Star God Soldier King Chapter 2135



Valenstadz was taken aback.

For the Red Dragon family, the matter of merging is equivalent to intercourse.

This is something that can only happen between a red dragon queen and a consort.

Merging with Hilda is like having a complete skin-to-skin relationship with Hilda.

Hilda said solemnly: “Valenstadz, you have Life Essence in your body, but you can’t use it. And if I suck out your Life Essence now, the time Nor is it allowed. Therefore, we can only adopt the method of integration! Only when our bodies become one can the Life Essence in your body be for me to use, so that I have the opportunity to fight against the mighty Crystal Red Dragon Queen, Thus freeing Chen Xing.”

Valenstadz’s heavy nodded, “But, how are we going to… reunite?”

Hilda sighed, “This, I don’t know, but the last time I communicated with the soul of the Red Dragon Queen, we just hugged and I could feel the power of Life Essence, so we have to hold tighter this time, you, ride My back!”


Valenstadz immediately jumped onto Hilda’s back and hugged Hilda only.

Hilda growled, trying to sense the power of Life Essence.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen looked at the strange behavior of the two, first startled, then laughed heartily.

“I understand! I understand! So you two want to mate in front of me? Are your hearts too big?”

Jinghong The Dragon Queen said with a smile: “Also, your movements are too clumsy, you look like chicks who have never experienced anything! Hahaha! It seems that the True Red Dragon Queen did not teach you how to mate and reproduce. Well. However, this kind of thing can be figured out by oneself without being taught by others. After all, it is instinct to reproduce this kind of technology. However, it is really hard for you to want to have sex when the time is tight. I, the crystal red dragon queen, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.”

At this time, the real red dragon queen said solemnly: “Valenstaz…use your toughest and injected into Hilda’s body.”

Valenstadz exclaimed, “That, that will hurt Hilda’s elder sister!”

The True Red Dragon Queen shouted: “Pain, maybe there will be, but you will never really hurt her! Your injection will only make her stronger!”

“Got it! Please Be patient, Hilda elder sister!”

Valenstadz gathered his own dragon power and moved towards Hilda and poured it down.

Hilda suddenly called out pitifully, and the entire dragon body trembled.

Valanstaz asked with concern: “Hilda elder sister, how are you?”

Hilda clenching one’s teeth and said: “Valanstas Don’t stop! Give me… continue to inject!”

Valenstadz roared: “Yes!”

In order to save Chen Xing, Valenstadz can To sacrifice his own life, and now just inject his own dragon power into Hilda’s body, what is it?

The two dragons immediately merged into one, and Hilda felt the pain she had never felt before, but also the strength she had never felt before!

She felt like she could devour the entire Crystal Red Formation!

Hilda roared angrily, and with a mouthful of strong dragon breath, she moved towards the Crystal Red Dragon Queen and spit it out!

The huge air wave immediately set off a shock wave of four times the Divine Force. Such a force is three times the dragon force released by Hilda and Valenstadz before!

The crystal red dragon queen lowly cried , and hurriedly blocked the rage with her crystal red dragon wings.

Intense flames of rage sprayed on her wings, scorching and melting the densely packed crystal rubies on the wings, forming red liquid, dripping on the ground, giving off si si vaporization sound.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen had no choice but to back up dozens of steps before finally barely resisting Hilda’s dragon breath.

And her crystal red dragon wings were also scorched by the anger of the dragon’s breath, and became riddled with holes! Burnt black!

“It’s abominable!” The Crystal Red Dragon Queen glared angrily at Hilda and Valenstads.

“Valenstadz, it was my mother’s Chinese food! Didn’t expect, it was robbed by you, Captain Hilda, the red dragon guard! Hehe, it was injected by a male red dragon. Taste, isn’t it cool, Hilda?”

Hilda roared and said, “Queen of the Crystal Red Dragon! I, Hilda, are no longer the Red Dragon Maiden! I am the new Red Dragon. Queen! Today is your day of death!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen sneered, “You’ve only just gotten a little Life Essence, so you dare to challenge me? No, you’re far from unqualified. What? Although I have to admit, I do feel a little envious of seeing Valenstadz riding on your body, but your strength can only repel me a few steps at most, and it can’t kill me at all. Yes. Hilda, although you say that you are the red dragon queen, you have not yet become a real red dragon queen. And I am very fortunate that I can kill you now and eliminate your future troubles Of course, I have to finish this side dish at hand first, and then clean up you guys.”

Said, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen sent Chen Xing to her mouth.

This time, her movements are fast, and there is no trace of muddy water!

“Chen Xing brother!” Valenstadz was distracted and nearly fell off Hilda’s back.

And Hilda let out a painful hiss.

Valenstadz hurriedly stabilized his mind, concentrated attention completely and injected the dragon power into Dohilda’s body.

Hilda gained multiplied strength again, roaring and charging towards the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

“Hehe, simple-minded guy!” A strange smile suddenly appeared on the face of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

She threw away Chen Xing, the dragon wings spun, and then jumped into the air, the sharp dragon claw shot directly at Hilda!

Hilda criticized out in surprise, unable to close the momentum, she could only grit her teeth and slam into the sharp claw of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!


The shock wave of the five times Divine Force shook immediately!

The entire Crystal Red Formation turned Heaven and Earth turning upside down in an instant!

It turns out! The Crystal Red Dragon Queen just pretended to eat Chen Xing, her real purpose was to separate Valenstadz and Hilda first!

This also shows that she is indeed afraid of the combination of the two!

Although Hilda has only just started, if it can’t be stopped, then the battle behind the Crystal Red Dragon Queen will be difficult to fight!

Valenstadz and Hilda were eager to save Chen Xing, but the Crystal Red Dragon Queen took advantage of this weakness instead!

The two were kicked out by Juli!

Although Valenstadz grabbed Hilda’s back hard, and even scratched Hilda’s back one after another with bloodstains, but in such a strong frontal force strikes Next, the two are still broken apart! They fell in different directions!

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