Star God Soldier King Chapter 2154


Blue Dragon General Morton was completely dumbfounded.

Before, he became incomparable gigantic with the enhancement of magic essence rays.

The original height of Morton’s dragon body was only five meters. After the increase of the magic essence rays, the height was only seventeen or eighteen meters.

It stands to reason that seventeen or eighteen meters is already very high.

Facing any creature, there will be a huge oppression like a hill.

But now, the situation is completely reversed.

50% of the magic essence rays were blocked by “a nobody” like Valenstadz, and also transformed into life rays.

The ray of life irradiated on Chen Xing’s body, completely changing Chen Xing’s mortal fleshy body into a real Divine Race body!

A giant dragon with a height of 20 meters is hard to see.

even more how is a giant twenty meters tall.

With Chen Xing’s current posture, let alone stepping on him, this blue dragon is like stepping on a grasshopper, even in the face of the Titans, it is not inferior at all.

And Dragon Clan is a lot worse than the Titans.

Morton gasped, and at the same time Chen Xing turned into a Titan, he was ready to smear oil on the soles of his feet.

Although he is loyal to the blue dragon queen Karis, at this time, he is obviously not the opponent of Chen Xing and the others, and if he continues to stay here, he is just courting death.

However, as soon as he turned around, a sword glow with incomparable spiritual power slashed directly at him!

When Chen Xing was not titanized before, the True Dragon holy sword in his hand could only release twice the Divine Force due to the limitation of the fleshy body of a human being.

And now Chen Xing’s body is ten times titanized under the irradiation of the scarlet dragon king Valenstadz with Life Essence!

Then, the maximum Divine Force that the True Dragon holy sword can carry is naturally ten times stronger!

The sword glow of ten times the Divine Force does not require any fancy skills at all, just a heavy hack! All the power poured into Morton’s dragon back in an instant!

Morton screamed suddenly!

He couldn’t dodge at all, let alone resist!

“Queen! Queen! Help me! Help me!” Morton Final Struggle roared loudly.

The blue dragon queen Karis never thought that things would turn out to be like this, she couldn’t help roaring angrily: “Obviously got fat, but it’s like this! Morton! All of this is because you are too incompetent!”

Of course, the blue dragon queen Karis also wanted to save Morton, but she couldn’t help it.

Even her most proud magic essence ray can’t help Morton, then Morton is really sure to die.

Queen Kalise is not heartbroken for Morton, but if Morton dies, the coalition will inevitably be leaderless, which will give the entire Red Dragon Legion a respite for a long time!

I have laid out a conspiracy for nearly a thousand years, just to destroy the red dragon clan and capture the Life Essence of the red dragon clan, but in the end, it is a bamboo basket to draw water, futile!

Queen Callis is going crazy.

“Queen Your Majesty! Help me! Help me! I don’t want to die!” Morton struggled desperately.

Under Chen Xing’s heavy slash, he was dying, only his last breath was left.

“Your queen has abandoned you! Morton! Now, it’s time to reckon your crimes against our red dragon, Legion!”

Hilda from scarlet dragon king Valan Staz broke free from his embrace, and a mouthful of dragon breath sprayed Morton’s body, directly scorching Morton’s dragon body!

Immediately afterwards, Hilda ripped apart Morton’s dragon scales with a sharp dragon claw and bit Morton’s neck in one bite!

Morton’s screams came to an abrupt end!

After a few twitches, the dragon tail froze completely.

The general-level figure of the Blue Dragon Legion, the supreme commander of the coalition, just died.

Hilda roared towards the sky, “Dead brothers and sisters! Your great revenge has been avenged! Rest in peace!”

Scarlet Dragon King Valenstadz also Waving his huge and beautiful scarlet dragon wings, he made bursts of penetrating roars in the air:

“The Blue Dragon General Morton is dead! The Blue Dragon General Morton is dead!”

At this time, those Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces just turned around and were about to return to the camp for rescue, didn’t expect to hear such news before they approached the coalition camp.

Every Black Dragon soldier truly felt the powerful power of the scarlet dragon king.

This power evenly matched the power unleashed by the Blue Dragon Queen!

Obviously, under such circumstances, if you rush back to the coalition camp, then there is only a dead end.

even more how, they also saw a Titan Grade figure standing in the camp.

The Blue Dragon and Black Dragon combined forces are only suitable for tailwinds.

In such a situation that the commander was killed and the camp was occupied, even if the total number of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces combined could completely compete with Chen Xing and the others, they would never dare to take it. Risk your own life.

To put it bluntly, Blue Dragon doesn’t believe in Black Dragon, and Black Dragon doesn’t believe in Blue Dragon either.

In less than half a minute, the Black Dragon troop chose to retreat and flee. The Blue Dragon troop saw that the Black Dragon troop had withdrawn, and of course they would not stay. They ran faster than the Black Dragon troop. Even faster.

In a blink of an eye, the once powerful Black Dragon coalition was completely disintegrated.

Scarlet Dragon Lord Valenstadz roars in triumph.

The blue dragon queen Karis stared angrily at Valenstadz, Hilda and Chen Xing, “Damn! You guys, ruined my perfect plan! I, Queen Karis, It won’t be like this! Now, run away! But you better remember me! Even if you escape to the ends of the earth! I will definitely find you! I will make you pay dearly Long live the black dragon king Nezulio! Long live the Dragon Clan revival plan!”

The scarlet dragon king Valenstads sneered, and spit out a strong breath of rage on the blue dragon queen card. Lisi’s Dragon Shadow!

The dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Karis disappeared immediately and turned into dust.

However, they also knew very well that the Blue Dragon Queen was not really defeated.

What they defeated this time was just a lackey of the blue dragon queen Karis.

And from now on, the contradiction between the red dragon clan and the blue dragon clan has been impossible to be reconciled.

The next time we meet the blue dragon queen Kalis, it will be a super battle between Life Essence and the magic essence!

At the end of the battle, Chen Xing’s titan body returned to its original shape.

The dragon body of scarlet Dragon King Valenstadz has also returned to its original form.

Hilda jumped on Valenstadz excitedly, “Valanstaz! My love! You are so amazing!”

Valanstaz laughed , “I thought I was really going to die, didn’t expect to evolve into a scarlet dragon king! This is the role of Life Essence! Hilda, you are the Queen of the Red Dragon! Life Essence should belong to you! I have to Find a way to return all Life Essence to you as soon as possible.”

Hilda said with a smile: “No, you are more suitable to have Life Essence than me, my scarlet dragon king.”

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