Star God Soldier King Chapter 2150



The blue dragon queen Callis snapped, “Morton, you should know, I don’t like it the most. Listening is an excuse! What I want is the result! I don’t care whether the Crystal Red Dragon Queen is dead or how she died, I just want Life Essence! Tell me, do the three of them have what I want? ?”

Morton said quickly, “Yes, yes! Your Majesty, Queen! Although I’m not very good at sensing Life Essence, I can sense that Life Essence is here!”

The blue dragon queen Karis coldly smiled, “hmph, that’s good, then, you can still be worthy of me to spend the Supreme Treasure of the blue dragon family, magic essence, use the power of our magic essence to help you. It’s not because of this that I’m too lazy to care about you, a loser!”

Morton was instantly grateful, “many thanks Queen Your Majesty! I will definitely get the Life Essence of the Red Dragons for Queen Your Majesty! I will kill them all! Shame on the defeat just now! Please Queen Your Majesty give me a little more strength!”

The blue dragon queen coldly said: “Morton, this is your last chance!”

After saying that, the blue dragon queen’s dragon shadow gathers strength, and the whole space is filled with blue rays of light.

This is why the blue dragon queen Karis is using magic essence.

Once the blue dragon queen’s dragon shadow is filled with magic essence, the battle will become extremely difficult.

Hilda gritted her teeth, stood up, and shouted at the dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Callis: “The blue dragon queen Callis Your Majesty! Please wait a moment, let me Let’s talk calmly!”

The blue dragon queen Karis sneered, “who you are, is it worth talking to my blue dragon queen?”

Hilda Immediately revealing his identity, “I am Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon!”

The Queen of the Blue Dragon, Caris, laughed, “Hilda, I have never heard of it. Well, even if you are a red dragon Dragon Queen, so what? Your red dragon clan is about to be wiped out by me. If you are sincere to talk to me, then give me your Life Essence obediently. Then maybe, I will still Give you a way to live.”

Hilda said proudly: “Karis, as the queen, I am equal to you, and even in this case, you should show respect to me , otherwise, you are extremely uneducated! I don’t believe that a blue dragon queen who has lived for nearly three thousand years and has the glory of Supreme, would do such an uneducated behavior!”

Blue Dragon Queen Callis laughed, “Well, Queen Hilda, although you are not very strong and you are too young, but you are right, no matter what, you are a queen now, even if I want to kill you, Before you die, I still have to talk to you according to the Queen’s etiquette to the Queen.”

Hilda then nodded, “Very good, Queen Callis.”

Queen Kalise said with a sneer: “Queen Hilda, what do you want to talk to me about? Let me guess, you just think you can’t defeat my dragon shadow infused with magic essence, so you want to ask for mercy. ?”

Hilda coldly said: “Queen Callis, you are the leader of the Blue Dragons, why do you mix with the Black Dragons and follow their command? Why take the side of the evil-doer, what about attacking our red dragon clan? Our two clans should have a very good relationship! If you are willing to get lost, I will save the blue dragon in the name of the red dragon queen Soldiers have caused all kinds of guilt to our red dragon family.”

Queen Kalise said with a smile: “Our blue dragon Black Dragon coalition, slaughtered half of your red dragon people, and also You have destroyed your homeland, the Temple of Life, and now you say you can forgive us? He he he, I have to say, Queen Hilda, you are so generous.”

Hilda coldly said: “To tell the truth, I really I don’t want to. However, if doing so, can return the respect of the blue dragon Legion to us, and promise not to attack our red dragon Legion, then I think I can do it. Queen Callis, Dragon Clan’s civil war, for whatever reason and excuse, is actually not right. As the saying goes, when is the time for retribution, we were born from the same root, and we should not kill each other! If you can give up attacking, we Red Dragons can definitely give up revenge! This has already been my biggest concession as the Red Dragon Queen! “

“no! Queen Your Majesty!” Don’t listen to them! They are just afraid of your power and fear that they will die here, so they say this! “The blue dragon general Morton roared eagerly.

He certainly doesn’t want peace, because once there is peace, he will be useless, and if the blue dragon queen Kalis feels it is useless, Then he is not far from death.

Queen Callis roared coldly: “Shut up Morton! This is a conversation between two queens. What kind of thing are you, you dare to interject without permission? “

Morton closed his mouth tightly and didn’t even dare to take a breath.

Queen Callis sneered again and said to Hilda, “I’m very sorry, Hill.” Queen Da, my subordinates are too rude. However, although he is a bit reckless and rude, his words are not necessarily wrong. You are saying these words to me now, but you are just afraid of me. Since you are afraid, don’t say anything about forgiveness or forgiveness, and simply surrender obediently and honestly. If you are willing to surrender, hand over Life Essence, swear allegiance to Nezulio the Black Dragon, and join the Alliance, of course I will not hurt you and your Red Dragon people any more. However, if you don’t want to, then I’m sorry, in order to revive Dragon Clan’s great major event industry, I can only sacrifice your red dragon family. “

Hilda said firmly: “Queen Callis, although I have just ascended the throne when the red dragon family was in danger, my heart is as firm and brave as the red dragon queens of all dynasties!” I am not afraid of any threats! I just don’t want to watch the fight between the two races fearless! Your so-called revival of Dragon Clan’s great major event will never be achieved through a civil war between Dragon Clan! Black Dragon Nezulio’s path is absolutely wrong! I, Hilda, Queen of the Red Dragon, will not obey even if I die! “

Queen Callis said coldly with a smile: “In that case, what else is there to say, thank you for wasting my precious time, Queen Hilda.” I thought you would be a smart red dragon queen, didn’t expect, you are as stupid as other red dragon queens. ”

After finishing speaking, the blue light of Queen Callis’s dragon shadow skyrocketed, stabbing everyone’s eyes unable to open!

Then, a blue light came from the dragon shadow. When it shot up to Morton, Morton’s figure suddenly increased tenfold!

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