Star God Soldier King Chapter 2144


This dragon ball was originally used by the Crystal Red Dragon Queen to tip off the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition.

So, when Dragon Ball’s blue light flashed, General Morton’s side was immediately connected.

“The Crystal Red Dragon Queen! You make me so angry!” As soon as Morton’s holographic projection appeared, he couldn’t help roaring in anger.

According to Morton’s expectation, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen should have contacted him long ago and reported the situation to him.

And now the whole day has passed, not only did the Crystal Red Dragon Queen not report to him, but even the four Black Dragon Captains he sent out did not report to him.

Morton roared angrily: “I’ve already counted my troops and I’m ready to go and conquer your crystal red dragon territory in person!”

Red Dragon Queen Hilda Anger rose in her heart, but at this time, she was playing the betrayer, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, so she had to suppress the anger in her heart and pretended to be smiling instead.

“Aiya! General Morton! What are you in a hurry! Didn’t I contact you?”

Morton angrily roared: “Enough! My patience has been overwhelmed. You are exhausted! This time, no matter what excuse you make, I will not forgive you any more! I will not share the responsibility for you again with the master! You will bear the endless wrath of the master alone!”

Hilda hurriedly made a look of fear and concern, “don’t, don’t, don’t! General Morton! Let’s talk about it! And, I’ll take the initiative to contact you this time. , I’m not here to make excuses! Let me tell you good news, Life Essence…I’ve got it!”

“oh?” Morton’s angry eyes burst into a burst of joy and excitement. rays of light came, “Really? You didn’t lie to me?”

Hilda laughed, “Ouch, my General Morton! This is a major event, how can I take this What a joke! The reason why I took so long to contact you is mainly to absorb Life Essence and execute the real red dragon queen!”

“so that’s how it is! hahaha!” Morton After a few dry laughs, he asked suspiciously, “However, it’s been too long, and why didn’t the four Black Dragon Captains I sent report to me?”

Erda said with a smile: “Oh, the four Black Dragon Captains were injured more or less in the battle. I gave them a celebration feast. They were drunk and fell asleep.”

“Injured?” Morton frowned again.

Hilda said with a smile: “Yeah! Don’t forget, in my crimson within the valley, there are still a large group of red dragon people! There are also red dragon girls such as Hilda. Wei! I killed the real red dragon queen and got Life Essence, so naturally I have to cut weeds and eliminate the roots for them!”

Morton said in surprise: “You wiped out the red dragon family. Dropped?”

Hilda said with a smile: “Yes, of course, these are all blue dragon soldiers disguised as crystal red dragons, plus the credit of the four Black Dragon Captains! It’s not so easy for me to do it alone!”

Morton then laughed heartily, “Good job! Crystal Red Dragon Queen! I also want to send troops to help you destroy the red dragon. As for the clan, didn’t expect, you will solve it yourself.”

Hilda said with a smile: “Destroy the red dragon clan, that is my only revenge plan! How could I miss it? !? Anyway, don’t worry, Lord Morton, the red dragons are all dead! I have already got Life Essence! I will deliver it to you in the morning tomorrow!”

Morton Rolling her eyes, “Can’t you deliver it now?”

Hilda started, and then said with a smile: “Aiya, General Morton! I’ll take a break and celebrate! Don’t worry, I’ll deliver it to you in the morning tomorrow! It won’t be delayed.”

Morton thought about it for a while, and it’s really not really strong. Disaster.

After all, now that Life Essence is in the hands of the “Crystal Red Dragon Queen”, no matter how anxious Morton himself is, he has to endure the night.

After waiting for this night, hum…

Morton immediately said with a smile: “Well, then, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen! I have always I trust you! This time you have made such a big contribution, not only to get the Life Essence, but also to destroy the red dragon family. Our master will be very happy when he finds out.”

Hilda hurriedly said with a smile: “Isn’t that all thanks to you, Lord Morton! How could I have succeeded without you, Lord Morton?”

Morton was elated said: “hahaha! Good good! Then I’ll give you one more night! Remember! Tomorrow morning, I have to see Life Essence, otherwise…”

“Relax Don’t worry!” Hilda Mei said with a smile.

Morton nodded, “Then see you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow!”

After finishing speaking, Morton cut off the Dragon Ball communication .

Hilda also quickly cut off the Dragon Ball communication and let out a long sigh of relief.

Valenstadz said with a look of surprise: “Hilda, didn’t expect, you acted so well!”

The Queen of Blades said with a Smile: “Yeah, Hilda, you have vividly and thoroughly interpreting the sassy look of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, then Morton has no doubts at all.”

Hill Da said with a bitter smile: “Queen of Blades, you can make fun of me! I’m about to die of nausea! Fortunately, this communication is finally completed. If I say more, I’m afraid I won’t be able to support it. Stay.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Hilda, you did a very good job. Now, there is no doubt about Morton’s side, let’s get ready and leave early tomorrow morning. “

Hilda asked: “Would you like to take the Red Dragon female guard with you?”

Chen Xing shook the head, “No, after entering the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon When the coalition camp, we also need to disguise as the Crystal Red Dragon Queen and the other four Black Dragon Captains. This means that we can go to five people in total. You, Valenstadz, me, the Queen of Blades, and then Just add a red dragon female guard, you can’t bring a whole team.”

Hilda heavily nodded, “Okay, I understand. I will pick a red dragon female guard, and then Order the remaining red dragon female guards to stay in the Crimson Territory and keep fighting.”

Valenstadz asked: “Brother Chen Xing, it stands to reason that the Crimson Territory is no longer safe, Do we really want to stay here?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Of course we can’t stay here forever, but for now, it’s still relatively safe here until we’re gone. After the alliance of Blue Dragon and Black Dragon, we will try to move.”

Valenstadz said: “Okay, I understand.”

Chen Xing said with a smile : “Okay, let’s all go about my own business, I’m going to take a rest too, and prepare for the new battle tomorrow.”

Several people said goodbye to each other and then left.

Tomorrow will be a decisive battle between the Red Dragon and the Black Dragon coalition.

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