Star God Soldier King Chapter 2140


Seeing Hilda frowning, Chen Xing knew that Hilda was grumpy about disguising as the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

However, this is certainly understandable.

After all, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is a cunning and despicable traitor, and Hilda is the dignified new Red Dragon Queen.

To have a red dragon queen disguised as a traitor is somewhat inappropriate.

But that’s what it takes to hold Morton down.

Chen Xing said lightly with a smile: “Queen Hilda, I know that this matter is indeed very difficult for you. However, I am afraid that you want to protect your people, you It has to be done. Think about it from another angle, the crystal red dragon queen can pretend to be the old red dragon queen to deceive us, why can’t we be A Tooth For A Tooth and also pretend to be her to deceive Momo. What about Paton?”

Hilda pondered for a while, then sighed, “You are right, Lord Chen Xing. The enemy can pretend to be ours to deceive us, why can’t we use it to deceive us? What about the way to heal him?”

Valenstadz said: “Your Majesty, I don’t think you need to worry too much, don’t forget that the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is also disguised as a It looks like the old queen, if you pretend to be the crystal red dragon queen, then you only need to pretend to be the old queen.”

Hilda blinked, “Yes, I don’t need to pretend to be the old queen.”

The appearance of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, I just need to change my appearance a little to make myself look older, and I can fool Morton’s eyes.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Yeah. , so I said, you have to heal the injury first. If your injury is not thorough, then Morton will definitely be suspicious.”

Hilda then understood Chen Xing’s intention, ” I understand Lord Chen Xing, I’ll just…cough cough with Valenstadz and heal with Valenstadz.”

Hilda said, her face flushed at the same time.

The quickest way to recover from an injury is with the power of Life Essence.

And Life Essence is now inside of Valenstadz, so…

Either Hilda eats Valenstadz or she has to talk to Valenstad Join together to gain the power of Life Essence.

Of course Hilda won’t kill Valenstadz, so they can only heal through the fusion method.

The Queen of Blades on the side said with a laugh: “Come on, come on, I’ll protect you two by the side.”

Valenstaz’s sorry said with a smile: ” It’s already safe here, we…we can do it ourselves, we don’t need protection.”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “How can it be done? What if there are one or two blue dragons hiding? It’s not good if you ruin your good things. So, for the sake of safety, you should solve it on the spot.”

Hilda blushed and said: “Before getting together… …that was to defeat the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, and now… Aiya, let’s find another place.”

After saying that, Hilda grabbed Valenstadz and quickly headed towards the hole. run outside.

“Hey! do it quickly!” The Queen of Blades said badly with a smile.

Chen Xing reluctantly shook the head, “Okay Queen of Blades, don’t make trouble, let them fit and heal in peace. We still have more important things to do during this time. .”

The Queen of Blades asked in a serious tone: “What’s the matter? Shouldn’t we just sneak attack the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Blue Dragon” The Dragon and Black Dragon alliance is quite strong, we are rushing over now, and it is impossible to kill Morton, only to beat the grass to scare the snake, messing up all plans and deployments.”

The Queen of Blades asked Said: “In addition to assassinating Morton, what else can we call an important thing?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “You remember, we let the crystal fox go When spying on the military situation, the dwarf slave found in the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition camp.”

The Queen of Blades then nodded, “Remember, Valenstadz also explained to us, what is Dwarf Race? The connection with the Titan Race, the Great Emperor, etc.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Since the Blue Dragon and the Black Dragon have joined forces and can capture the Dwarf Race as slaves, it means that they must be Using Dwarf Race to excavate something important, it can also show that there is a huge Dwarf Race city hidden under the ground nearby. What we need to do now is to find the city of Dwarf Race.”

The Queen of Blades blinked in surprise, “Chen Xing, do you want to catch a few dwarf slaves too?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No, I want to meet them Leader, have a good chat with their leader and let their leader deal with Morton.”

The Queen of Blades startled, then sneered, “How is this possible?! You didn’t listen to Valenstadz Did you say that? Dwarves are a very difficult race to deal with! If the two of us break through the ceiling and want to come out, it will be even more difficult than heavenly ascension! In my opinion, let’s go directly to assassinate Mo It’s easier.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Queen of Blades, you won’t be so bold, will you? “

The Queen of Blades was immediately furious: “hmph! Who is afraid of whom?” Go and go! “

Chen Xing satisfied nodded, “That’s right. “

The Queen of Blades asked: “But, do you know where to enter the dwarven territory?” “

Chen Xing laughed, “Since the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition is the dwarf slave captured nearby, there must be an entrance to the dwarf dungeon in the underground around the camp. The two of us go near the camp and hit the center of the earth together, we should be able to find Dwarf Race soon. “

The Queen of Blades sighed helplessly, “Really, I still want to see the liveliness of Hilda and Valenstadz. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “If we act quickly, maybe, when we come back, they just finished healing. “

The Queen of Blades immediately jumped up and said, “Then what are we waiting for?” move! “

Chen Xing pushed the crystal fox, “Small Fox, we’re going out, I’ll leave it to you here.” “

The crystal fox immediately said alertly: “Yes! I will definitely protect Chen Ying’s little elder sister! “

Chen Xing patted the head of the crystal fox, and then rushed out with the Queen of Blades, heading to the vicinity of the coalition camp.

Their speed is very fast, almost less than In ten minutes, I rushed to the vicinity of the camp, and then gathered my strength and charged towards the ground.

The soil of the Dragon Clan world is very hard, but Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades have achieved full deified strength. Martial Artist, so this level of dirt is nothing to them.

They soon drilled several hundred meters underground, but found no trace of the city of Dwarf Race.

The two speeded up and continued to drill.

At the same time, at a certain offset in the Crimson Valley, Hilda and Valenstadz were red-faced. Sitting right.

Anyway, they’re already legally married.

And it’s not the first time, not even the second time.


But now the situation is different, and the two of them are shy at the same time.

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