Star God Soldier King Chapter 2143


After the alliance with the Dark Iron Dwarf tribe was completed, Chen Xing took the Queen of Blades back on the same path.

By the time they returned to the cave in the Crystal Red Dragon’s domain, Valenstadz and Hilda’s combined healing wasn’t over.

The Queen of Blades winked at Chen Xing, “Chen Xing, let’s go and make trouble for them.”

Chen Xing said with a wry smile: “Don’t make trouble with the Queen of Blades. , just wait patiently for a while.”

The Queen of Blades shrugged, “It’s boring!”

It took a while before I saw Valenstadz and Hilda both returning into the cave.

The two snuggle closely together, looking very loving, and their relationship has also sublimated to a whole new level.

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Haha, it seems that your combined life is very harmonious?”

Valenstadz blushed, “I’m sorry for keeping you all for a long time. Wait.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter – how are you two recovering?”

Hilda said quickly: “Our injuries are all It’s already good, even the three dragon scales that Valenstadz had broken before have been repaired this time.”

The Queen of Blades not only said with admiration: “You red dragons are really amazing. Ah! With such a serious injury, the fusion will recover completely. Not to mention Black Dragon wants your Life Essence, even I want it.”

Valenstadz laughed, “Then You also have to find someone who is willing to fit in with you first.”

The Queen of Blades said sullenly: “You dare to make fun of me? Little Red Dragon?”

Valenstadz He waved his hands again and again, “Queen of Blades, you are the one who made fun of us first! Forget it, I don’t dare! I admit it.”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “This is the only way Yes. It seems that Queen Hilda is still good at teaching. Her husband has skills!”

Hilda said with a smile: “If the Queen of Blades wants to learn, I can I will teach it to you without reservation.”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “No, I can do it myself.”

“Alright, alright, let’s get down to business first. Let’s go.” Chen Xing cleared his throat, “Queen Hilda, while you were healing together, I had reached an alliance agreement with the Bronzebeard City Lord Green of the Dark Iron Dwarf tribe, and he would help us attract blue The attention of the Dragon and the Black Dragon coalition gives us the opportunity to get close to the Blue Dragon General Morton, so that we can assassinate Morton.”

Hilda startled, “What, you and Dwarf Race alliance? No! No! Dwarf Race is our enemy, how can I, as the Red Dragon Queen, ally with a disgusting little creature like Dwarf Race! No! Absolutely not!”

Valenstad Zi couldn’t help frowning, “Yeah, my friend Chen Xing, I have told you before, Dwarf Race and our entire Dragon Clan are hostile, and their Titan Heavenly Venerable begins. Ancestor, we are the mortal enemy of our Great Emperor, our Dragon Clan’s war against the Titans is also because of this! How can we ally with Dwarf Race? Such behavior will make all other Dragon Clan despise us, cast aside us, and treat our entire red dragon clan as traitors! “

Chen Xing waited patiently for Hilda and Valenstadz to finish speaking, and Chen Xing kept a faint smile while they were talking.

This This situation, he has long expected.

The two feuding races are indeed an impossible alliance.

But, if you don’t rely on the attraction of the Dwarf Race now, then the red dragon If a family wants to survive under the dual oppression of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces, it is a fool’s dream.

Chen Xing lightly saying: “You two, don’t get excited yet. First of all, the alliance with Dwarf Race is not your Red Dragon clan, but I, Chen Xing. I am allied with Glynn as my own Human Race, and with my sword of judgment held there. “

As soon as these words came out, Hilda and Valenstadz were all startled.

Only then did they discover that the giant cross heavy sword behind Chen Xing was the sword of judgment. , indeed already not in.

Of course they also know what this sword means to Chen Xing.

This is inherited from his father Chen Tianyi The Divine Sword that came here is of great significance to Chen Xing!

In order to save the Red Dragon clan, Chen Xing did not hesitate to mortgage this extraordinary sword of judgment to Glenn of Dwarf Race.

Let’s not talk about whether the alliance is right or not, Chen Xing’s behavior alone is enough for Hilda and Valenstadz to be grateful.

Hilda respectfully said: “Lord Chen Xing, thank you for everything you have done for our Red Dragon Clan! Your kindness will never be forgotten by our Red Dragon family. It’s just that this alliance…”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I said it just now, I didn’t make your red dragon clan and the dark iron dwarves allies, but myself and the dark iron dwarves Tribal alliances. You don’t want an alliance with the dwarves, and the dwarves don’t want an alliance with you. When I negotiated with Glenn, I only told them to help them deal with the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces and rescue their compatriots. In order to save their compatriots, they are willing to take risks to let me command, what about you? Queen Hilda, in your hands, you hold the fate of life and death for all the people of your Red Dragon clan. Do you really want to give up the assassination of Morton and let Morton’s coalition forces trample the living place of your Red Dragon people? “

Hilda said sadly: “No! It must not be like this!” Mr. Chen Xing! sorry! It’s my fault! You are right, I shouldn’t give up the lives of all the people of the Red Dragon for some illusory reputation! even more how, we’re not directly allied with Dwarf Race, we’re just getting what we want! The Dwarf Race wants to save their compatriots, and I, the Red Dragons, want to save my compatriots! Since Dwarf Race can be accepted, why can’t my Red Dragon family accept it? If any other Dragon Clan doubts us, let them doubt us, anyway, we have to survive first! “

Chen Xing nods with < a smile, "This is the style a queen should have. Well, it's getting late, you pretend to be the old red dragon queen as soon as possible, and then get in touch with Morton through the dragon ball left by the crystal red dragon queen, and tell him that you will bring Life Essence early tomorrow morning. , hand it over to Morton! Remember, must be like some, lest Morton be suspicious. "

“Yes! Understood! “

Hilda took a deep breath and tried to make herself look old enough.

She and the old red dragon queen were sisters, and they looked very similar. , especially after being transformed into a human form, it is even more difficult for outsiders to distinguish.

For Dragon Clan, the dragon form is their real form, and they identify each other mainly by dragons. It’s kind of like a form.

As for the human form, it’s hard to tell them apart.

After Hilda changed her appearance, she activated the Crystal Red Dragon Queen Dragon Ball left overβ€”β€”

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