Star God Soldier King Chapter 2161


Chen Xing followed the previous passage and soon came to the Dark Iron Dungeon.

The defenders of the Dark Iron Dungeon have long known Chen Xing, and have even seen Chen Xing transform into a Titan.

Therefore, as soon as Chen Xing appeared outside the dark iron dungeon, the dark iron defenders all fell to their knees.

Chen Xing was startled, and said with a smile quickly: “Get up, I’m just here to get my own sword of judgment, you don’t have to do such a big gift.”

At this time, a black-bearded defender led by him stood up first and gave Chen Xing a respectful salute.

“Dear Lord Chen Xing, I am the son-in-law of Bronzebeard City Lord Glenn, and my name is Magni.”

“Magney?” Chen Xing Immediately recalled, “Oh, you are the slave Captain caught by the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition?”

Magney said with a smile: “Yes, Lord Chen Xing! Thanks With the help of you and your friends, it is only with the help of the winged Banshee that I and my captured clansman can be rescued.”

Chen Xing smiled helplessly, “The Banshee you mentioned is the blade. The Queen, is one of my best friends.”

Magney quickly apologized: “I’m sorry, Lord Chen Xing! Please forgive my disrespect. It’s just that your friend is beautiful and beautiful. , but always treated us with ridicule, so we…”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Well, it sounds like this is consistent with the Queen of Blades. She is not bad at all. , just don’t want anyone to think she is a good person.”

Magney stared wide-eyed immediately, “Also, is there such a person?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. In short, you can come back safely. My promise to Grian has been fulfilled. Now, I have to take away my own weapons.”

Magni said as it should be by rights: “Yes, Lord Chen Xing! Your sword of judgment is still in place, I heard that since you left, all our dark iron dwarves have People who think they are capable have tried it, but no one can pull out the sword of judgment! Among them, even our Sir City Lord. You know, our Sir City Lord’s arm strength can shake A mountain! At that time, no one could believe that you were stronger than Sir City Lord, but since the battle of General Blue Dragon, we have seen you incarnate as a Titan, and we can understand everything.”

Chen Xing laughed, “So you’ve all tried it.”

Magni said with a smile: “Lord Chen Xing, you should have tried very hard at first. The Sword of Judgment, right? So that no one else can take your Sword of Judgment? Are you going to turn into a Titan to draw the sword now? ? In normal form, it should be difficult to draw this sword, right? “

As soon as these words came out, all the dark iron defenders present wait and see.

They want to see Chen Xing incarnate as a Titan.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No, I just plug it in, and now I can just pull it out. “

Speaking, Chen Xing strode to the side of the sword of judgment, and placed a hand on the hilt very casually.

He connected his mind, The Star God gem spins rapidly in front of the chest.

The hand holding the hilt slowly lifts it upβ€”β€”

The heavy giant cross sword of judgment, little by Little broke out of the ground!

The dark iron dwarves present were all shocked and could not shut their mouths.

No one would have thought that Chen Xing could use only one hand. Pull out the sword of judgment that they can’t pull out no matter what.

How powerful is this Lord Chen Xing!

No wonder he is a Titan!

The dark iron dwarves all admire prostrate oneself in admiration.

In fact, how do they know that when Chen Xing inserted the sword of judgment, he used not only brute force, but also Comes with the power of the Star God gem.

The power of the Star God gem is like adding a lock to the sword of judgment, without the Star God gem to unlock the lock, let others have the power , even if the real Titan Heavenly Venerable came, he might not be able to pull out the sword of judgment.

Chen Xing didn’t explain much, after An Ran pulled out the sword of judgment, he easily He carried the Sword of Judgment behind his back.

“Okay, I have taken the Sword of Judgment back, I have other things to do, I will go first. “

Chen Xing was about to leave when Magni quickly stopped Chen Xing, “Lord Chen Xing! Please wait! As the representative of Sir City Lord, I will also present to you the treasure of our Black Iron family, Black Iron Essence! “

“Oh? Black Iron Essence Hua? Well, by the way, Glenn did say that, he said that your Black Iron Essence can help increase the formidable power of the Sword of Judgment, right? “Chen Xing said with interest.

“Yes! Magni said quickly: “Mr. Chen Xing, in fact, the racial specialty of our Dwarf Race is not in combat, but in the manufacture of various powerful weapons, armors, tools and so on. The Black Iron Essence of our Black Iron Tribe is the treasure that can only be used by us forging top weapons. Of course, because Black Iron Essence Hua is to inherit to the entire Black Iron clan, so we have no way to dedicate all Black Iron Essence Hua to you. And, even if we dedicate the Black Iron Essence Huadu to you, your sword of judgment won’t be so much use. Therefore, we have prepared for you the right amount of Black Iron Essence in the size you need for your Sword of Judgment. “

Speaking, Magni greeted the dark iron dwarf behind him, and brought a small exquisite dark iron metal box.

“Okay, then many thanks.” ”

Chen Xing hold out hands to receive the small black iron metal box. As soon as he took over, he felt a heavy weight, as if he was holding a small hill.

Chen Xing whispered in surprise, “So heavy? “

Magni said with a smile: “Of course it’s not as heavy as your sword of judgment.” However, Black Iron Essence is the supreme treasure of our Black Iron Tribe. It is the essence obtained by refining a dead Black Iron planet. The weight must be very heavy. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “so that’s how it is.” “

Magni added: “We Sir City Lord wanted to hand over the Black Iron Essence to Lord Chen Xing, but Sir City Lord is being entangled by the communication conference of the other eight City Lords Can’t walk away, so I can only do it for me. Sir City Lord said, please don’t blame Mr. Chen Xing. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Well, I know, I’ve talked to you Sir City Lord through the Black Iron Decree card. I’ll let you know in advance when I fight next time. “

Magni said excitedly: “Yes! Mr. Chen Xing! “

Chen Xing waved at Magni, “Okay, I’m leaving. “

After finishing speaking, Chen Xing jumped, and the eight wings of light on the arrogant dragon mecha immediately unfolded, leading him to rush out of the dark iron dungeon.

McGonagall Ni and the others looked at the back of Chen Xing leaving, and murmured, “It’s really powerful…”

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