Star God Soldier King Chapter 2156


When Grian came to the Conference Hall, the other eight dwarfs, City Lord, were already waiting impatiently in the holographic projection area.

Seeing Grian’s slow arrival, one of the hot-tempered Volcano Dungeon City Lords immediately angrily roared: “Grian! How did you come! You made our eight other City Lords wait for you like this! For a long time! Don’t you take us seriously!?”

Grian smiled faintly, “Volcano Sir City Lord, I am a black iron clan, but I have never neglected any brother clan. It’s just that you want to talk to me, not me, you have to let me finish the work at hand first, and then listen to your teachings, right?”

Volcano City Lord He snorted coldly, “Education? That’s right! We are indeed here to teach you! Glenn! I heard that you are actually allied with Dragon Clan?”

Come to my heart, “Volcano City Lord, you can eat rice! You can’t talk nonsense!”

Volcano City Lord said with a sneer: “You still don’t admit it? I ask you, if you don’t talk to Dragon Clan formed an alliance, how can those people under you return to the Dark Iron Dungeon safely? Don’t tell me, your Dark Iron clan alone defeated the Blue Dragon and the Black Dragon coalition!”

Grian laughed, “Of course the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allies are stronger than our Dark Iron dwarf clan! I think this is also what your other City Lords are asking for rescue in the face of our Dark Iron dwarven clan. When the time comes, the real reason for ignoring us? hmph! Talking about the same qi, connected branch of the nine dwarf tribes is really such a bullshit! When it’s really dangerous, you don’t want to fight Dragon Clan at all, you guys All just want to save yourself! What’s more chilling is that you don’t just want to save yourself, you don’t allow us to fight alone! You are afraid that our confrontation with Dragon Clan will trigger Dragon Clan to deal with the entire Dwarf Race! But, do you? Don’t think about it, Dragon Clan and Dwarf Race are feuds themselves! Today, they only arrested a dozen of us, what about tomorrow, the day after tomorrow? If Dragon Clan is allowed to develop, even if all our dwarves don’t resist, It’s hard to escape the fate of being targeted by Dragon Clan! Instead of waiting to die, it’s better to fight back! Waiting to die is just delaying time, but if you fight back, you might even get a glimmer of survival!”

Several other Dw The City Lords of arf Race blushed, bowed their heads, and whispered to each other.

The Volcano City Lord shouted angrily: “Grian, do you think you can become the savior of our dwarves if you say a few words boosted shamelessly? hmph! The concession policy was destroyed by Dragon Clan hundreds of years ago! And you dare to ignore our policy and fight against the mighty Blue Dragon and Black Dragon clan! You are taking all our dwarves, All pushed to Fire Pit!”

Grian sighed, “Volcano City Lord, don’t you understand? We Dwarf Race have stood on the edge of Fire Pit. Black Dragon Dragon Lord once forced other Dragon Clan serves it, so the first unlucky one must be our dwarves. All our lovers will be captured by Black Dragon as excavation slaves to dig treasure for them. Moreover, if you insist on forming an alliance here If you make a big fuss about the matter, then I can tell you clearly that I, the Dark Iron City Lord Glyn, have absolutely absolutely no alliance with Dragon Clan!”

Volcano City Lord said with a sneer: “Grian, don’t excuse yourself! Didn’t you form an alliance with Dragon Clan? Why would the Red Dragons help you save people?”

Grian coldly said: “Volcano City Lord , the Red Dragons deal with the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition, not to help me save my people, but to avenge their own compatriots! You should also know that not long ago, the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition raided the Red Dragon The Sanctuary of Life of a family has killed half of the people of the Red Dragon, so now that the new Red Dragon Queen is on the throne, the executioner of the Blue Dragon General Morton will naturally not be spared.”

Volcano City Lord said with a sneer: “But anyway, the red dragon killed the blue dragon general after all! And you benefited from it!”

Grian haha laughed and said with a smile: “The white The benefits, why should I not? I repeat, I am not allied with Dragon Clan! If I have to say that I am allied, then I am also allied with humans!”

“Alliance with humans? “The dwarf City Lords present widened their eyes in surprise.

Grian said sternly: “That’s right! That human leader, named Chen Xing, was him who helped us rescue our compatriots, and, under his command, our entire Dark Iron Tribe, no casualties!”

The dwarf City Lord chirp chirp twitter twitter started talking, no one thought that a human would have such a wonderful means.

Volcano City Lord said with a sneer: “If my estimate is correct, this human should be closely related to the Red Dragon clan, right? Glenn, do you dare to deny this?”

Grian coldly smiled, “Lord Chen Xing’s relationship with the Red Dragon clan is a matter for Mr. Chen Xing himself. I only know that he helped our Black Iron clan and didn’t ask us for black iron. There is no benefit from the Iron Tribe, let alone you. Even if our Dark Iron Tribe retreats in this war, you will not give up.”

The Volcano City Lord said angrily: “Since the Dark Iron Tribe has retreated completely in this war, you will not be spared.”

Volcano City Lord said angrily: “Since That Chen Xing is related to Dragon Clan, then you are allied with Chen Xing, you are allied with Dragon Clan! Grian, you must resign your city Lord of the Dark Iron Tribe! Then let us do it!”

Grin laughed, “Volcano City Lord! You’re doing this to me, I’m afraid it’s simply not for the entire dwarf clan? I think you just want to use public office to avenge private wrongs! A year ago, you wanted to Your disappointing son married my daughter, I didn’t agree, so you still hold a grudge against me, don’t you?”

The Lord of Volcano City was flustered and exasperated when he got the idea. : “Grian! You said to be less useless! I will ask you, will you hand over your power?”

If it were normal, Grian could only accept it with grief and disappointment Such a fate, but now it is completely different.

Why should he hand over the results of the war he won by himself?

Grian coldly said: “If you don’t give in! If you have the ability, you will attack my Dark Iron tribe together! If I, Glyon frown, I am not a descendant of the Titans!”

“You! You!” The Volcano City Lord trembled with anger, “It’s too much! It’s too much! Everyone, you all saw that the City Lord of Greene is going to betray and leave us!”

Grin said sternly: “I have never left the dwarf clan, and I have always pursued the path of the real Titan! Now, what I want to tell you is that I Grin muddleheaded alive. Hundred years, today I finally meet the real Titan!”

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