Star God Soldier King Chapter 2153



Hilda’s entire Everyone fell into endless horror.

She tried to push Valenstadz away, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t.

Valenstadz’s dragon body gradually dissolves in the blue light until it can no longer be seen.

The blue light illuminates the entire space, making everyone present unable to open their eyes.

Hilda was in great pain, and her dragon claw, which had grabbed Valenstads, was now empty.

“No! Valan! Why did you abandon me?” Hilda didn’t want to live alone anymore, she gritted her teeth and slammed her head into the dazzling blue light magic essence rays.

“Hahaha! This is the end of going against my Queen Callis!” The Blue Dragon Queen said eerily with a sneer.

And at this time, when Hilda slammed into the blue light magic essence rayβ€”

The blue light that the magic essence ray bloomed suddenly disappeared!

Hilda couldn’t help holding breath cold air.

No, the magic essence rays don’t go away on their own!

But it was swallowed up by another more powerful force!

Before Hilda could fully understand, her faucet slammed into a solid object.

She hurriedly raised her head, and saw a huge scarlet giant dragon, waving beautiful dragon wings, surrounding her.

Red’s rays of light enveloped her, making every scar on her body grow and heal like mushrooms after a rain.

“Wa, Valan…?”

Hilda was incredibly cry out in surprise.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and what she was going through.

It’s all so beautiful, so dreamy.

Her lover Valenstadz, who had just been blasted to dust by blue light magic rays, how could she have become such a huge, beautiful and handsome scarlet giant dragon?

Hilda’s mind suddenly came to an astonishing thought.

She remembered that when she communicated with the old red dragon queen, the old red dragon queen explained to her everything she should know as a red dragon queen.

This also includes the legend of the founder giant dragon and scarlet dragon king of the Red Dragon family!

When the Great Emperor of the Great Emperor fought with the Titan Heavenly Venerable, the dragon blood on his body was sprayed out, and the founder giant dragon of the red dragon family was also fighting with the Great Emperor of the Great Emperor, the dragon of the Great Emperor The blood happened to fall on the founding red dragon, activating the life power of the red dragon, making it the scarlet dragon king.

In the entire history of the Red Dragon Legion, there is only one scarlet dragon king!

And now, under the strikes of the magic essence ray, the Life Essence in Valenstadz is completely provoked and activated!

The dragon body of Valenstadz has been destroyed by the magic essence rays!

Just like the dragon blood of the Great Emperor, the dragon, destroyed the dragon body of the founding red dragon!

But in the same way, the dragon blood of the Great Emperor activates Life Essence! The magical essence of the Blue Dragon Queen, now also activates Life Essence in Valenstadz!

This moment!

Valenstadz itself is an endless life force!

Valenstadz has also surpassed the red dragon itself and become the real scarlet dragon king!

“Is that really you, Valan?” Hilda asked in a trembling voice.

She needed an answer, an answer that would cheer her up.

This is so important to her!

I saw the scarlet Dragon King roared, and a pair of huge dragon claws gently grabbed Hilda.

Hilda’s dragon body trembled as if it had been pierced by an electric current.

Not out of fear, but out of excitement.

That’s right!

That’s how it feels!

This is the familiar feeling of Valenstadz!

Valenstadz is not dead!

It’s the scarlet dragon king!

Hilda’s dragon body was originally larger than Valenstadz.

But now Hilda is like an endearing little bird compared to the huge body of the scarlet dragon king.

scarlet Dragon Royal General She took it into her arms and completely protected it with the halo of red’s life.

The two reunite in red’s halo of life!


The blue dragon queen Karis was almost mad, “scarlet dragon king? This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible! Dragon Clan’s greatest character, except for the devil Apart from the Great Emperor of the Dragon, there is the Black Dragon King! The scarlet Dragon King is already dead! How can he reappear! All of this is an illusion! It is an illusion! Watch me use the magic essence ray to completely penetrate your illusion!”

Having said that, Queen Karis continued to strike the Dragon King and Hilda with 50% of the magic essence rays strikes scarlet.

Hilda had no fear at all.

In the arms of the scarlet dragon king Valenstadz, she felt the endless life force growing and spreading inside her body.

She thinks that it won’t be long before she can give birth to a dragon egg for Valenstadz, and for the entire Red Dragon Legion, and multiply.

And this is what she, the Red Dragon Queen, should do most.

As for such matters as wars and battles, leave it to your lover, the scarlet Dragon King Valenstadz.

Hilda was completely relaxed, enjoying the gentleness of the scarlet dragon king.

The 50% magic essence ray hit Valenstadz again.

But this time, it’s completely different from the last time.

Last time, Valenstadz, just Valenstadz, the young consort of the Red Dragon Queen.

And this time, Valenstadz is the scarlet dragon king and the Life Essence.

No matter how old the Queen of the Blue Dragon Karis is and how rich her fighting experience is, the magic essence that she can release through her dragon shadow is only 50% of the attack effect.

And after Valenstadz became the scarlet dragon king, what he had was 100% Life Essence!

Life Power is spreading.

Scarlet Dragon King Valenstads roared, and the entire space instantly transformed from dazzling blue into dazzling red.

The thick magic essence ray also passed through the eyes of the scarlet Dragon King and transformed into a thick red life ray!

Scarlet Dragon Royal General red Life ray, shoot directly at Chen Xing!

Chen Xing instantly felt that he had mastered the endless life force!

The Star God gem in his body is thirsty to absorb this sheer amount of life force!

As a human body of a mortal fleshy body, the cells and molecules in the body are rapidly changing their nature!

Originally it was only the level of the second great realm, but at the moment when the life ray irradiated it, it was directly upgraded to the third great realm!

“This kind of power!” Chen Xing couldn’t help roaring sharply, “It’s against the sky!”

His body began to grow at a speed visible to naked eyes!

Height, body shape, all growing!

Originally only two meters tall, in a few seconds, it grew to five meters, ten meters, twenty meters!

Chen Xing is like a Titan Heavenly God!


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