Star God Soldier King Chapter 2155


“But…” Valenstadz hesitated.

Be aware that Life Essence belongs to the Red Dragon Queen, who is only the Queen’s consort.

Hilda said with a smile: “The Red Dragon Queen does need Life Essence to become the real Red Dragon Queen, but what the Red Dragon Queen really needs is not Life Essence, but It is the life of the entire red dragon family. Now, there is nothing more exciting for our red dragon family than to have a scarlet dragon king. Even more how, I already feel…”

Having said this, Hilda suddenly blushed and pursed her lips and snickered.

Valenstadz blinked in confusion, “What? Hilda, what do you feel? Hurry up and tell me, are you injured? I’ll be very worried about you. !”

Hilda rolled her eyes at Valenstadz, “Fool! I feel new life swimming in my belly!”

“Huh?” Valenstadz said in horror: “Could it be that the blue dragon general Morton is still alive and got into your belly!? Just like Chen Xing brother got into the belly of the crystal red dragon queen? It’s not good! We have to quickly find a way to make you spit it out!”

Hilda pinched Valenstadz and said angrily: “Valan, you are such a big fool Morton is already dead and can’t die any longer! And, I’m talking about new life, but the new life of our red dragon family! I have your flesh and blood!”

This Valenstadz Only then did he understand, he first opened his mouth wide in disbelief, and then shouted excitedly, “Really? Is this true? Hilda! It’s great! Our red dragon family can finally reproduce again. Now!”

Hilda said with a smile: “Yeah, the Red Dragon Queen needs Life Essence, nothing more than to have the next generation and spread our entire race! Now, even if Life Essence is not with me On my body, I can still have children and raise them, which is enough for me. The five Dragon Clans are all facing a huge test now, not only our Red Dragon family needs the scarlet dragon king, but other Dragon Clans also need the scarlet dragon king! So , Valan, Life Essence will stay with you.”

Valenstadz hugged Hilda excitedly, “Okay! Hilda, whatever you say! From now on Start, you don’t have to do anything, no matter what you want to do, just tell others!”

Hilda said with a smile: “I’m not that vulnerable, I can still be with you Fighting.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “The battle is over for Queen Hilda, and I think it’s time for us to evacuate from here.”

Hilda Nominate.

At this time, another Red Dragon female guard rushed in together with the Queen of Blades.

Red Dragon Girl Guards Report: “Queen Your Majesty, the coalition has completely disintegrated! There are no enemies around!”

Hilda said happily: “Good! Very good !”

Chen Xing asked the Queen of Blades: “Have you rescued that dwarf named Magni and his slave companion?”

The Queen of Blades smiled disdainfully , “hmph, those stupid dwarves, at first they didn’t believe I was here to save them. They finally saw me take out the Black Iron Decree cards and get in touch with their Bronzebeard City Lord Glynn. Followed me and escaped the camp. I killed about a dozen Dragon Clan soldiers and handed them over to Green’s men.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No casualties, right?”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Of course not.”

Chen Xing said: “Well, it’s not suitable to stay here for a long time, let’s leave here now, and we will Go back to the Crimson Territory and negotiate again.”

“Okay! It’s all up to you, Chen Xing brother!”

Valenstaz excitedly hugged the Red Dragon Queen Hilda , the entire group happily left the dilapidated coalition camp.

At this time, Bronzebeard City Lord Glynn also returned to the dungeon with his dark iron dwarf troops.

This time, they resolutely implemented and fulfilled Chen Xing’s instructions, constantly provoked the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces, and led the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces by the nose.

Although the Black Dragon coalition is aggressive and looks like they are going to eat them raw, it is a pity that the dark iron dwarves simply don’t mean to fight, they just keep running.

Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces chase, they run, Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces stop, they stop.

After chasing and stopping like this for more than half an hour, the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces suddenly collapsed.

At first, Greene hadn’t reacted.

It wasn’t until he heard a scream from the blue dragon Morton, and saw a scarlet red dragon rising in the distance, as well as a huge titan humanoid creature, he finally understood.

Obviously, Morton, the commander of the Black Dragon coalition, has been killed.

And it must be the scarlet red dragon and the giant titan who killed Morton.

The battle between the giant dragon and the giant dragon, for the dwarves, is equivalent to watching two dogs bite each other, and the dwarves will not feel bad for whoever dies and who gets hurt.

However, the appearance of the giant Titan made Green feel extremely horrified.

Their Dwarf Race, claiming to be the descendant of the Titan Race, the strongest race in the universe!

However, none of the dwarves living in the dungeons have ever seen a real Titan!

And now, Greene saw it.

Not only did he see it, but Green also knew the Titan.

That Titan is none other than the human who came to his Dark Iron Dungeon in person not long ago and made a covenant with himβ€”Chen Xing!

How can a human become a Titan?

How powerful is his body!

Grian suddenly realized that if he could follow Chen Xing, then there should be hope for the entire Dwarf Race.

While thinking so excitedly, he led his men back to the Dark Iron Dungeon.

As soon as they arrived, a black iron officer hurried over.

“Grian City Lord! The other eight City Lords are waiting for you at the Conference Hall!”

Grian was stunned, “The other eight City Lords? They are all Are you here in person?”

“No, they use holographic projection to have a conversation.”

“hmph! These guys! I asked them to send troops a long time ago. Come and help me rescue Magni and the others, they don’t even ask! Now that we rescued Magni and the others by our own strength, they are going to point fingers!” Green said angrily.

The dark iron officer hurriedly said: “Sir City Lord! Otherwise, I will reject them directly and say that you are not available now!”

“Forget it, it’s time to come. It’s coming after all, and I just happen to have a good talk with them.” Grian frowned and said, β€œIn this case, you can arrange for everyone to rest, in case there is a Dragon Clan who slipped through the net to come to surprise, of course, if it’s Lord Chen Xing Come to ask for his sword of judgment, then you must say hello, don’t neglect Lord Chen Xing! And, you must report to me immediately!”



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