is something that every red dragon is willing to do. They are grateful that Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades are too late, so how can they really fight against Chen Xing?

The third point is that Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades can kill four blue dragon soldiers at the same time.

The fake red dragon queen saw that the red dragon female guards disobeyed her order, and then shouted angrily: “Why! You must all rebel! Even the queen, the order of His Majesty, you dare to disobey !?”

Hilda smiled coldly, “Queen Your Majesty, we naturally have to obey your order, but we have to speak well on this matter. Lord Chen Xing The one who killed was the blue dragon disguised as a crystal red dragon soldier. This action itself eliminated potential hidden dangers for us. It is too late for us to be grateful, how can we hurt Mr. Chen Xing?”

“You!” The fake red dragon queen could not wait to slap Hilda, but in the eyes of the public, she really couldn’t excuse the blue dragon soldiers.

“Well, well, you’re right, I really can’t order you to deal with Chen Xing because of this. But today is my big day, and all other things must be put aside first! Who I’ll punish anyone who dares to make trouble!”

The fake Red Dragon Queen gave Chen Xing a fierce look, “If you come to congratulate Valenstadz, then just stand there, you If you come to make trouble, I will never forgive you!”

Chen Xing faintly smiled: “Oh, that’s really sorry, I’m here to make trouble.”

“What? ?”

The fake red dragon queen gritted her teeth angrily, “Human, you are bringing about one’s own destruction!”

Chen Xing shrugged indifferently, “Are you interested, How about two tricks with a mortal like me?”

The fake Red Dragon Queen clenching one’s teeth and said: “You are also worthy?! Come! Come!”

Red Dragon Girl The guards did not leave, but a large group of crystal red dragon soldiers flew in black from outside the Crimson Temple.

“Hilda elder sister, what should we do?”

A red dragon female guard was in a dilemma and asked Hilda in a low voice.

Hilda smiled coldly, and at the same time showed the dragon spear in her hand: “What should I do? Of course it’s a battle!”

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