Star God Soldier King Chapter 2142


Chen Xing blinked after hearing this, “Hey, Green City Lord, didn’t you say before that you have fifty thousand blacks? Tiejun?”

Grian blushed, “cough cough, that-that’s to scare you guys, it’s a false report on purpose!”

Chen Xing suddenly didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Well, City Lord, you did nothing wrong.”

Chen Xing laughed and said: “The 20,000 Black Iron Army, although it’s a little worse, is not necessarily the case. You will lose to the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces.”

Grian said angrily: “Humans! You said it lightly! You must have never fought Dragon Clan, right? Our ancestors, However, we have fought against Dragon Clan for centuries in this land! We know how powerful Dragon Clan is! The number of Dragon Clan is not too many, but only five of us can deal with one Dragon Clan soldier. With our 20,000 troops, how could we have dealt with the combined forces of Blue Dragon and Black Dragon?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Grian City Lord, you are really wrong. Well, I actually dealt with Dragon Clan, and just recently, we killed four Black Dragon Captains, and we also killed a Crystal Red Dragon Queen.”

Grian Looking at Chen Xing in surprise, “Aren’t you kidding me? What kind of creature is a human…? It can kill the Crystal Red Dragon Queen?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Grian City Lord, this is not the point of our discussion now! The point is, are you willing to save your compatriots! Or, you just say that your compatriots are equal and your compatriots are affectionate, but in fact you are simply courageous Little afraid of death, dare not fight with Dragon Clan!”

Grian angrily shouted: “Human! You don’t have to use such words to provoke me! What am I, Glion, my son Of course the people know! I really want to save my clansman, but I can’t let more clansman die in order to save my clansman, right?”

Chen Xing said with a smile : “Grian City Lord, if I tell you, I can make your Black Iron Army have zero casualties and rescue your people, would you like to ally and cooperate with me?”

Grian started, “There is still such a good thing? Human, you are probably lying to me?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I can vouch for my life, what I said Every word is the truth.”

Grian sneered, “Your life is mine. what does it matter. “

Chen Xing helplessly said: “Then how can I do it so that you can believe it?” “

Grian looked at Chen Xing, and suddenly his eyes shined, “Is it the sword of the ancient Saint Artifact judgment behind you?” “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Grian City Lord, good eyesight. However, this sword of judgment has lost its power and has not been reactivated. “

Grian said: “If you want to reactivate, I am afraid that you need to use the power of Black Dragon. “ Chen Xing nodded>< and said, "Yes, I know. "

Grian pondered for a moment, “Since you can have the sword of judgment, it means that you are not a person of great evil. But if you want me to believe that you are a stranger, I’m afraid you have to pay something – so, you put your sword of judgment on me! If you can really save our compatriots under the premise of zero casualties in the Black Iron Army, I will definitely offer your sword of judgment with both hands! Also, I’ll give you a Black Iron Essence to use to make the Sword of Judgment even stronger when it’s reactivated! However, if my Black Iron Army suffers casualties, this sword of judgment will not be yours! “

Chen Xing laughed, “Grian City Lord, this sword of judgment is very important to me. “

Grian said: “It is because it is important to you that I want you to bet on me!” Change it to other ordinary things, how can you make me believe you? “

Chen Xing faintly muttered to oneself for a moment, “Well, trust is mutual, since I’m here to seek an alliance, I really should show my sincerity.” I leave the Sword of Judgment here, if I can’t keep your Black Iron Army zero casualties, I can’t come to get it! “

Speaking, Chen Xing pulled out the sword of judgment, condensed all the power of deification, and fiercely inserted it on the black iron ground under his feet.

The entire dark iron dungeon followed. Trembling, panic was written all over the faces of every Dark Iron dwarf.

They now have reason to believe that Chen Xing killed Dragon Clan, and also killed the Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

Grian took a deep breath, “Sir Human, since you have left the Sword of Judgment, then I will also fulfill my promise, and I will personally lead the Black Iron Army to rescue my compatriots. Yes – but there is one thing that I don’t understand very much, you humans are not related to me, why do you help us? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I am not only helping you, but also asking you to help me.” To be honest, my real purpose is to deal with the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition. I want to kill their commander General Blue Dragon, but because there are too many Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces, I rushed in so rashly, I am afraid it will be difficult to find General Blue Dragon, so I need your Black Iron Army, pretending to be for Save your own clansman and attack their coalition camp. In this way, their forces will naturally be attracted by you, and I will have the opportunity to kill the blue dragon general Morton. And after I killed the Blue Dragon General Morton, the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces that were chasing you naturally dispersed, and your compatriots were naturally rescued. “

Grian blinked in astonishment, “This plan… is really wonderful.” It’s just that we really don’t have to fight the Black Dragon coalition? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “You just need to provoke the Black Dragon coalition and lead them by the nose.” In an hour at most, I’ll be able to take out General Morton of the Blue Dragon. “

Grian thought for a moment, “Well, since we don’t need a real fight, we really won’t have casualties.” On behalf of the Dark Iron Dungeon, I, Glyn, formally form an alliance with you, Lord Chen Xing! “

After he finished speaking, Greene threw a piece of black iron at Chen Xing.

“Lord Chen Xing!” This is the token of our Dark Iron clan! Also our communication tool! I’ll assemble my Dark Irons right now, and wait for your signal! “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Okay, Green City Lord, we’ll see you later!” “

“Okay! Mr. Chen Xing! “

Chen Xing then said to the Queen of Blades: “Let’s go, Queen of Blades.” “

The Queen of Blades frowned and said, “Chen Xing, do you really want to put the sword of judgment here?” “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Since you have promised others, then naturally you have to do it. “

After finishing speaking, Chen Xing took the Queen of Blades and flew back the same way.

After the two flew away, Grian and many dark iron dwarves came to the trial The sword of the sword.

Grian reached out to grab the hilt of the sword of judgment, exhausting all his strength, but the sword of judgment seemed to grow on the black iron ground!

completely motionless!

Grian sighed, “I can’t hold it! This Lord Chen Xing is really amazing! “

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