Star God Soldier King Chapter 2163


The Red Dragon Legion continued to fly along the predetermined path.

In less than half an hour, the front troops had already arrived at Xiufeng Valley.

The red dragon female guard flew back to report: “Queen Your Majesty, we have arrived at Xiufeng Valley, please ask Queen Your Majesty to indicate whether we should wait for the contact of the Green Dragon scouts outside Xiufeng Valley first, or directly Entering Xiufeng Valley?”

Hilda also fell into hesitation.

The Queen of Blades coldly said: “Hilda, why are you hesitating? The longer you stay here, the easier it will be for the Queen of the Blue Dragon to find your whereabouts! So called I said, let’s just rush in! At this time, you can’t be polite or impolite! If the Green Dragon really doesn’t welcome us, at worst we’ll fight him and take his territory.”

Hilda shook the head, “Queen of Blades, you can’t say that. The five Dragon Clans were originally unified, how could they fight civil wars for territory? Black Dragon and Blue Dragon attacked us, that is They are wrong, but we can’t attack the Green Dragon clan because of it. Even more how, although the Green Dragon clan has not helped us before, but I have not harmed us, so rashly broke into the green territory, it is really a bit It’s inappropriate.”

The Queen of Blades frowned and said: “Then if the Green Dragon is the one who grabs you, why doesn’t he come out to see you? Are you going to bring your people, and Will the dragon egg in your stomach stay outside Xiufeng Valley for a lifetime? Well, I’m afraid you won’t have to stay for a lifetime, and within three or five days, the combined army of Blue Dragon Queen Karis will return in a swirl of dust. When the time comes, you still have to rely on Chen Xing and me, but no matter how capable we are, it is impossible to guarantee that under the tens of thousands of Dragon Clan coalition forces, your people will be intact!”

Hilda sighed painfully, “Yes, Queen of Blades, I understand what you said. Well, we only stay outside Xiufeng Valley for two days, so that we can transfer our cultivation for the hard work of the past few days. First, second, we have done our best. If the Green Dragon sends a scout to contact us within two days, then it is logical, but if the Green Dragon does not send a scout to contact us within two days, then we will Enter Xiufeng Valley by yourself. Lord Chen Xing, Queen of Blades, what do you think?”

The Queen of Blades sneered, “The reason why you Red Dragons are beaten by Black Dragon and Blue Dragon all over the street? , it seems that it has a lot to do with your kindness.”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “There is nothing wrong with being kind, as long as we have this strength, others will not dare to bully us easily. After the battle of the Blue Dragon General, I don’t think the Queen of the Blue Dragon Karis will not be afraid of us. In a short period of time , the alliance of Blue Dragon and Black Dragon is not so easy to assemble. Looking back, after all, this time we came to the house to ask the Green Dragon Legion to take us in. If we directly broke into the territory of the Green Dragon, I am afraid that it would lead to the disgust of the Green Dragon family. Therefore, I think Queen Hilda’s method is very good, we will wait for two days before entering Xiufeng Valley. “

“Okay, that’s it.” “

With Chen Xing’s remark, Hilda is even more certain.

She turned to the red dragon female guard who came to report before and said: “We Did you understand what you just said? “

“Yes, Queen Your Majesty.” “The Red Dragon Girl Guards replied respectfully.

“Well, then let’s go and make a temporary camp at the entrance of Xiufeng Valley.” “

“Yes! “

The red dragon female guard quickly flew away and sent the order to go.

Soon, the people of the red dragon clan stopped completely at the entrance of Xiufeng Valley, and started simple Set up camp.

Hilda has ordered the red dragon female guards to lead a red dragon squad each to carry out non-stop flying patrol realm within a range of hundreds of kilometers. If there is any trouble, immediately Report.

After all this was settled, Hilda called Valenstadz and Chen Xing and went to a hidden col.

“Lord Chen Xing, let’s get started. “Hilda took a deep breath and was ready to fit in.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Didn’t you say that you will wait until you enter Xiufeng Valley?” “

Hilda said with a smile: “Lord Chen Xing, the plan can’t keep up with the changes, and I didn’t expect that the Green Dragon would turn a blind eye to our red dragon family. However, in this way, the Green Dragon Dragon King is indeed enough to be wily old fox. He avoided meeting somebody like this, which made our Red Dragon family quite passive. It is true that we are not advancing, nor are we retreating. It is a mistake to be left and right. Alas, sometimes, I really envy the Queen of Blade’s Edge. If I were as ruthless as her, our Red Dragon clan would not have to suffer and suffer with me. “

Speaking of this, Hilda’s eyes filled with tears.

Valenstadz hurriedly persuaded: “Hilda, don’t be sad, the red dragon family.” It’s not your fault at all for being so miserable now, and you shouldn’t take this responsibility. “

Chen Xing also said: “Yeah Hilda, what you have done for the Red Dragon family is obvious to all, and I also believe that you will definitely become the best in the history of the Red Dragon family.” The Queen’s, because none of the other Queens have faced the pain and predicament you’re going through right now. So don’t get discouraged, everything will be fine. “

Hilda quickly wiped her tears and said with a smile: “I’m sorry Mr. Chen Xing, I have lost self-control, thank you for your encouragement, I will definitely work hard and live up to you of caring. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Hilda, if you want to take a break, let’s do the fusion infusion another day.” “

Valenstadz also said: “Yes, Hilda, you are pregnant now, and your belly is full of the hope of our Red Dragon clan!” If you are very tired, take a rest now. As for the injection of Life Essence, we will talk about it another day. Brother Chen Xing is not an outsider, and he will definitely not think much about it. “

Chen Xing> nod

with a smile, “Yes, Hilda, take a good rest first.” “

Hilda shook the head, “I always felt that a war was coming. If my body doesn’t allow it, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to combine with Valenstadz in battle, so I need your strength, Lord Chen Xing even more. While my body can take the Life Essence fit now, we can’t put it off any longer. “

Valenstadz thought for a while, “Hilda is right, Chen Xing brother, let’s start as soon as possible.” “

Chen Xing nodded heavily, “Okay! You two have worked hard! ”

After finishing speaking, Chen Xing pulled out the sword of judgment behind him, and at the same time used the Star God gem to activate the star rune power in his body β€”β€”

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