Star God Soldier King Chapter 2162


It didn’t take long for Chen Xing to catch up with the red dragon clan’s large army.

At this point, the Red Dragon clan’s journey is more than halfway through.

Although the old, weak, sick and disabled have slowed down the entire trip, the previous battle with the blue dragon general Morton still won a very calm transfer time for the red dragon family.

For at least ten days, the blue dragon queen Karis couldn’t organize any decent battle strength.

After Chen Xing came back, he briefly told Hilda, Valenstadz and the others about his experience in the Black Iron Tribe, and took out the Black Iron Essence flower for everyone to see.

Valenstadz said disdainfully: “hmph, Dwarf Race, all of them are greedy guys, Chen Xing brother, don’t be deceived by them.”

Erda also said: “That’s right! Dragon Clan and Dwarf Race are a feud, and we are impossible to cooperate.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “You didn’t cooperate with the dwarves, you just cooperated with the dwarves. I cooperated, and Dwarf Race did not cooperate with you, but with me. This is actually a difference.”

Hilda said with a smile: “That’s true. Moreover, this time the black The iron dwarf actually took out his Supreme Treasure to honor you, it seems that he really wants to take you as a Titan.”

Chen Xing laughed, “Unfortunately, I am not a real Titan, I am just inside the body. It’s just the rune power of the stars.”

Valenstadz immediately said: “This is easy, I will reunite with Hilda again, and inject some of the power of Life Essence into your sword of judgment, As long as the Sword of Judgment is in your hand, you can activate the star rune power within you at any time and transform into a Titan form. Oh, Hilda, it shouldn’t be against you, right?”

Hilda looked embarrassed, “Of course I don’t object! The entire Red Dragon family was saved by Lord Chen Xing, and more than once! Not to mention taking out a part of Life Essence and injecting it into the Sword of Judgment, even if it is Injecting nine-tenths, leaving only one-tenth for us to continue the power of the Red Dragon bloodline, we are also satisfied. Just, don’t worry about it! Before the combination was because of the battle, now… in front of I’m so sorry for so many people.”

Valenstadz started, then said with a laugh: “That’s right! Chen Xing brother, it’s better to wait until we get to Green Dragon’s. After Xiufenggu settles down, let’s find a private place for the infusion.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: β€œOf course there is no problem, but since it is private, I can’t watch it. ?”

Valenstadz said quickly: “Of course you can, Chen Xing brother!”

Hilda blushed and said: “Lord Chen Xing, don’t you? Just kidding us both, We fought together, you have witnessed it with your own eyes. Besides, you are injecting Life Essence into your sword of judgment. How can you not be there? “

The Queen of Blades came over and said, “Haha, I want to see it too!” “

Valenstadz shouted angrily: “Don’t make trouble, Queen of Blades!” “

“Damn! You actually underestimate my Queen of Blades? Take the call, Valenstadz! “

“Hehe, I am now the scarlet dragon king!” “

“It doesn’t matter if you are the spouse of the scarlet dragon king or red!” I, the Queen of Blades, will fight you today so that you can’t fit together in public! “

“Stop talking big, Queen of Blades!” ”

One dragon and one person fought in the air immediately.

Of course, it was just a fight, but it was just a play.

The red dragon clan The people of the Red Dragon were still a little worried, but seeing their queen Your Majesty smiling so brightly, they completely relaxed.

It is true that the Red Dragon family has been suppressed for too long, for a long time. I didn’t laugh out loud.

A group of people chatted, laughed, slapped, and had a good time all the way.

In this way, after walking for about two days, the front is responsible for exploring Lu’s Red Dragon Girl Guard quickly flew back to report: “Queen Your Majesty! We have discovered Xiufeng Valley! “

“Oh! great! Are there any enemies around? “Hilda solemnly asked.

The red dragon female guard immediately replied: “My sisters and I have checked separately, and we haven’t found any enemy situation!” “

“Go ahead!” “

“Yes! “

The people of the Red Dragon Clan heard that they were about to enter Xiufeng Valley, and they were all excited.

Although Hilda had a smile on her face, she was restless in her heart. .

Xiufenggu is Green Dragon’s territory.

It stands to reason that their group of red dragon grandiose is heading towards Xiufenggu, and the scouts of the Green Dragon family will never fail to find it.

Since the Green Dragon scouts will inevitably find out their whereabouts, then the Green Dragon Dragon King must have known the intention of their Red Dragon Legion.

Then, at this time, the Green Dragon Dragon King It’s time to send someone out to approach.

Whether it’s a welcome approach or an intention to refuse, the Green Dragon should let Hilda, who is the Queen of the Red Dragon, understand.

If the Green Dragon Dragon King expresses its welcome, then the Red Dragon family enters the Xiufeng Valley, that is as it should be by rights.

But if the Green Dragon Dragon King clearly expresses its disapproval, then the Red Dragon family will We can only temporarily stop outside the Xiufeng Valley, and then further negotiate with the Green Dragon Dragon King.

If the negotiation is successful, then everyone will be happy.

If the negotiation is unsuccessful, then Hill Daben can only take the red dragon clan to find another place to live.

This is a logical thing.

However, now the Green Dragon has never sent anyone to negotiate.

Hilda couldn’t help but wonder, what medicine is being sold in the bottle gourd of Green Dragon?

“Hilda, you seem to be worried about something. As a spouse, Valenstadz felt his wife’s unease and quickly asked in a low voice: “Is there fetal movement?” “

Hilda rolled her eyes at Valenstadz with a smile, “Not so fast, Valenstadz.” “

Valenstadz laughed, “I’m a father for the first time, so I don’t know anything.” “

Hilda sighed, “Isn’t it my first time to be a mother?” Before giving birth, I had to find a perfect and safe birth environment for our offspring. “

Valenstadz embraced Hilda with a wide dragon wing, comforting said with a smile: “Don’t worry about Hilda, we are going to Xiufeng Valley, and when we arrive at Xiufeng Valley, We are safe. No matter what kind of enemy there is, Chen Xing brother and I can resist! Believe me! “

Hilda happily said with a smile: “Valan, of course I believe you, but… I’m a little worried about Green Dragon.” “

Valenstadz asked suspiciously: “Worried about him? Are you afraid he won’t take us in? But if that’s the case, he should send the Green Dragon army here. “

Hilda sighed, said with a smile: “It may also be that after I was pregnant, I became more timid and sensitive. You’re right, if the Green Dragon really wanted to deal with us, he would have sent an army long ago. Since he did not send an army, it means that he should welcome us. “

Valenstadz said with a smile: “Of course, let’s move on!” “

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