Star God Soldier King Chapter 2149


The formidable power of Time Slash, naturally, needless to say.

However, this is the world of Dragon Clan after all, even if Chen Xing has reached the second great realm of full deification, facing the mighty giant dragon, his formidable power will be greatly halved.

Dragon Clan’s dragon scales are not only able to defend against physical attacks in the general sense, but are also sufficient to counteract skill attacks.

Time Slash is naturally an attack that belongs to the Divine Race skill, but it cannot last long when facing Dragon Clan enemies like General Morton.

Chen Xing didn’t have time to think, condensed all the power of deification, and blasted a sword, a sword towards Morton, who was frozen by time.

And, he can’t just blast nine swords.

Morton made three magic slashes, and each magic slash had three times the Divine Force, while Chen Xing was limited by the True Dragon holy sword, and every sword could only be released Double the Divine Force.

If Chen Xing only slashed out nine swords, then it would just cancel out Morton’s three magic slashes.

Although it is not easy to counteract such strikes in the face of Morton’s killing move, Chen Xing used Time Slash after all. It can’t be used again for a long time, so Chen Xing must not waste this opportunity easily.

The Time Slash at this time, even if it can’t kill Morton, at least it has to hurt him and force him out of his giant dragon form earlier.

shua~ shua~ shua~ shua~ Brush!

Chen Xing and Elaine slashed out five swords, and then, after a short pause, they gathered strength again and cut out four swords.

One after the other is exactly the nine swords, the formidable power of every sword is exactly double the Divine Force.

This combined strength is enough to offset Morton’s three-knife magic slash.

At this time, the effect of Time Slash had begun to attenuate, and Morton’s body trembled slightly.

It can be seen that he is doing everything he can to get rid of the shackles of Time Slash.

Chen Xing seized the time, condensed his full deified power for the third time, and the True Dragon holy sword in his hand slashed out sword by sword!

shua~ shua~ shua~ shua~ Brush!

After four swords, add three swords! After three swords, add two more swords!

Chen Xing couldn’t bear the large amount of attacks in a short period of time, and the number of swords he swung was also decreasing.

In all, he has now swung a total of eighteen swords!

In addition to the nine swords that deal with the three-knife magic slash, there are also nine swords that can completely hit Morton!

Morton wanted to use nine times Divine Force to kill Chen Xing, but under the effect of Time Slash, Chen Xing could use nine times Divine Force to deal with Morton!

Eighteen swords slashed out, and the effect of the time slash was also difficult to maintain.

There was a roar in Morton’s throat, his whole body rumbled and trembled, and he finally broke through the shackles of Time Slash!

And with the release of the time slash, the nine sword glow immediately counteracted with the three magic slashes!

Immediately afterwards, the remaining nine sword glows hit Morton directly at a speed that Morton could not dodge at all!

bang bang bang bang!

Morton’s humanoid form couldn’t withstand such a powerful attack at all, screaming and struggling to transform into a giant dragon form!

However, the sword glow formidable power of the nine True Dragon holy swords was only partially offset by his blue dragon scales, and Morton’s entire huge dragon body was blasted out. !

β€œChen Xing!”

β€œvery good Chen Xing!”

After the time cut off, Hilda and Valenstadz also immediately Action resumed.

They were thrilled to see Chen Xing knock down the mighty blue dragon general Morton with their own eyes.

Chen Xing’s strength has also reached its limit, but fortunately, Morton simply couldn’t get up in a short period of time.

He held the True Dragon holy sword in his hand and walked step by step towards Morton, who was on the ground and kept struggling.

Morton said in horror: “Human! You dare to hurt me! You are dead! Did you hear! You are dead!”

Chen Xing coldly said: ” Morton, it turns out that you only have this strength, it seems that I overestimated you at first. Let me send you to see the Crystal Red Dragon Queen in the last sword!”

Said, Chen Xing Then he gathered his full deified power again, and the double Divine Force spread on the True Dragon holy sword immediately.

Morton’s entire dragon body couldn’t help trembling.

A human being can blast out eighteen swords in such a short period of time, and still has the power to condense the Divine Force again.

This is definitely not something he can handle.

Only then did Morton understand how powerful his opponent was.

Chen Xing’s True Dragon holy sword fiercely stabbed Morton’s throat, but at this moment, Morton’s blue dragon scales flashed suddenly, a blue magic defense barrier, and then appeared in Chen In front of Xing!

Double Divine Force touches the blue. Magical defense barrier, it was completely absorbed!

A powerful oppression is coming!

Chen Xing couldn’t help holding breath cold air, and his body was almost backward.

Morton was also slightly startled. After seeing Chen Xing being forced back, he was overjoyed immediately, and proudly propped up his dragon body.

“Hahahaha! Thank You Master! My strength! It’s back!” Morton laughed wildly.

At this time, a blue dragon silhouette appeared over the magic barrier.

It was the protection of this blue dragon silhouette that blocked Morton’s fatal blow and helped Morton regain his strength!

This is a very powerful magical power, a power that can interfere at great distances!

Hilda immediately responded, “Be careful of Chen Xing! This is the dragon shadow of the Blue Dragon Queen!”

Chen Xing’s heart sank.

It is possible to kill General Morton and disintegrate the entire Black Dragon coalition at a glance, didn’t expect, but the Blue Dragon Queen stepped in at this time!

If you can’t do it quickly, Chen Xing and the others will be in big trouble when the army soldiers react and stop chasing the dark iron dwarves.

Chen Xing felt agitated, but then calmed down.

At this time, impatience will not solve any problems.

even more how , now it’s not the Blue Dragon Queen, just a magical dragon shadow of hers.

No matter how strong the Blue Dragon Queen is, her magical dragon shadow is just a dragon shadow in the end. Even if she can help General Morton regain his battle strength, that’s no big deal!

at worst, start over, kill Morton again!

Thinking of this, the True Dragon holy sword in Chen Xing’s hands once again shone with dazzling rays of light.

The dragon shadow of the Blue Dragon Queen was suspended in the air, and looked around coldly, “Morton, you are so embarrassing, you can’t even handle such a simple three enemies, even I was almost killed by them!”

Morton hurriedly said trembling with fear: “Queen Your Majesty! It’s not that Morton is incompetent, but the enemy is too cunning! It turns out that the Crystal Red Dragon Queen has been killed They killed it, and Hilda became the new Red Dragon Queen, and the human helper they invited from nowhere is so powerful that I can’t believe it!”

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