Star God Soldier King Chapter 2133



The three of Chen Xing were blasted away by the shock wave of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen’s dragon rage.

In comparison, Chen Xing is pretty good.

He was only pushed back dozens of meters by the shock wave, and then he stood firm.

Under his feet, two ankle-deep ravines were formed due to the strong resistance to the shock wave.

Hilda and Valenstadz were not so lucky.

The moment the shock wave hit them, they transformed into giant dragons, raising their power to the extreme.

But even so, she couldn’t resist the impact of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

The two of them were lifted up, and their huge bodies were like kites with broken strings, spinning several times in the air, and then they fell heavily to the ground.

Valenstadz’s strength is the weakest among them. The shock wave at this time directly caused him to break at least five keels!

He was paralyzed on the ground, unable to struggle for a long time, and finally got up with the support of dragon wings.

Hilda wasn’t much better.

After uncontrollably doing some somersaults in the air, she landed on her back and fell to the floor. She slid back for dozens of meters before finally stopping.

However, she is also the Captain of the Red Dragon Queen. When the shock wave disappeared, she quickly jumped up, and a strong dragon breath of flame was sprayed into the eyes of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

“hahaha! Such insignificant ability!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen didn’t even dodge dodge, she directly faced the dragon’s breath flame and swept away with a dragon claw.

It stands to reason that the dragon claw sweep is just the most common attack, but with the addition of the Crystal Red Formation, the power of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen has become so powerful that it can’t be added, even if it is just a simple one. Remembering the sweep, its speed, strength, and angle have all reached a point where it is simply irresistible.

“Hilda elder sister! Be careful!” Valenstadz, loudly roared, suddenly flew into the air, using all his strength, to block Hilda behind his wide dragon wings!

The sharp claw of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen immediately swept across Valenstadz’s face, leaving three bloody claw marks on his face, one of which ran across the dragon’s eye!


Valenstadz screamed in pain. His right dragon eye couldn’t bear the huge power of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, and blood flowed from the entire eye socket!


Hilda creded out in surprise and hurriedly brought Valenstadz to a relatively safe place.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a malicious smile: “Hehe, Valenstadz, it turns out that the reason why you pretty boy rejected me was because you loved something else. That’s really calling me. Surprise and irony! I think back then, when I was not the Queen of the Red Dragon, I once fell in love with a male red dragon, but what happened? Hahaha! didn’t expect, today, a thousand years later, I look at it again It’s time for so-called love.”

Hilda angrily shouted at the Crystal Red Dragon Queen: “Crystal Red Dragon Queen! Where are you mystifying! Between me and Valenstadz, It is absolutely innocent! Never like you! You are the sin of the red dragon family!”

The crystal red dragon queen laughed indifferently, “Whatever you say, Hilda. My love is not How happy, I can’t see other people have happy love. Doesn’t Valenstadz like you? Well, I’ll kill you first, let Valenstadz suffer and despair, and then I will kill him and get Life Essence. Well, this is really a wonderful ending.”

Speaking, the crystal red dragon queen flashed her dragon wings, ready to fall fiercely from the air, and stomped on Hilda with her huge body.

“Hilda elder sister! Leave me alone! Hurry up!” Valenstadz urged loudly, enduring the severe pain.

“No! You lost an eye to save me! How can I give up on you!”

Hilda gritted her teeth and erected her dragon wings: “Even if we We can’t win the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, and we mustn’t let her look down on us!”

“Okay!” Valenstadz laughed heartily up.

The two immediately combined their dragon powers to form a powerful defensive wall.

“With your little jack of all trades strength, you still want to fight against me? Let’s see how I can crush you! Huh? Wait!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen Just as he was about to kill Hilda and Valenstads, he suddenly felt a gust of wind hit his back.

She then remembered that in her crystal red Formation, there was a small and terrifying human being.

This human, in the confrontation just now, never said a word, but at this critical moment, he suddenly appeared behind her!

With the Crystal Red Dragon Queen’s confidence in her own strength, she can completely ignore Chen Xing’s attack.

However, Chen Xing’s power has been accumulated for a long time, and this power has exceeded three times the Divine Force she just released!

And the spine of the dragon is a very deadly key point!

If you really ignore Chen Xing, the consequences will be quite serious!

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen gritted her teeth and roared in embarrassment. As a last resort, she twisted her dragon wings in the air and swept towards Chen Xing.

Chen Xing suddenly feinted a shot, evading the deadly sweep of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen in a strange shape, the sword of judgment in his hand swiped with a perfect arc, and the triple Divine Force concentrated on the line, directly Slashed on the left wing of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen screamed in agony!

The huge body fell heavily to the ground, and the entire Crystal Red Formation trembled.

Her left wing was directly cut off by Chen Xing!

The densely packed crystal ruby on the left flank fell to the ground!

The blood also spattered violently from the fracture of the dragon wing!

“Nice job! Lord Chen Xing!”

“Haha! Chen Xing! Good brother!”

Hilda and Valenstadz Excitedly cheered.

Even the Red Dragon Queen, who was trapped and locked on the high platform and was dying, couldn’t help staring wide-eyed in astonishment.

“How could this mortal… be so powerful? He actually, he could cut off the dragon wings of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen in the Crystal Red Dragon Queen’s territory!”

“While the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is injured! Let’s go together!”


Hilda and Valenstadz gathered all their dragon power and quickly fell down The crystal red dragon queen on the ground rushed.

The Red Dragon Queen on the high platform roared loudly: “No! You are impossible! You are her opponents! Run away!”

She used to be with Jinghong in Jinghong Formation The Dragon Queen has fought, so she knows the power of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!

Although Chen Xing has achieved certain advantages, it is not enough to kill the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

But how could Hilda and Valenstadz stop so easily?

This crystal red dragon queen, who killed half of the red dragon compatriots and cruelly tortured their queen, has finally established a confrontational advantage with the help of Chen Xing, they will never be like this Get away and run away!

The three of them rushed to the side of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen at the same time, and the dragon teeth, sharp claw, and long sword attacked together!


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