Star God Soldier King Chapter 2139


After the battle, the Red Dragon clan fell into a carnival.

It took Hilda some time for everyone to be quiet.

She told all the things that happened during this period to the people of the Red Dragon, which also included clearing up the grievances for Valenstadz.

At this time, all the people of the Red Dragon finally understood how unyielding Valenstadz was.

Every Red Dragon citizen bowed to Valenstadz, and even the female guards of the Red Dragon bowed to Valenstadz.

“First Spouse!” Someone shouted.

Immediately afterwards, all the people of the Red Dragon also shouted.

Valenstadz was suddenly embarrassed, “no no no, I’m not the first spouse! The one who wanted me to be the first spouse was actually Your Majesty, the red dragon queen disguised by the crystal red dragon queen. Cough cough, it doesn’t count.”

A red dragon female guard said with a smile: “Although the Crystal Red Dragon Queen was disguised at the time, the news that you are the first consort of the Red Dragon Queen , has spread, not only our Red Dragon family, but also other Dragon Clans know about it. If you are not the first spouse, wouldn’t you look down on the new Queen Hilda Your Majesty?”

” Huh?” Valenstadz hurriedly blushed and said, “I didn’t mean that! Hilda elder sisterβ€”no! Queen Your Majesty! Please abolish my status as the first spouse and choose another suitable one. Choose someone.”

After hearing this, Hilda felt an unnamed anger in her heart, “Valenstadz, if you want me to be abolished, then I will be abolished? , or am I the queen?!”

Valenstadz hurriedly said: “Your Majesty, the queen of nature!”

Hilda coldly said: “hmph, Whether or not you will be abolished depends entirely on this queen’s mood. Before this queen gave her order, you, Valenstadz, were still the first consort of the Red Dragon Queen!”

“This, This…” Valenstadz actually wanted to be Hilda’s first spouse, but he was too young, and logically speaking, he did not deserve such a high honor.

Seeing that Valenstadz still wanted to resign, Hilda immediately grabbed Valenstadz and whispered angrily shouted in his ear: “Life Essence is still in your body, You don’t want to be my spouse, is it possible that I want to eat you like the crystal red dragon queen? Besides, you fit in with me and take advantage of me, do you want to get away now? hmph ! I tell you, it’s not that easy! In this life, you have to be my spouse! And, I only want you as a spouse!” Jumping straight, my heart is as beautiful as a flower.

“Yes, Queen Your Majesty! I, I will do my best to serve Queen Your Majesty without reservation!” Valenstadz said in a low voice with a blushing face.

Hilda was satisfied and nodded, “Well, that’s still reasonable.”

The other Red Dragon people immediately shouted excitedly.

For the entire red dragon clan, their queens and spouses can combine and multiply, and the red dragon clan can prosper.

Hilda then ordered the people to clean up the battlefield, clean up the mess, and let the female guards take care of and treat the injured people, and then took Valenstadz and Chen Xing and the others flew off the battlefield.

The battle with the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is over, but the battle between Dragon Clan and Dragon Clan has only just begun.

If you don’t quickly adjust your mentality, prepare for more difficult battles, and think of more subtle countermeasures, the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces will soon be slaughtered.

The entire crimson territory is actually controlled by the blue dragon Legion.

And this means that the blue dragon can easily find it here.

The entire group flew back to the cave where Chen Xing had settled before.

Although Hilda is now a queen, she is not so particular about it at this time. As soon as she enters the cave, she transforms into a human form.

After Chen Xing entered the cave, he first checked Chen Ying’s status.

Crystal Spirit Fox is dutiful and has been guarding Chen Ying without blinking an eye.

It wasn’t until Chen Xing and the others came back that the crystal fox completely relaxed, laying down at Chen Xing’s feet, and fell asleep with peace of mind.

Seeing Chen Ying without any problems, Chen Xing relaxed.

“Lord Chen Xing, what should we do next?” Hilda, the new red dragon queen, asked respectfully.

Chen Xing laughed, “You two’s injury is not yet fully recovered, so let’s recuperate first.”

Hilda said eagerly: “No, time is not the others, Lord Chen Xing! If we delay any longer, General Morton of the Blue Dragon will definitely know that there is a problem here! When the time comes, he will definitely send a large army to attack here! Although we share the same foes, we are faced with numerous problems. Wan Lianjun, it is still difficult for us to win!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “So, you have to recover quickly, especially you, Queen Hilda.”

Hilda asked suspiciously: “Why, Lord Chen Xing, do you want me to recover as soon as possible, just so that I can have some confidence in the confrontation with the Blue Dragon General Morton? But if we If we really want to fight the Blue Dragon General Morton, what about our people? They can’t resist the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition!”

Valenstadz said: “Why not, Your Majesty Queen It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, but the large-scale transfer of the people is not an easy thing! The blue dragon has the advantage of magic, and it is easy to detect the direction of our people’s movement! When the time comes, we will send another The battallion will attack and intercept with army soldiers, and our losses will be heavier!”

Valenstadz frowned, “Yeah, it seems that escape is not the way, but stay in the crimson In the territory, it is also equivalent to courting death! Brother Chen Xing, you have always been the smartest, I believe, you already have a coping strategy, right?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: ” Wrong! I don’t have a coping strategy now, but I have planned it from the very beginning.”

Hilda’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Lord Aiya Chen Xing! Tell us! What exactly should we do to defeat the blue dragon general Morton without harming the people of the red dragon?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Didn’t I just say It’s over, you first recover from the injury as soon as possible!”

Hilda mouth open ed wide, “But I’m like this, it’s not in the way! “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No, you can’t play the role of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen like you are now, and then talk to Morton.” “

Hilda fiercely’s startled, “What? You made me disguise as the bastard of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen? ! “

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