Star God Soldier King Chapter 2158


Queen Hilda said sternly: “Lord Chen Xing, no matter how powerful Life Essence is, it can only play the role of repairing and strengthening. Life Essence won’t make you a Titan if you don’t have a foundation yourself.”

Chen Xing thought for a moment, “Well, I almost understand. There is another power in me, rune power. This This kind of rune power itself belongs to the Titan family. I used to be able to use the rune power, but the combination was not very good, but now, I have reached the third great realm of full deification, the star rune power originally hidden in my body, It broke out again, and, with the help of Life Essence, it was presented in the most perfect way. You guys wait for me a moment, I will try to see if I can become a titan again!”

With that, Chen Xing walked out of the cave, and Hilda, Valenstads, and the Queen of Blades followed immediately.

If Chen Xing can transform into a Titan form anytime and anywhere, then Chen Xing’s battle strength will be enhanced geometrically.

After Chen Xing stood in the open space, he concentrated all his thoughts, and the Star God gem in his chest also turned at a high speed, and the power of the star rune continued to spread like water ripplesβ€”β€”

When he drank suddenly, the strength of his body skyrocketed, but his figure did not change at all.

Chen Xing slightly frowned and tried again, but it still doesn’t work.

“Brother Chen Xing, you may have just finished the battle, and your body is too tired. Maybe you can take a day off and you will be able to transform into a Titan form again!” Valenstadz said comfortably.

Chen Xing shook the head and said calmly: “I know my own state very well. Since I was irradiated by Life Essence, my body has completely recovered, and it is impossible to be in a state of fatigue. .even more how, even if the previous battles really made me a little tired, I would have repaired it long ago by my own abilities. The reason why I can’t transform into a Titan form is probably related to Life Essence. Although I have The foundation of Titan, but without the auxiliary activation of Life Essence, I can’t incarnate as a Titan.”

Valenstadz said with a smile: “Haha, it’s nothing, Chen Xing brother! I Valenstadz will always follow you, and when the time comes, you summon and I will transform into the scarlet dragon king, and then shine the Life Essence on you, turning you into a titan!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Lao Wa, of course I don’t have to doubt your relationship with me. However, if we have to rely on your irradiation every time we fight, we will probably be found by our powerful enemies. Weak spot.”

Valanstadz immediately nodded, “That’s right, Chen Xing brother. But… even if I can give my life to you, I can’t give my life to you. Essence is completely handed over to you, after all, this is the supreme treasure of our entire Red Dragon clan.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Lao Wa, of course I understand this. Besides, I want to Your Life Essence is useless, and I can’t have dragon egg haha.”

Valenstadz said apologetically: “Sorry Chen Xing brother, I think we have to find another way. .”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “My body cannot store the energy of Life Essence, so I can’t transform into a Titan anytime and anywhere, but, I think, there is a It should be possible to do it.”

Varostaz asked eagerly: “Oh? What is the solution? Come and listen! As long as I can do it, I will even risk my life. , at all costs!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It’s not that serious, Laowa. I think, no matter how much the difference in body is, in fact The essence of the body is a container. You are Dragon Clan, so your dragon body can carry the energy of Life Essence, and my body is Human Race, so it cannot carry the energy of Life Essence. In this case, if I want to get Life Essence, I have to find a container that is enough to replace Life Essence-“

When she said this, Queen Hilda couldn’t help but whispered , “Dragon Crown? ! “

“What? “Chen Xing blinked.

Queen Hilda said solemnly: “Lord Chen Xing, isn’t the replacement container you want the Dragon Crown? Valenstadz should have already told you about the legend of the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon. I am afraid that only the crown of the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon can carry the essence of the Red Dragon. Moreover, the Dragon Crown can not only carry the essence of our Red Dragon clan, but also the essence of the other four clans! Of course, this is also the reason why the Black Dragon Dragon King wants to get the essence of the other tribes! “

Chen Xing was stunned, and then laughed, “No, Queen Hilda, you misunderstood, I don’t want to be like the black dragon king Nezulio, to capture the Supreme Treasure of the major Dragon Clan, I don’t want any dragon crown either. In fact, when I’m talking about an alternative container, it’s a different kind of container. “

Queen Hilda asked curiously: “What else can carry Life Essence?” Why haven’t I heard of it? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I wonder if the ancient Saint Artifact can carry it? “

“Ancient Saint Artifact? What you said is…” Queen Hilda immediately reacted, “Oh, so you are talking about the Sword of Judgment! That’s right, the Sword of Judgment should be able to carry it. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Although the Sword of Judgment has not been activated yet, it cannot exert his strength as an ancient Saint Artifact, but he is also a distant ancient god, so he carries a part of Life Essence energy should be no problem. “

Queen Hilda said with a smile: “I think so too.” Lord Chen Xing, when you get back the Sword of Judgment, Valenstadz and I will try to inject Life Essence into the Sword of Judgment. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Good! Of course, it doesn’t require a lot of energy, as long as it can cover the blade and stimulate the rune power in my body. “

“Okay, got it!” “Queen Hilda said with a smile.

Actually, Chen Xing not only has the ancient Saint Artifact, the Sword of Judgment, as a carrier.

He has more than the ancient Saint Artifact in his body. It is a powerful container, that is, the soul gem, one of the nine singularity gems.

But the problem is that the Star God gem as a soul gem is not passively injected with energy, but actively absorbs energy. Yes.

If it doesn’t work, Chen Xing will suck all the Life Essence from Valenstadz in one breath.

And in that case, let alone the red dragon clan. In crisis, Chen Xing himself will always be inspired by Life Essence and maintain his titanized giant form.

And if he has maintained his titanized form, how can he return to Human Race in the future Living in the world?

How to face Chen Ying who is ten times smaller than himself?

So, even if Chen Xing can completely absorb Valenstadz’s Life Essence, Chen Xing would never do that.

All he needs is a little Catalyst that can turn into a Titan at any time.

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