Star God Soldier King Chapter 2151


“hahahaha! Finally! I’m finally strong!”

Morton opened his huge dragon wings and roared loudly stand up.

Hilda frowned and said: “Not good, Queen Kalis still used the power of magic essence, and then refracted this power into rays, and continuously supplied it to Morton! In this case , Morton will become invincible! It’s so hateful!”

Valenstadz said: “It’s really troublesome, but Hilda, don’t worry, I’m here. , I will definitely fight with you to the end!”

Hilda smiled slightly, “many thanks to you, Valenstadz! Let’s transform into a giant dragon form together, and then fit together as much as possible. , use the power of Life Essence to attack! Hope to defeat the power of magic essence!”


Valenstadz and Hilda then transformed into giant dragons Form, and then extremely skillfully combined into one.

“Hehe, fit together? You two red dragons, you really are not ashamed!” Morton grinned, and the huge dragon claw swept towards the two.

This power has already been strengthened by the magic essence.

In terms of Morton’s original strength, he can release up to three times the attack of Divine Force, but after the magic essence is strengthened, his ordinary dragon claw sweep has already reached Five times the destructive power of Divine Force!

Although it is said that the power of Life Essence can be activated when Valenstadz and Hilda combine Mature.

even more how, the advantage of Life Essence is to restore healing, not combat attacks.

Therefore, after Morton swept like this, the two people who had just joined together were immediately blasted out.

One rolled to the left and the other fell uncontrollably to the right.

“Hahaha! It’s really impossible to withstand a single blow! In this comparison, the magic essence of my blue dragon clan is even stronger!”

Morton said with a smile: ” Let me see, should I kill you young pretty boy, Valenstadz first? Or should I kill you, Hilda, the pretentious new queen of the red dragon? Oh, no, I almost forgot there was another What about an enemy, human Chen Xing! You just hurt me so badly, if it weren’t for you, how could I have the blue dragon queen Your Majesty rebuke! Now, it’s time for you to pay for it!”

With that said, Morton jumped forward and directly crossed Valenstadz and Hilda, pressing down on Chen Xing like a big mountain!

Chen Xing was ready to take on the enemy.

After the appearance of the dragon shadow of the Blue Dragon Queen, he has been working hard to accumulate all the power of deification.

If it were an ordinary person, the 18-sword attack of spare no effort just now would have dried up his body long ago.

But Chen Xing is different.

Chen Xing owns the Star God gem. As long as the Star God gem can keep running, the genetic cells in his body will continue to accelerate to tear and regenerate, thereby generating more power.

Hilda’s tactics of delaying time with the Blue Dragon Queen also greatly helped him alleviate the lack of strength.

Although I haven’t recovered 100%, it can be regarded as 70% to 80%.

When Morton stomped heavily, Chen Xing immediately cast his Avatar skills, and instantly moved away from Morton’s huge iron hoof.

However, the Divine Force shock wave that was more than five times swept him up, and his body was able to retreat dozens of meters away.

Morton laughed, “How about Chen Xing? It doesn’t feel good, right?”

Chen Xing didn’t say anything else, the True Dragon holy sword in his hand made a quick move, and the True Dragon was broken. The magic slash constantly banged on Morton’s thick blue-light dragon scales.

However, the double Divine Force released by the True Dragon holy sword is too slight compared to the current Morton.

Morton said frantically with a malicious smile: “hahaha! It’s so itchy! It’s so itchy! Chen Xing, are you tickling me? Sorry, I don’t need it!”

With that said, Morton condensed Divine Force, Fiercely’s magic curse rage, and sprayed it towards Chen Xing.

The entire cursed flames spit out, filling up the entire space in an instant, and there is nowhere to hide at all!

Chen Xing inwardly shouted badly, if he is really hit by the cursed flames, his strength will be weakened by 30%!

Now, Morton’s strength has been strengthened several times by the magic essence, and if he is weakened by 30%, then this battle will really be impossible.

Chen Xing calmly dodged to find a gap, while quickly thinking about how to deal with this extremely difficult scene in front of him.

At this time, Hilda and Valenstadz also felt a huge trouble.

“Hilda, my Chen Xing brother is in danger! We must help him!”

“Walan, don’t worry! If we just rush up like this! , it can’t help you at all!”

“But then we can’t just watch Chen Xing brother be weakened by the cursed rage! The strength of the two of us cannot be compared with the strengthening. The only one who can defeat Morton is my Chen Xing brother! If we don’t save him, then we will be finished!” Valenstadz said eagerly.

“Of course I know Valan!” Hilda said solemnly: “You have to believe me, I am with you! But if we want to help Lord Chen Xing, we have to find another way!”

Valenstadz asked eagerly: “What can I do! Tell me quickly!”

“Fit together first!” Hilda gritted her teeth and flew.

Valenstadz also concentrated all his dragon power and threw himself on Hilda.

“Go! Fly up! Use the power of our Life Essence to block the rays refracted by the power of the magic essence!” Hilda clenching one’s teeth and said.

Valenstadz suddenly exclaimed.

This is totally suicidal!

The power of the magic essence is very powerful, it can double the effect on one’s own people, and double the weakening effect on the enemy!

Only two red dragons, Valenstadz and Hilda, are fundamentally impossible to withstand the weakening power of the magic essence. They will rapidly age and decay, and become a mass of scum in this world!

“Valan, don’t worry! We have Life Essence inside of us! Life Essence has endless healing power! It is absolutely resistant to the erosion of magic essence!” Hilda flew hard. , while encouraging Valenstadz.

Valenstadz immediately said with a smile: “Haha, Hilda, I’m not worried at all! In fact, I’m so surprised and excited! You’re right! We With Life Essence! We must be able to resist the rays refracted by the magic essence! And as long as we can block the magic rays, then Morton’s stupid hat will be abolished! My Chen Xing brother is enough to solve him! “

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