Star God Soldier King Chapter 2157



All the dwarf City Lords present exclaimed.

You must know that they are praying for the arrival of the real Titans as the Titans all the time.

However, they have lived for so long, and all they have heard are only legends and prophecies about the Titans.

Legend has it that the Titan Heavenly Venerable and the Great Emperor perish were together.

In the prophecy, the new Titan will defeat the new dragon and save the entire dwarven tribe.

Any dwarf believes in this prophecy and looks forward to the day when this prophecy will be fulfilled.

Therefore, all the dwarf City Lords, including the Volcano City Lord, stood up in amazement when Glenn said he had seen the real Titan.

“Grian! You’re not kidding!”

“Yeah! Glynn, this is incredible! Of course, it’s not that I don’t believe in Titanfall! It’s just… …We serve the Titans, and if the Titans do come, they should come to our dungeon first!”

“That’s right! And now that the battle is over, why don’t the Titans go back underground!” Is the city coming to be worshipped by us?”

“Grian! What the hell is going on, tell me quickly!”

Grian smiled faintly, He said calmly: “Everyone, do you think that the Titans fell from the world? Or, do you think that the Titans came for you to worship? No, the Titans are here to fight! Besides, yes Come to fight the dragon! At least, that’s what the Titan I saw!”

Volcano City Lord frowned and said: “Grian, where is the Titan you said?”

Grian said with a smile: “That Titan is actually Lord Chen Xing! When Lord Chen Xing was fighting the Blue Dragon General Morton, his entire body was extremely huge, like a It’s the same as the legendary Titan! And now, Lord Chen Xing should have followed the Red Dragon family back to the Red Dragon Territory, but don’t worry, his Sword of Judgement token is still in my Dark Iron Dungeon, so , it won’t be long before he will come back to get it!”

“Wait!” Volcano City Lord shouted sharply: “Grian, the Titan you said is actually a human? This! This is absolutely impossible. The Titans, what a Supreme race! That is the race created by the Divine Race in the universe! How could it be possible for a human in a low-civilized world to achieve? Grian, you are clearly humiliating us!”

Grian said with a sneer: “I knew you didn’t believe it! To be honest, I couldn’t believe it when I first started. However, I have witnessed the strength of Lord Chen Xing with my own eyes, I believe, In the future, the only person who can defeat the legendary dragon, the Great Emperor, is Lord Chen Xing! You, either stay far away, and don’t bother me to follow Lord Chen Xing! Or, just follow me obediently and follow us Titan leader!”

As soon as these words came out, the dwarf City Lords below discussed spiritedly again.

Finally, a dwarf City Lord stood up and said: “Grian, you asked us to follow a human and regard this human as the leader of the Titans, which we may not be able to do. However, This matter is related to the survival of the entire dwarf clan, so we are willing to give you this chance. If you can make that human Chen Xing, in front of all our City Lords, reach the form of a titan, then we will I would like to follow him with you!”

Grian was overjoyed, “This is what you said! I hope you can keep your word when the time comes!”

Other dwarves City Lord nodded, “We must keep our word!”

Grian immediately said: “Okay! Then I will contact Lord Chen Xing now! You wait for my news. !”

Saying that, Grian stepped out of the communication room.

The dwarves City Lords in the communication room discussed each other for a while, and then cut off the communication.

Leaving the volcano City Lord alone, standing in the projection area, his eyes full of anger.


Chen Xing, Valenstadz, and the others, returned to the Crimson Territory together.

Although this is the territory of the Crystal Red Dragon, now that the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition has been defeated, this territory is considered safe for now.

It’s just that this kind of security will soon disappear.

Chen Xing and the others worked together to kill the blue dragon general Morton who was augmented by the magic essence, which greatly angered the blue dragon queen Karis.

Karis will never give up.

If the red dragon clan stayed here forever, they would definitely be engulfed by the anger of Queen Karis.

So, after returning to the Crimson Territory, in addition to reporting to the Red Dragon people about the happy event of killing the Blue Dragon General Morton, I just thought about how to transfer as soon as possible.

Queen Hilda and Valenstadz, the scarlet dragon king, came to the cave where Chen Xing lived together.

They also proposed to change Chen Xing to a better place before, but Chen Xing refused.

First of all, this cave is very safe and suitable for crystal foxes to set up crystal barriers.

In this way, Chen Ying in the sleepy state can be more safely protected.

Secondly, the entire Red Dragon Legion will be moved out of here, Chen Xing does not need to waste time and energy to change to a new residence.

Hilda and Valenstadz had no choice but to stop talking about changing their domicile.

“Lord Chen Xing, please allow me to pay tribute to you again! You once again saved our red dragon family! And avenged our red dragon family! This kindness, our red dragon family, will last forever Unforgettable.”

Queen Hilda, transformed into a human, knelt down to Chen Xing.

Chen Xing hurriedly helped Queen Hilda, “Queen Hilda, don’t do this, Laowa is my brother, brother is in trouble, if I don’t help, how can I stand idly by? Besides, my battle this time is also rewarding. I have been promoted from the second great realm of full deification to the third great realm, and under the illumination of your Life Essence, I have directly transformed into a titan form, good It’s been an addiction.”

Valenstadz also said with a smile: “Yeah, Hilda, why are you polite to my brother? We don’t have to thank him, at worst When the time comes when he is in trouble, we wholeheartedly help him regardless of the cost and consequences.”

Hilda said with a smile: “That’s right. But, having said that , Lord Chen Xing, the moment you turned into a Titan really scared me! You know, Titan and Dragon Clan are old enemies!”

Chen Xing laughed, “I turned into a Titan, It’s just that your husband irradiated the beam of Life Essence! It’s not that I turned into a Titan.”

Hilda said seriously: “No, Lord Chen Xing, if your body Without the Titan gene, even if Life Essence illuminates you again, you will be able to break through the boundaries of the fleshy body and become a Titan.”

Chen Xing started slightly, “Oh? I thought… Life Essence made me a titan, but if it wasn’t for the power of Life Essence, how would I be transformed?”

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