Star God Soldier King Chapter 2131


“Fight? Who are we fighting? Chen Xing?” a Red Dragon female guard asked worriedly.

Hilda laughed, “no! Our enemy is a blue dragon disguised as a crystal red dragon soldier! I believe that the four blue dragons that have been killed are not a gift! This group of crystal red dragons Among the soldiers, there is still the disguise of the blue dragon! So, sisters! Take up your weapons! Bravely fight for the entire red dragon Legion!”


The red dragon female guards immediately showed their weapons, transformed into dragon shapes, formed a barrier at the entrance of the crimson temple, and fought with the crystal red dragon soldiers who rushed up.

“It’s the other way around! It’s the other way around! It’s so wrong!” The fake Red Dragon Queen trembled.

Chen Xing said with a cold laugh: “Hey, are you still fighting me? If you dare not fight me, then let my brother go, my brother is still young, and I don’t want to let me go. Youth wasted on you old bastard.”

“Damn!” The fake red dragon queen roared, then threw off Valenstadz, and fiercely attacked Chen Xing with one claw.

Chen Xing had long anticipated the attack of the fake Red Dragon Queen, his body flashed, and then he showed the sword of judgment in his hand, and used the sword of judgment to block the dragon claw of the fake Red Dragon Queen.

The fake red dragon queen coldly smiled, “The sword of judgment? It’s a pity, it’s a waste sword!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “The waste sword can also block you. Attack!”

The fake red dragon queen roared and swooped.

Her strength is far above Chen Xing, but Chen Xing can see tricks and tricks, and the more she fights, the more calm she is.

And the fake Red Dragon Queen is eager to get Life Essence, she doesn’t want to be too entangled with Chen Xing, she just wants to do it quickly.

But the more you want to do it quickly, the less you can’t do it quickly.

On the other side, the Queen of Blades and Valenstadz also joined the ranks of the red dragon female guards to deal with the rushing crystal red dragon soldiers.

Valenstadz said to Hilda: “Hilda elder sister, it was really dangerous just now! I almost…”

Hilda said with a cold laugh: “Yeah, I’ve already decided to kill you.”

Valenstadz stuck out his tongue, “Fortunately, my friend Chen Xing arrived in time.”

Hilda also smiled knowingly.

Under the confrontation of the red dragon female guards, the crystal red dragon soldiers died one by one.

And none of the dead crystal red dragons have faded away. Blue’s magical disguise has returned to the appearance of a blue dragon.

“Hilda elder sister! The situation is really bad!”

A red dragon female guard said eagerly: “All the crystal red dragons here are blue. Dragons in disguise!”

If there are one or two, it only means that the problem is serious.

But when all the crystal red dragon soldiers are disguised as blue dragons, the problem is very serious!

Hilda certainly understood this.

She could have told all the female guards directly that the Crystal Red Dragon Clan does not exist at all, and that all the Crystal Red Dragons here are actually disguised as Blue Dragons.

But if you say it directly, the Red Dragon female guards will never believe it.

Only when they see it with their own eyes can they truly understand.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Hilda said sharply: “I’m afraid the entire Crystal Red Dragon territory is not safe! You guys! Go back to Crystal Red within the valley immediately and tell the Red Dragon Legion there. , break through the siege of the crystal red dragon soldiers!”

“Yes! The subordinates will go immediately!”

The three red dragon female guards accepted the order and immediately went to the Crimson Valley.

“Stop them!”

The fake red dragon queen couldn’t care less to hide it, and loudly ordered the blue dragon soldiers.

A team of blue dragon soldiers immediately fluttered their wings and went to intercept the three red dragon female guards.

“Damn! What is our queen doing?!”

“Why does the blue dragon obey our queen!”

“Why does my queen Deal with our own people!”

The female guards of the Red Dragon were extremely indignant and puzzled.

Hilda coldly said while fighting: “Because, she’s simply not our real queen!”


All the reds Dragon Maiden are startled.

And at this time, Chen Xing slashed the fake red dragon queen’s shoulder with a sword, causing the fake red dragon queen to step back a few steps, and the phantom on her shoulder disappeared immediately, revealing that Her crystal red scale dragon armor came.

“This is…”

“The Crystal Red Dragon Queen?!”

The red dragon female guards were extremely shocked.

When the Crystal Red Dragon Queen saw that her identity was exposed, she immediately sighed angrily, “I worked hard for hundreds of years before I finally gained the trust of Kathleen, and took the opportunity to seize it. I got Kathleen and pretended to be her. Didn’t expect, but at the last step, you a nobody saw it through! Well, see through it, see through it, anyway, the overall situation is set, take the initiative It’s firmly in my hands!”

Said, the crystal red dragon queen tore off her disguise, revealing her crystal red dragon armor, and said with a smile: “In this way, I don’t have to tie my hands and feet. You, all of you, have to die!”

Hilda said sharply: “All the female guards, stick to their own lines, don’t let those blue dragon soldiers rush in!”

“But! Hilda elder sister β€”β€””

“Don’t call me Hilda elder sister! From now on, you will call me the Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty!” Hilda snapped out: “I have spoken to the Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty. Soul exchange is over! Queen Your Majesty has placed the responsibility of the entire Red Dragon Legion in my hands! You must obey my orders!”

“Yes!” The red dragon female guards were excited He shouted in unison, and then fought with the blue dragon soldiers with even more morale.

Hilda is very worried about the battle situation on the other side of the valley. She wants to leave here and go to the valley, but she is afraid that if she leaves, the situation here will be unbearable.

The Queen of Blades saw Hilda’s concerns, and then said with a smile: “Over the valley, leave it to me.”

“Queen of Blades? Thank you!”

“Thank you, let’s talk about it later, let’s solve our common enemy first.”

After speaking, the Queen of Blades fluttered and broke through the blockade of the blue dragon soldiers. Also killed a blue dragon soldier, then moved towards the direction of the valley and flew.

With the help of the Queen of Blades, Hilda is even more confident.

After she killed several blue dragon soldiers in one go, seeing that the situation had basically stabilized, she winked at Valenstadz, and the two of them turned around at the same time. jumped over.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen was fighting with Chen Xing in an inextricable way. Seeing Hilda and Valenstads rushing over, she shouted loudly angrily, and all attacks were directed at Hilda. .

“Hilda! Your time of death is here! I will never allow the Red Dragon Legion to have a new queen like you! Your entire Red Dragon Legion must be exterminated today!”

Hilda raised her dragon spear and stabbed the Crystal Red Dragon Queen at the point, “Go to hell! Wicked woman!”

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