Star God Soldier King Chapter 2164


The star rune power is the source of power for the Titans.

It is also the most powerful cosmic force besides the Divine Force.

In fact, the relationship between the Titans and the Divine Race is the same as the relationship between the servant and the master. The Titans were forged by Divine Race, so the power of the Titans is naturally very similar to that of the Divine Race. .

Just, in order to distinguish Divine Race is Supreme, so the power of Divine Race is more pure.

The essence of the power of the Titans is the power of the stars, and the essence of the power of the Divine Race is actually the power of the stars.

But the star power of Divine Race power is more core, it is the star transformed into crystal star essence, and then transformed into Divine Force with crystal star essence.

So, although the two are essentially the same, the power of the Divine Race is a whole level higher than that of the Titan.

And if Chen Xing wants to incarnate as a Titan, he naturally needs the power of the star rune that the Titans are adapted to activate.

Therefore, when he pulled out the sword of judgment, the power of rune was also activated in his body, and the power of rune was poured into the sword of judgment.

This power is just channeling, so it doesn’t require a lot of infusion.

However, until Valenstadz and Hilda combine to infuse Life Essence, his star rune power is absolutely irrevocable.

Once removed, the combined efforts of Hilda and Valenstadz will be in vain.

And, not only is the effort wasted, Life Essence also loses some of it.

After all, this injection not only activated, but completely left a part of Life Essence on the sword of judgment.

The sword of judgment slowly flew into the air under the maintenance of rune power.

At this time, Valenstadz concentrated all the dragon power in his body and activated Life Essence. The entire dragon body immediately turned blood red and turned into a scarlet dragon king!

Hilda’s dragon body also immediately faced the dragon body of the scarlet dragon king, and the two dragons were very skillfully intertwined!

The power of fusion is unleashed!

Life Essence formed a thick red ray that shot directly at the Sword of Judgment hovering in front of them!

The sword of judgment instantly turned blood red!

The originally dull and dull blade is dazzling in this brief moment!

Perfuse continuously.

Hilda was a little unsupported.

“Hold on!”

Valenstadz growled.

Of course he is very distressed about his wife, but at this time, if he can’t hold on, it will fall short.

Hilda clenching one’s teeth and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t lose the chain!” The sword can hold so many Life Essences!

Of course, they didn’t feel sorry for the Life Essence they sent out.

In fact, for the Red Dragon family, if only a little Life Essence can survive, their Red Dragon lineage can survive.

In order to repay Chen Xing, they are willing to pour nine-tenths of their Life Essence into the sword of judgment.

Time passes minute by minute.

Such an infusion was not only a test for Hilda and Valenstadz, but also for Chen Xing.

The Sword of Judgment continued to absorb the Life Essence rays. After a full 3 minutes, the blood-red rays of light on the Sword of Judgment disappeared completely and returned to a dull state.


Chen Xing loudly roared, and immediately removed his star rune power.

Valenstadz and Hilda immediately withdrew Life Essence.

The Sword of Judgment has been absorbed, so it will return to its original state. No amount of perfusion is wasted.

After Valenstadz separated from Hilda, he immediately recovered his true body and hugged Hilda eagerly.

“Hilda, are you okay?”

Hilda said with a smile: “It’s okay, the important thing is, how is the sword of judgment?”

Valenstadz immediately asked Chen Xing, “Brother Chen Xing, can the Sword of Judgment help you activate Titan Form?”

Chen Xing held the sword of the Sword of Judgment handle and feel an infinite amount of life force galloping in his hands.

“It has been poured successfully! Thank you!” Chen Xing said happily: “Oh, by the way, your Life Essence, is there any left?”

Hilda relies on Feeling on Valenstadz’s body, “Fortunately, there is still at least 1/4/2022 Life Essence, which is enough for us, whether it is fighting or raising offspring, It’s enough.”

Chen Xing said sorry: “I’m so sorry for taking so many Life Essences from you all at once.”

Valenstadz said with a smile: “Haha, Chen Xing brother, why are you saying such a foreign thing? If you hadn’t rescued me, these Life Essences simply wouldn’t be able to return to our Red Dragon clan. You’ve only taken three-quarters of it now, this pair For us, it is completely acceptable.”

Hilda also said with a smile: “Also, Life Essence can be restored, as long as we keep breeding new red dragons, then In a thousand years, we can restore Life Essence to half its state, and in another two thousand years, we can restore Life Essence completely.”

“Two thousand years.” Chen Xing looked at the sword of judgment in his hand, “didn’t expect, I sucked the life Essence of the red dragon family for two thousand years. Well, then I swear here, I Chen Xing must protect you red dragons One family for two thousand years! During these two thousand years, I, my descendants, and my followers will help you Red Dragons regardless of gain or loss!”

Hilda and Varan Starz was overjoyed and said in unison: “very good!”

With Chen Xing’s guarantee, the Red Dragon clan will surely prosper.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Okay, Life Essence has been infused, you two should rest well. It’s time for me to go back and take care of Chen Ying.”

Valenstadz heavily nodded, “Okay Chen Xing brother, don’t worry about Miss Chen Ying, she is a Divine Race, naturally it will turn into good luck. Moreover, the Green Dragon Dragon King is the master of dreams, I think the Green Dragon Dragon King should be able to wake up Miss Chen Ying.”

Hilda also said: “Well, when I see the Green Dragon Dragon King, I will take the initiative to mention this to him. Yes. Even if the Green Dragon doesn’t help us, there is no reason for him to die for a Divine Race.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Well, good.”

After chatting for a while, the three of them separated and rested.

And just like that, the first day is over.

The Green Dragon did not send a scout to contact him.

The second day has passed, and the Green Dragon has still not sent a scout to contact him.

Soon, the third day is coming.

Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, must make a decision – to enter the Valley of Xiufeng.

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