Star God Soldier King Chapter 2147


Looking at General Morton’s big hands grabbing it, Hilda smiled slightly, and suddenly showed the dragon spear in her hand, with an extremely fast The momentum pierced the heart of General Morton!

Morton was totally defenseless!

But Morton, as a Blue Dragon general-level figure, is second only to the powerful Blue Dragon Queen. Although he has no defenses, his subconscious defense still makes him urgently avoid an inch!

The red dragon spear stabbed at his mortal spot!

Morton screamed, then dodged back dozens of steps!

All of this happened in an instant!

Hilda’s strength has actually only reached the level of fighting at level 9 level 17. Although she is now the Queen of the Red Dragon, Life Essence is not on her body after all, but on her. In her spouse, Valenstadz, if she wants to display the absolute power of Life Essence, she must fuse with Valenstadz.

And under such circumstances, she didn’t have time to fuse with Valenstadz first and then assassinate Morton.

So it makes sense that she didn’t kill Morton.

Morton’s strength has reached the fighting level of Nine Level 18, whether it is relative to the real Crystal Red Dragon Queen or the new Red Dragon Queen Hilda, All are crushable.

Morton wouldn’t have been stabbed by Hilda’s dragon spear if it wasn’t for being too careless.

But fortunately, it didn’t pierce the vital parts.

After Morton stepped back for a moment, he stared at Hilda angrily, and at the same time, he quickly activated the healing magic incantation.

The blood on his chest stopped immediately, and the injury recovered immediately.

Hilda couldn’t help but sighed: “The magic of the blue dragon is really powerful. However, the magic incantation of the blue dragon can only temporarily suppress the superficial wound, until the battle is over. , your magic disappears, your injuries will reappear, and you still have to treat – this is probably what you want to get our Red Dragons Life Essence, right?”

Morton shouted angrily. : “Queen of the Crystal Red Dragon, the master expected it right, you are a dog that bites us back! What I didn’t expect is that you are going to bite us back so soon! The master said, it’s not my race. , his heart must be different! This is true! It seems that today, I must get rid of you, the last red dragon! The other four Black Dragon Captains, what are you waiting for! Let me do it!”

The four Black Dragon Captains are completely motionless.

Morton shouted angrily: “How dare you disobey my orders? What benefit did the Crystal Red Dragon Queen give you? Don’t forget who your real master is!”

Hilda said with a sneer: “Morton, don’t you understand until now? Open your dog’s eyes and see clearly, I’m not the Crystal Red Dragon Queen!”

Saying that, Hilda’s disguise was completely removed, revealing her original appearance.

She is young, tenacious, and exudes a true queen temperament without anger.

This is impossible to mention on equal terms by the always hilarious Crystal Red Dragon Queen.

Morton fiercely’s startled, “You, you are…”

Hilda coldly said: “That’s right! I’m the new Red Dragon Queen, Hilda! “

“Hilda…the former Captain of the Red Dragon Queen?” Morton couldn’t help holding breath cold air, “putting it that way, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen has completely failed? She didn’t.” Get Life Essence, but also didn’t kill the red dragon family?”

Hilda said with a sneer: “That’s right! Your lackeys have been killed by us! The next one to die is you !”

At this time, Chen Xing and Valenstadz, the Queen of Blades, and another Red Dragon female guard also tore off the Black Dragon Captain disguise on their bodies, revealing their true colors. Come.

Valenstadz sighed, “It’s so embarrassing to be bored in the disguise of Black Dragon, it’s still as comfortable as it is now!”

Morton stared in horror wide-eyed, “What? Even y’all are… my Black Dragon Captains, you’ve already killed them! Damn! Two red dragons, two humans? Plus you, the new red dragon queen, Just the five of you, dare to break into the coalition camp of my Blue Dragon, Black Dragon, and confront General Morton? You are really bringing about one’s own destruction! Come on! Come on!”

Morton’s growl was high, but there was no response from outside the command.

It was only at this time that he remembered that his troops were all fighting on their own to deal with the dwarf Dark Iron Army.

Hilda said with a sneer: “Morton, it’s not us but you who bring about one’s own destruction.”

Morton gritted his teeth angrily roared: “Hilda , it turns out that you only dared to be so arrogant because of the Dwarf Race! Really didn’t expect you to be reduced to the company of lowly dwarves!”

Hilda said with a sneer: “Mo Dun, you are wrong! I’m just allied with the human leader, Lord Chen Xing. As for the attacks launched by the Dwarf Race, it is only because they are allied with Lord Chen Xing and under the command of Lord Chen Xing.”

Morton looked at Chen Xing contemptuously, “This tiny human? hmph! Hilda, do you still want the dignity of being a Dragon Clan?”

Hilda coldly said: “Morton , the reason why our red dragon family can discover your conspiracy and survive under your oppression depends on Lord Chen Xing! If you dare to insult Lord Chen Xing, that is an insult to our entire red dragon family! Die! !”

Said, Hilda condensed the dragon force on the dragon spear and stabbed towards Morton fiercely.

Valenstadz shouted and rushed up with Hilda.

They are already husband and wife, and naturally they are advancing and retreating together. When it comes to a critical time, they can still fight back together.

Morton jumped suddenly and flashed his blue glow machete, “Just with you two jack of all trades, you are not my opponent at all!”

The three of them immediately fought. into a group.

The strength of Valenstadz and Hilda is not enough to compete with Morton, but they are both advancing and retreating together. Cheap.

The Queen of Blades and another Red Dragon female guard wanted to rush up to help, but Chen Xing waved at them, “Red Dragon Female Guard, you go to guard the door, you can’t let any of the coalition forces rush. Come in and disturb our battle!”

The red dragon female guard knew that she was unable to join such a high-end battle, and then heavily nodded: “Yes! Lord Chen Xing!”

“Queen of Blades, go find the dwarf slaves and rescue them.” Chen Xing ordered the Queen of Blades again.

The Queen of Blades said angrily: “I’m still needed for such a trivial matter?”

Chen Xing said in a serious tone: “Dwarf Race will never accept the rescue of the Red Dragon clan. , but you and I are not Dragon Clan, I will give you Green’s black iron communication card again, and that Captain Magni will definitely believe you. You have to make sure that these slaves are safe and sound and take out the coalition camp, so that I The Sword of Judgement can only be retrieved.”

The Queen of Blades sighed helplessly, “Okay, okay!”

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