Star God Soldier King Chapter 2137



The old red dragon queen angrily roared: “What are you still hesitating about! I was originally a dying person It’s nothing more than one second early and one second late! Only by killing me can you leave this Formation!”

“Kathleen Your Majesty!” Hilda said, weeping bitter tears: “No! I can’t! I’d rather die with Valenstadz than hurt you! If I kill you in order to escape, then what’s the difference between me and a despicable villain like the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!”

The old red dragon queen roared angrily, “Hilda! Remember your mission!”

After roaring, the old red dragon queen’s dragon body suddenly burst, The blood was dripping all over the place!

The old red dragon queen used all her strength to break her Dragon Vein! Self cut off!

“Kathleen Your Majesty!” Hilda cried bitterly from her knees.

“Cut! She actually shocked herself to death.” The Crystal Red Dragon Queen glanced back and said disdainfully, “I thought all her power was absorbed by the Crystal Red Formation, didn’t you? ‘t expect, she can still burst out the power of self-absolute at the last moment. However, although she committed suicide, you still can’t escape my crystal red Formation – what I said before is actually a lie to you Hahahaha!”

Hilda stood up abruptly and shouted angrily at the Crystal Red Dragon Queen: “You base and shameless bastard! You killed Kathleen Your Majesty!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a cold laugh: “Yes, yes. But Hilda, you should be lucky, if you listened to Kathleen and really killed Kathleen , I guess all your mentality will collapse now, hahaha! It’s a pity that you didn’t fall for it. Of course it’s not because you’re smart enough, but because you’re stupid. Well, now Kathleen Dead, our scene should be over. Now, I will eat your man, and when I get Life Essence, I will turn back to eat you. Of course, your red dragon people, I It will also be eaten together, but that is what happens after you die, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Speaking, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen leaned down and bit the dragon on Valan. Staz’s lower abdomen!

That’s where Life Essence lives. Once it’s torn apart by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, Life Essence belongs to the Crystal Red Dragon Queen completely!

And at this time, the crystal red dragon queen suddenly complexion changed, and the huge dragon body froze in place!

Both Hilda and Valenstadz thought that the Crystal Red Dragon Queen was going to play some tricks, but in less than a second, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen screamed in horror!

A sharp sword pierced the belly of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen from the inside out!

Through the thick magic crystal dragon scales, break out!

Blood and gastric juices poured out!

Appearing at the same time, there is also a human with Vajra-like rays of light blooming all over his body!

Chen Xing!

It’s Chen Xing!

Valenstadz was in front of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, and he saw it most clearly!

“Chen Xing brother! wu wu wu! very good! You are still alive!”

Chen Xing flicked the mucus from his body, laughed, “Want to eat me? Want to hurt My brother? The Crystal Red Dragon Queen, you are so whimsical!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen took a few steps back in horror, “How is it possible? You are a trifling mortal who has endured such a powerful Divine Force attacked and was swallowed by me again, how could you still stand in front of me unscathed!?”

Chen Xing coldly said: “A trifling mortal? Crystal red dragon queen, you I was smart, but only made this mistake. It is the most deadly mistake to despise me. Do you think that my strength is just relying on an abandoned sword of judgment? Then you are wrong. My strength has reached the second great realm of deification, and it is still growing. Although I am a human, I am the only human being fully deified. Such strength is equivalent to an ordinary Divine Race soldier. How dare you say that I’m a trifling human? You don’t even think about it, how could a Dragon Clan like you kill me with no difficulty as a normal soldier equivalent to Divine Race?!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen roared in horror, “Okay Chen Xing! Even if I underestimate you, so what? This is my Crystal Red Formation! I am still a clan of red dragons. In my world, I use It won’t be long before you can recover automatically! No matter how strong you are, you can’t kill me!”

Chen Xing smiled coldly, “That’s not necessarily true! Laowa, Hilda! You two fit together!”

Hilda rushed to Valenstadz’s side, “Valenstadz, are you alright?”

Valenstadz smiled hard, “I…should I can still hold it!”

Hilda is heartbroken, but at this time, she can only hold on!

“Ride on me! Together with Chen Xing, we will kill the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! For our people! For our queen Your Majesty! Avenge the snow!”


Valenstadz’s hands and feet have been trampled off by the crystal red dragon queen, and he can only bite Hilda’s back with dragon teeth.

Hilda groaned as the dragon’s teeth pierced through Hilda’s thick dragon scales and skin.

Valenstadz didn’t even bother to appease Hilda, he knew that this was not the time for tenderness!

Valenstadz struggled to infuse Hilda’s trembling body with all of his dragon power, and Life Essence poured in with his dragon power!

Hilda’s dragon scales bloom with a dazzling red glow, which is a hundred times purer than the red crystal gems on the crystal red dragon queen!

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen tried her best to support her huge body, “It’s useless! Your combined strength is not mature enough! You are absolutely impossible to kill me in my Formation!”

Chen Xing shouted: “Hilda! Spit out all your power on my sword of judgment!”

Hilda was startled first, and then she concentrated all of her power The dragon force of , moved towards the sword of judgment raised by Chen Xing, spit out without reservation!

Pure Dragon Clan power, instantly condensed on the Sword of Judgment!

If it was just an ordinary weapon, it would have been smashed by this powerful Dragon Clan power long ago!

But the Sword of Judgment is no ordinary weapon!

Even though it’s not reactivated now, it’s an ancient Saint Artifact!

No matter how powerful the Dragon Clan is, it is impossible to destroy a weapon whose material belongs to the ancient Saint Artifact of Divine Race!

After obtaining the power of Dragon Clan, Chen Xing immediately concentrated his full deified power on the sword of judgment!

The Sword of Judgment bursts with rays of light that are a thousand times more powerful than the red crystal, a smashing demon slash, fiercely slashes to the throat of the crystal red dragon queen!

At the throat of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, there is a huge crystal ruby!

And that is exactly where the Crystal Red Dragon Queen lives!


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