Star God Soldier King Chapter 2145


The other side.

After Blue Dragon General Morton hung up the Dragon Ball communication, after thinking for a while, he reconnected the Dragon Ball communication.

And this time, he didn’t want to talk to the crystal red dragon queen, but to their common master, the blue dragon queen Karis.

Karis is the ruler of the entire blue dragon family and the supreme queen of magic dragons.

She has a pair of blue eyes, and her expression is indifferent, just like a sculpture.

She has long since surrendered to Nezulio, the Black Dragon, and helped Nezulio with the great “Dragon Clan Revival” project.

Now, this plan is stuck on the Red Dragon clan.

She wanted the Red Dragon Queen to offer her Life Essence, but the Red Dragon Queen chose to fight against the mighty Blue Dragon, Black Dragon.

This is simply overestimate one’s capabilities.

Karis has a strong intelligence and a cunning mind. She had arranged for the Crystal Red Dragon Queen to show her love to the Red Dragon Queen a long time ago, and she did so on this day.

“Morton, you had better bring good news this time.” The blue dragon queen Callis shouted coldly.

Her voice seemed to come from hell. It was very low, but it shook the heart and made people shudder.

Morton hurriedly knelt down, “My esteemed queen Your Majesty! This time I bring you, really good news! That crystal red dragon queen finally killed the real red dragon. Queen, and got Life Essence!”

“Oh? Really?” The rays of light flashed in Karis’ blue eyes, “How did she get it? No, forget it. , don’t tell me, I’m not interested in knowing the details of these little things. Compared with the grand cause of the master, such a thing is at best a small episode, but the result has a very important impact. To get Life Essence, Morton, you have indeed made a big contribution this time.”

Morton said excitedly: “many thanks to the praise of Queen Your Majesty!”

Karis said coldly with a smile: “Since the Red Dragon Queen is dead and Life Essence has been obtained, then the entire Red Dragon family should also trouble will completely vanish. Morton, bring your people , step down the entire crimson valley, and don’t leave a single enemy.”

Morton said laughter: “Don’t worry, my queen, Your Majesty! The red dragon family has been wiped out by the crystal red dragon queen. There’s not a single survivor left!”

“oh?” Karis frowned in doubt, then said with a cold laugh: “Well, this fits the resentment character of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen. Well, let the Crystal Red Dragon Queen exterminate the entire Red Dragon clan, and save our Blue Dragon clan’s bad reputation and trouble. However, can you really be sure that the Red Dragon clan is dead?”

Morton immediately patted his chest and said, “Of course! In addition to the Crystal Red Dragon Queen, the four Black Dragon Captains I sent also participated in the extermination battle, and all the Crystal Red Dragon soldiers, In fact, they are all our blue dragon soldiers! So in this matter, the crystal red dragon queen dare not deceive us, and our soldiers will certainly do their best to kill the red dragon clan.”

Ka Li Si smiled coldly, “Of course I believe our soldiers, but, Morton, are you really sure that all the red dragons are dead?”

Morton blinked suspiciously, ” Yeah, what’s there to doubt about that?”

Karis said with a cold laugh: “As far as I know, there’s another red dragon that didn’t die.”

Morton asked in surprise: “There’s one more? Could it be a fish that escaped the ne t? Your Majesty Please tell me, and I’ll order the Crystal Red Dragon Queen to kill him! “

Carris said with a cold laugh: “Morton, you are so stupid.” Don’t you understand? The Crystal Red Dragon Queen herself is also a red dragon. “

Morton held breath cold air immediately, “Ahβ€”this, I do know, but, wasn’t the Crystal Red Dragon Queen transformed into a Crystal Red Dragon by Queen Your Majesty? Moreover, she also killed all the red dragon clan! Is Your Majesty worried about her? “

Karis said with a sneer: “It is not my race, its heart must be different!” How can we believe that the vicious woman of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen can slaughter even her brethren, she will be faithful to our different Dragon Clan? Maybe at some point, when her power has grown, and she doesn’t want to be at our mercy, she will come up with what happened today, saying that all this was forced by us, and she will bite us back, wash herself clean, Dirty water all over us. Although we are not clean, it is a very bad feeling to be bitten and splashed with dirty water by a beast we raised. “

Morton nodded, “That’s right! Queen Your Majesty is absolutely right! The role of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen must not remain! “

Carris said with a smile: “Morton, you are a person with strength and loyalty, but your brain needs to be brighter, otherwise, how will I deliver it to the future?” What about your more important mission? How can you accompany our master to witness the great revival of Dragon Clan? “

Morton said with a look of shame: “Yes yes yes!” Queen Your Majesty, I must think hard about this incident, and I will never make such a mistake again in the future. “

Carris said with a smile: “Okay, then tell me, what are you going to do now?” “

Morton said quickly: “I will immediately lead my troops to the crimson territory and kill the crystal red dragon queen!” “

Karis shook the head helplessly, “You, still not smart enough.” “

Morton’s face flushed, “Queen Your Majesty, please, teach me!” “

Karis said with a sneer: “Right now, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is gaining momentum, and Life Essence is still on her.” If you rush over to kill her like this, she must be very unconvinced, and she will definitely fight to the death with you. Although your strength is the best to deal with her, but now that she has Life Essence as her support, you may not really be able to kill her. Even if you use the numerical advantage of the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition to besiege her, you will have to lose thousands of lives before it is possible to kill her. And what if she destroys Life Essence with either the fish dies or the net splits? “

When Morton heard this, he sweated profusely.

Kalise continued to say with a sneer: “You can wait for the Crystal Red Dragon Queen to come to the coalition camp and hand over Life Essence to the army.” After you, you have to deal with her. As long as she surrenders Life Essence, you can crush her with your own power. As for her crystal red Formation, it is also built on our blue dragon magic, and when I gave her this ability, I already left a weak spot, so her crystal red Formation is absolutely for you It’s useless. “

Morton was overjoyed, “I see, Queen Your Majesty!” Please wait for my good news! Tomorrow morning, I will present Life Essence and the head of the Crystal Red Dragon Queen to you! “

Karis was nodded with satisfaction, “Very well, our master will be very satisfied.” “

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