Star God Soldier King Chapter 2141


“That…Queen Your Majesty…let’s…let’s get started.” Valenstadz lowered his head and whispered .

Hilda pursed her lips, “Valan, you are my only spouse, you have the privilege, and you don’t need to give me Queen Your Majesty in the future, you can just call me Hilda.”


Valenstadz hurriedly said: “How can this be possible, at least, I have to call you Hilda elder sister!”

Hilda laughed, “You are both My spouse, why do you still call me elder sister? Be obedient, just call me Hilda in the future.”

Valenstaz Han said with a smile: “Yes, Hilda Sister… No, Hilda!”

Hilda’s face flushed, “Valan, without you this time, our entire Red Dragon clan would probably be wiped out. So, I Thank you very much.”

Valenstadz hurriedly said with a smile: “Actually, most of the credit belongs to my Chen Xing brother.”

Hill Da said with a smile: “However, without you, Lord Chen Xing would not have come to our Dragon Clan world, and even if he did, he would not have saved our red dragon clan. So, speaking of which, it is because of you. And, most importantly, you have Life Essence on your body, and only you can fit in with me, which is something that Chen Xing can’t do at all.”

Valenstaz laughed , “That’s right.”

Hilda smiled angrily, “Fool, how long are you going to chat with me? Life Essence won’t heal you and me if you just rely on your mouth. It takes practical action.”

Valenstadz sorry said with a smile: “Yes! Hilda, then let’s, let’s start.”

Having said that, Valenstads put his hand on Hilda’s waist.

Hilda shuddered.

This is the first time the two of them have united in human form.

Valenstadz thought Hilda was unhappy, so he stopped and said, “Hilda, how about we change form?”

Hilda was red The face said: “I have tried the Dragon Clan form twice, now, can’t you let me try something new?”

Valenstadz startled, then said with a smile: “Yes! Then I…you’re welcome.”

Hilda stopped Valenstadz’s ear, “If you don’t work hard, I’ll bite your head off. .”

Valenstadz said with a smile: “Hilda, which head are you talking about?”

Hilda shyly turned towards Valenstad It punched, and Valenstadz took advantage of the situation to hold Hilda under him.

With the fusion of the two, Life Essence slowly poured from Valenstadz’s body to Hilda’s body. The injuries of the two were also recovering at a speed visible to naked eyes. on!

At the same time.

Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades accelerated to the center of the earth.

They are getting faster and faster, and the rock below is getting harder and harder.

Finally, the two drilled through the mantle, rushed out of the solid rock and soil, and fell toward an underground city.

“Haha! There really is a dungeon!” The Queen of Blades spread her wings, and before she could fly steadily, after a few shots of peng~ peng~ peng~, rows of black powder bullets shot towards her. She was very Chen Xing shot over.

The Queen of Blades said angrily: “These dwarves are really unreasonable! Chen Xing, don’t interfere! Let me clean them up!”

Chen Xing said with a Smile: “Queen of Blades, you can hit them, but don’t make trouble. I’m here to make peace, not to make enemies.”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Okay, Got it!”

After saying that, the Queen of Blades turned into a whirlwind and rushed directly to the direction where the black musket came from.

In less than half a minute, screams rang out one after another in the dungeon.

Immediately afterwards, the entire dungeon panicked.

Chen Xing saw that it was almost time, and shouted loudly: “Dwarf Race residents, I am a human from another world! My friends and I came to you, not to seek revenge from you. , but wants to form an alliance with you! So please calm down and take me to meet your supreme commander!”

After a moment of silence in the dungeon, one of the red-bearded dwarves uncle He stood up and responded loudly: “Humans, we Dwarf Race have nothing to do with you! We don’t want to be enemies with you! We don’t want to form an alliance with you! So please go back where you came from! Otherwise, the 50,000 elite Dark Iron Army in our dwarf dungeon will definitely want you to look good!”

Chen Xing laughed, “Is the 50,000 elite Dark Iron Army? Yes! Of course, I won’t go back until an alliance is made. You go and tell you that the Sir City Lord, some of his people, is suffering in the camp of the combined forces of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon!”


The red-bearded dwarf uncle immediately exclaimed, “Are you talking about Magni and the others? They’ve been missing for weeks! They were captured by the Black Dragon. Are you up? How are they now?!”

Chen Xing chuckled, “Let your City Lord come and talk to me!”

The unremarkable red beard Uncle said angrily: “I am the City Lord of this dark iron dungeon! My name is Grian!”

Chen Xing startled, “You are the City Lord?”

Chen Xing startled. p>

Grian City Lord said loudly: “That’s right! Our Dwarf Race is not like Dragon Clan, our leader and people are in the same First Rank level, and the leader does not have any privileges! So, you Treat me as an ordinary person, and I won’t blame you! But you, if you dare to tease me, you will be teasing the entire Dark Iron Dungeon! I, Bronzebeard, will never spare you!”

Chen Xing hurriedly said with a smile: “Aiya, disrespectful, didn’t expect you to be the Sir City Lord. Well, let’s talk together. Those people you mentioned are now imprisoned In the joint camp of Blue Dragon and Black Dragon, they are in very bad shape, Blue Dragon and Black Drago n Soldiers abuse them all the time and seem to make them do some very hard digging work! “

“Damn Dragon Clan!” Really bully intolerably! “Grian City Lord couldn’t help roaring loudly.

Chen Xing said: “Grian City Lord, don’t you want to save your compatriots? “

Grian gritted his teeth, “Yes, of course I do!” However, the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon are too powerful, we are just one dungeon, I’m afraid… I have to go and assemble another eight dungeons in order to rescue our compatriots. “

The Queen of Blades sneered, “hmph, when you gather the nine dungeons, I’m afraid your compatriots will only be left with a pile of bones. “

Grian said angrily: “Of course I understand this! However, we only have…cough cough, 20,000 Black Iron Army, how can we compete with the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces? ! “

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