Star God Soldier King Chapter 2148


After the Queen of Blades and the Red Dragon Queen left, Chen Xing showed the True Dragon holy sword and joined the battle with General Morton. middle.

His Judgment Sword has been mortgaged to Bronzebeard City Lord Glenn, so he can only use the True Dragon holy sword.

The True Dragon holy sword, as a weapon transformed by genetic power, is naturally extremely formidable power in the Human Race world.

However, Chen Xing is now the second great realm of deification, and the power that True Dragon holy sword can carry is only a small realm of deification.

This also means that with Chen Xing’s current strength, the True Dragon holy sword is far from meeting his attacking needs.

Although the Sword of Judgment has not been activated yet, the Sword of Judgment itself is a weapon at the level of an ancient god. Even if it is not activated, it can carry infinite power of deification.

This is also an important reason why Chen Xing likes to use the Sword of Judgment more and more after defeating the Demon-like Governor.

Of course, there is no sword of judgment now, so he can only resort to using the True Dragon holy sword.

The True Dragon holy sword brought a shock wave of double the Divine Force to Morton, who was attacking Hilda.

Morton didn’t expect a human being able to double the Divine Force with an illusion weapon, and quickly gave up the mad attack on Hilda, condensing a magical barrier shield to defend against Chen Xing’s attack.

Morton originally wanted to kill Queen Hilda first, he thought Hilda was the most powerful of the three opponents, then as long as Hilda was killed, the remaining two would be destroyed. Not enough to worry about.

However, Chen Xing’s move completely disrupted his plan.

It was only then that he realized that Chen Xing was the strongest of the three opponents.

Therefore, he immediately turned the blade and slashed at Chen Xing with a magic blade glow that tripled the Divine Force.

Under such a powerful offensive, if Chen Xing uses the True Dragon holy sword to block, the True Dragon holy sword will be cut off immediately.

Even if Chen Xing won’t suffer more damage, the True Dragon holy sword will not be able to reunite in a short time.

In that case, Chen Xing can only fight with a pair of fists.

Chen Xing certainly wouldn’t make such a mistake. He turned around, and the True Dragon holy sword in his hand immediately blasted out three dazzling rays of light like stars. Double the Divine Force, and all accurately intercept Morton’s magic machete!

Bang bang!

After three deafening strikes, the triple Divine Force shock wave of Morton’s magic machete was completely offset by Chen Xing’s three sword glow .

Morton exclaimed suddenly.

Although, on the surface, his one sword is equal to Chen Xing’s three swords, but the actual attack power is not calculated in this way.

This magic knife of his is a forceful one.

And Chen Xing’s three swords were swung at an extremely fast speed! And the formidable power of every sword is double the Divine Force!

According to Chen Xing’s sword swing speed, Morton would never be able to double the Divine Force in the same time!

This also means that Chen Xing’s strength is on par with him, or even higher than him!

It’s just that Chen Xing is subject to his human fleshy body, and the upper limit of the True Dragon sword condensed is double the Divine Force.

If Chen Xing can get a weapon that can carry a stronger Divine Force… I’m afraid this battle is really not easy to fight!

Morton took a deep breath, spit out a blue blue dragon magic rage towards Valenstadz and Hilda who were rushing up next to Chong, and then slashed three times at Chen Xing again and again. Knife!

This series of combos can be described as extremely powerful, which is almost like Morton’s killing move.

Let’s not talk about ordinary dragon soldiers, even if you use such a series of attacks against other Dragon Clan leaders, it will definitely give the opponent a big headache.

That blue dragon magic flame has a very strong curse effect. Once it is sprayed a little, it will immediately weaken 30% of its power!

This magical curse does not go away until the battle is over.

And to end the battle, either kill Morton or be killed by Morton.

In the case of being weakened by 30%, it is almost impossible to kill General Morton.

After all, Valenstadz is still a young red dragon, and his fighting experience is not rich. When Morton breathed out the cursed rage, Valenstadz did not realize the cursed fury at all. Due to the severity of the flames, the speed of evasion is naturally very slow.

“Watch out, Varan!”

Although Hilda understood the seriousness of the Cursed Fury, she couldn’t watch her spouse get hurt, so she rushed over and hugged Varan. Staz, dodge together.

However, Morton was a veteran blue dragon general after all, and his cursed rage still sprayed on Valenstadz and Hilda.

The strength of the two was also weakened by 30% in an instant!

Valenstadz said regretfully: “I’m sorry, Hilda, I drag you down.”

Hilda said with a smile: “Fool, There is nothing that drags us down, we fight together, and we must share in the difficulties.”

At the same time, General Morton’s three consecutive magic slashes blasted towards the Chen Xing.

“Hahaha! Chen Xing! You brat is really good! You’re fast enough! But, I’m swinging three in a row! You have to swing nine in a row at the same time! I don’t believe it. , you can release nine times the Divine Force in an instant!” Morton said treacherously with a malicious smile.

It is true that speed is one aspect, but it is only possible to release nine times the Divine Force in an instant, which is only possible with the combat strength above Level 19.

And Chen Xing’s current strength is only equivalent to 9th Level 17. Even with the formidable power of the Star God gem, it’s hard to break out nine times the Divine Force in such a short period of time. .

Chen Xing was in no hurry, the True Dragon holy sword in his hand slashed with concentration, and a golden rays of light went away against the three blue . magic blade glow that was devastating.

“One sword?” Morton couldn’t help laughing wildly, “Chen Xing, you are too big, right? One sword, you want to fight against my three-knife magic slash? You What’s the difference between giving up and surrendering? Youβ€””

Morton didn’t finish his sentence, when he saw that the inconspicuous golden rays of light touched his three magic slashes, tight Then, the three-knife magic slash seemed to freeze.

Before he could react, his whole person was frozen in place!

Not only him, but even Valenstadz and Hilda on the other side were also immobilized!

True Dragon King! Time cut!

Chen Xing wanted to use a trick at the most critical time, but obviously this time is already very critical.

Even, he didn’t have time to adjust the angle of Time Slash, so that Valenstadz and Hilda were also affected by Time Slash.

But that doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that he now finally has time to deal with those three magic slashes.

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