Star God Soldier King Chapter 2138


With a loud sound of tearing the eardrum, the sword of judgment fiercely shattered the crystal gem at the throat of the crystal red dragon queen!

After a while, the entire Crystal Red Formation began to collapse, and the Crystal Red Dragon Queen screamed and screamed, her body shrinking and shrinking until it was normal!

And the crystal red dragon scales on her body were also torn off piece by piece, and all the magic brilliance disappeared! She has returned to the tragic state she was in when she was exiled a thousand years ago!

At the same time, Chen Xing condensed into a fully deified barrier, protecting Valenstadz and Hilda.

After the Crystal Red Formation was completely shattered, Chen Xing removed the full deification barrier.

“Valenstadz! Are you all right?” Hilda asked with concern.

Valenstadz took a deep breath in amazement, “I seem to…feel better.”

Hilda thought Valenstadz was comforting That’s all, but after examining Valenstadz’s injury carefully, she couldn’t help holding breath cold air herself.

“Hey, your injury was very serious before, how could it be…”

Valenstadz laughed, “As soon as the Formation disappears, my injury will heal. It’s been more than half of the time, and even the injured eyes seem to be starting to recover.”

“He he he, idiot…”

A weak voice came.

Valenstadz and Hilda looked at them at the same time, and saw the dying, scarred crystal-red Dragon Queen sneering at them miserably.

Hilda roared, then fluttered her wings and flew in front of the crystal red dragon queen, stepped on the crystal red dragon queen’s neck, angrily shouted: “crystal red dragon queen! You are dead! “

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a cold laugh: “Yeah, I know, I’m definitely dead this time. You win, I lose. Winner is the king, loser is the Villain, I have nothing to say. It’s a pity that I failed to complete my revenge plan after all, and I failed to help my master to realize the real power of our Dragon Clan. However, you really think that it was because of the disappearance of Crystal Red Formation. Have you recovered most of your injuries? Hahaha! Then don’t blame me for laughing at you.”

Hilda frowned immediately, “What do you mean? Could it be that our injuries can recover quickly, not because Is your Formation?”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said with a sneer: “My Formation will only make me stronger, what does it have to do with you? The reason why you can recover is because of you It’s only Life Essence shared by the fit! Although you are both newbies, you still can’t appreciate the true power of Life Essence, but it can be done to make you two recover from your injuries.”

Hill Da coldly said: “so that’s how it is. But the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, don’t expect me to forgive you now.”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen sneered, “I don’t I hope you forgive me, from the day I decided to take revenge, I didn’t plan to make it right! But I still want to tell you, don’t think you won, you won, the Dragon Clan war has just begun That’s it. You will all die under the sharp claw of the owner of the Black Dragon.”

Hilda looked at the Crystal Red Dragon Queen with contempt, “You traitor who betrayed the Red Dragon family, I will take the new position In the name of the Red Dragon Queen, I will execute you!”

After speaking, Hilda’s dragon claw fiercely ripped the Crystal Red Dragon Queen’s throat open!

Blood gushed out from the dragon’s mouth of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

But the Crystal Red Dragon Queen was still vying for a pair of eyes, staring at Hilda mockingly.

Hilda was even more annoyed, and smashed the entire head of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen with one claw!

Dragon Clan’s generation of Monster King is finally dead.

Hilda took a hard breath, not feeling the slightest bit of excitement in her heart.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen is right.

Although she killed the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, this cruel Dragon Clan war has only just begun.

“Lord Chen Xing, thank you.” Hilda respectfully said to Chen Xing.

Chen Xing said quickly: “Don’t rush to thank me first, the battle over the valley should continue, we can’t let go of any blue dragon, otherwise, the blue dragon general Morton will know about this place. Everything that happened, we also lost the initiative.”

Hilda heavily nodded, “That’s right! Let’s get rid of the crimson blue dragon within the valley first! Valenstadz , can you still fight?”

Valenstadz said with a smile: “Of course you can! For the Red Dragon Legion!”

“For the Red Dragon Legion!” Erda shouted and flew high!

Chen Xing and Valenstadz also flew at the same time.

The three broke through the crystal red dungeon and flew towards the mountain valley where they fought.

At this time, the entire red dragon Legion already knew the existence of the blue dragon soldiers. Under the leadership of the Queen of Blades, they tried their best to block the blue dragon troops outside the valley and prevent any blue dragon soldiers from rushing in.

in the valley.

There are as many as 3,000 Blue Dragon troops outside the valley, and the Red Dragon Legion currently has only 2,000 soldiers who can fight, and the remaining Red Dragon people, Almost all of them were wounded in the last battle, or were old and infirm.

Hilda, Valenstadz and Chen Xing arrived just in time when the battle was extremely close and the Blue Dragon troops were about to break through the Red Dragon Legion’s defenses.

Hilda shouted: “Red Dragon Queen Kathleen Your Majesty was killed by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! I, Hilda, as the first in line to the Red Dragon Throne, have ascended the throne! With the help of our human friend, Lord Chen Xing! We have killed the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! Avenged Kathleen Your Majesty, and the Red Dragon people who died in the last battle! Now, I have The identity of the new Red Dragon Queen orders you all! Fight with all your strength! Kill all the Blue Dragon soldiers!”

When the people of the Red Dragon present heard this, they were filled with joy and sorrow.

Sadly, their old queen has passed away.

And the joy is that the new queen is on the throne, and their spiritual pillar has not collapsed.

More importantly, the new Queen Hilda has killed the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!

This news also made the blue dragon soldiers present startled.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen is their leader. Now that the leaders are dead, they are naturally leaderless.

“Retreat! Go back and report to Lord Morton!”


The blue dragon soldiers were timid and planned to flee here.

Hilda killed two blue dragon soldiers with a breath of dragon breath, and then shouted: “Kill! Don’t let any blue dragon go! For the red dragon Legion!”

“For the Red Dragon Legion!”

The morale of the Red Dragon soldiers was immediately boosted!

The tide of battle was turned around in an instant!

The blue dragon soldiers were defeated like a mountain, and in less than ten minutes, they were completely wiped out by the soldiers of the red dragon Legion, not a single one fell!

Looking at the blue dragon corpse all over the ground, the red dragon queen Hilda finally sighed in relief slightly.

She murmured, “Queen Kathleen Your Majesty, did you see it? I didn’t escape by your means, I stayed and fought with all the Red Dragon people, and we And won. At least, this time, we really won!”

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