Star God Soldier King Chapter 2136


“Hilda elder sister!”


Hilda and Valenstadz approached desperately, trying to reunite.

Only when the two of them fit together can they exert their greatest strength and compete with the mighty Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

However, after the blow just now, both were seriously injured.

Hilda, in particular, took the worst blow in the face!

If it wasn’t for Valenstadz’s dragon power injection, she would have died here.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen took the opportunity to walk between the two of them and completely blocked the route they wanted to reunite.

“Hahaha! What a pitiful pair of couples.” The Crystal Red Dragon Queen sneered proudly: “Unfortunately, you have just experienced the joy of being together, and now you have to die. However, You should also be content, after all, you are much happier than me.”

Hilda sighed with a wry smile, “I’m sorry, Valenstads, I…there’s nothing I can do.”

Valenstadz also said with a smile: “Hilda elder sister, it’s not your fault. Our enemy is too powerful. If I can be more powerful, I don’t think so. As for the scene like this now. As a male red dragon, I should have protected you instead of letting you protect me.”

Hilda said with a smile: “You know what? What the Crystal Red Dragon Queen just said is right, although we have to die, but at least we are happier than her.” Wrong, before dying, to be able to merge with Hilda elder sister, I, Valenstadz, have no regrets in death!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen roared angrily: “What? How dare you mock me when I am dying? Only I can mock you, you must not mock me! Because, I am the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! Here is my Formation! No one can mock me!”

Having said that, the sharp claw of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen hit Hilda and Valenstadz with a fiercely sweep and swept them both out!

Hilda and Valenstadz screamed in pain, their dragon bodies riddled with scars, unable to stand up at all.

But the Crystal Red Dragon Queen was still unhappy, she grabbed Chen Xing’s fleshy body again, and roared viciously: “Now, I will completely eat this human being in front of you. Go in the stomach! I see if you are in pain!”

“No! Don’t!”

Valenstadz roared: “The Crystal Red Dragon Queen! What’s the matter? Come with me! Don’t you just want the Life Essence inside me? Come on! Eat me!”

He roared, preparing to fight the Crystal Red Dragon Queen .

But the Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “You’re so nervous, it means I’m doing the right thing! That’s right, I’m just going to torture you!”

said , the Crystal Red Dragon Queen swallowed Chen Xing directly into her stomach!

Her body is ten times bigger than a normal red dragon in Crystal Red Formation!

The giant dragons like Valenstadz and Hilda are just like two toy dragons in front of her, even more how is Chen Xing.

Chen Xing’s body fell directly down the hot and sticky dragon saliva of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, and completely fell into the belly of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

In the dragon belly of the crystal red dragon queen, it is full of highly corrosive gastric juice!

With Chen Xing’s fleshy body, it only takes 3 minutes at most to be completely dissolved by ambergris and gastric juice.

“Chen Xing brother!”

Valenstadz was completely furious, and stumbled towards the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!

“No! Valenstadz! You’re not her opponent!”

Hilda braced her body with gritted teeth, desperately trying to stop the mad Valentina. Randstads!

The crystal red dragon queen laughed, swept the dragon claw with three times the power of the Divine Force, and directly threw Hilda out, and then fluttered her wings to avoid Valenstadz With a mindless impact, the dragon claw hooked and knocked Valenstads to the ground!

Valenstadz was drenched with blood, almost to the brink of life.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen showed no pity, stepping on Valenstadz with one foot, crushing his leg bones completely!

Valenstadz screamed in pain.

“Valan! Valenstadz!” Hilda cried out in pain.

She has never cared so much about the life and death of a male red dragon. If Valenstadz dies in battle, then her heart will go with Valenstadz.

“Hahaha! Listen, what a beautiful voice. The screams of male red dragons, the pleas of female red dragons… It reminds me of my own experience a thousand years ago. You have Don’t you feel that way? Kathleen younger sister?”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen stepped on Valenstadz and asked the dying Red Dragon Queen on the high platform.

The Red Dragon Queen growled angrily: “The Crystal Red Dragon Queen, I really regret that I actually acted compassion on a person like you! A vicious person like you simply doesn’t deserve pity and mercy. Forgiveness!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen sneered, “Your this remark reminds me not to be merciful to any of you. I have waited for nearly a thousand years for this moment to be able to Hearty revenge! I will kill every red dragon, and I will take away your Life Essence in front of your two red dragon queens, one old and one young! That’s right! Life Essence belongs to me! Yes It belongs to me!”

The face of the crystal red dragon queen became extremely ferocious, and the crystal red dragon scales on her body also burst into a suffocating red glow!

She leaned down and bit on the throat of Valenstadz, tearing the dragon scales and flesh from Valenstadz’s throat directly!

Valenstadz was in pain, but his body was oppressed by the crystal red dragon queen fiercely, and he couldn’t struggle at all.

“The Crystal Red Dragon Queen! Don’t touch my man!” Hilda was completely furious, her entire body bursting with blood-colored rays of light, and she attacked the Crystal Red Dragon Queen with great strength. Jump over!

But the Crystal Red Dragon Queen had been prepared for a long time. With a wave of the huge dragon wings, a wave of air sent Hilda fan flying out.

Here is her Formation, she is just too powerful.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “Hilda, are you distressed? Hahaha! Then I’m really sorry, because next time, you will be more distressed!”

“no!” Hilda was about to be driven mad by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

She wanted to replace Valenstadz’s life with her own.

And Valenstadz is also fighting hard.

Until the last moment, he will not give up easily!

“Hilda!” The old red dragon queen said to Hilda with difficulty: “Kill me! Break the Formation, and the power of the crystal red dragon queen will disappear! In this way, you have the possibility of I’ll beat her!”

Hilda froze in place.

At this point, she was only a few seconds away from the old red dragon queen.

However, this section of the road made her feel insurmountable.

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