Star God Soldier King Chapter 2165


The team of the Red Dragon Clan had assembled early.

Emotions of unease were written on the faces of every Red Dragon citizen.

Entering someone’s territory without the owner’s permission is actually tantamount to declaring war.

The Red Dragon clan can no longer afford too much war.

If the Green Dragon clan really wants to fight the red dragon clan, the consequences may be unbearable for the red dragon clan.

Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, naturally knew this.

However, in this case, she must not stay outside the Xiufeng Valley and allow the Queen of the Blue Dragon Karis to attack.

If you have to fight the Green Dragon to meet the Green Dragon and negotiate with the Green Dragon, then Hilda would rather fight.

It’s easier to fight the Green Dragon Legion than the combined forces of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon.

After everyone had assembled, Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, flew to Gaodao and said aloud: “People, we are going through the most difficult time for the Red Dragons! Because the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon’s attack, our homeland has been destroyed, in a short period of time, we have a home that cannot be returned! Our old queen also died because of the treacherous deception of the crystal red dragon queen, but fortunately we are still strong unyielding, tenacious survival Come down! As long as we live, we have hope! So, whether the Green Dragon clan welcomes us or not, we must enter Xiufeng Valley now! We are not trying to invade other people’s homes! We just want to survive! The Red Dragon Legion must win !”

The blood of the red dragon people below boiled, and they roared: “Long live the red dragon queen! The red dragon Legion will win!”

Hilda immediately said: ” The Queen of Blades, Lord Chen Xing, and Varan, a few of us walked in the front, in case something unexpected happened. The Red Dragon soldiers and the Red Dragon people mingled together, protecting each other, walking in the middle of the team, and the rest Some of the red dragon soldiers and the female guards of the red dragon walked at the back of the team.”


The whole team immediately moved.

Valenstadz took the lead, flying ahead.

Next, Queen Hilda.

Following this, is Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades and the others.

As soon as entering Xiufeng Valley, Chen Xing feels like entering two different worlds.

The scenery here is beautiful and the climate is pleasant, which makes people relax all of a sudden.

After walking for more than ten minutes, the scenery became more and more perfect. There were birdsong and fragrant flowers everywhere, which made people not want to go back.

Valenstadz sighed, “The place where the Green Dragon family lives is really good, it’s sad that the Green Dragon family will ignore other external affairs. If I am the Green Dragon Dragon King, I will be nothing. Don’t care, just hide in this Immortal Realm and sleep every day.”

Queen Hilda also said with a smile: “Yes, such a beautiful place, even if it only gives us a small The corner is also fine. Our red dragon family is completely saved.”

At this time, the crystal fox suddenly jumped to Chen Xing’s shoulder and whispered: “Chen Xing, you feel it. There are a pair of eyes staring at us.”

Chen Xing blinked in surprise, “Eyes? What eyes? Why didn’t I feel it?”

Crystal Spirit The fox said firmly: “There’s something wrong here, Chen Xing!”

Chen Xing laughed, “What’s wrong?”

The crystal fox frowned, “I can’t say it, it’s the total It feels like there is a pair of eyes staring at us again!”

Chen Xing looked up, looked left and right, “There are many pairs of eyes, but they are all our own eyes. Small Fox, you Just don’t make a fuss about nothing, just take care of Chen Ying. We’re the ones for other battles.”

Crystal Spirit Fox wanted to say something else, but Chen Xing no longer paid attention to him ,move on.

Crystal Spirit Fox could only give up and jumped off Chen Xing’s shoulder obediently.

Valenstadz and Hilda flew forward for more than half an hour, but the surrounding scenery remained unchanged.

“This Xiufeng Valley is too big, isn’t it?” Valenstadz said suspiciously.

Hilda also held breath cold air, “Yeah, why can’t I finish walking all the time? Could this be the illusion of the Green Dragon family?”

“Illusion ?” Valenstadz curiously asked.

“Well, the spiritual essence of Green Dragon can create illusions through mental projection. If we can’t get to the end, it must be the illusion trap of Green Dragon.” Erda frowned.

Chen Xing laughed, “It seems that Xiao Linghu’s feeling is quite accurate, it is indeed a bit weird here. However, a dignified Green Dragon dragon king, just using this kind of trick to limit us, also Do you look down on us too much?”

Hilda said with a smile: “That’s it!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “You all get out of the way, let me The sword splits this illusion!”


Valenstadz and Hilda all gave way, Chen Xing flashed the sword of judgment, concentrated his strength, and slammed forward One hack!


The beauty in front of me collapsed instantly!

Ten times the strength of Divine Force directly shook the entire Xiufeng Valley.

“Lord Chen Xing! It’s amazing! One shot is ten times the Divine Force!” Hilda said respectfully.

Chen Xing laughed heartily up.

He suddenly felt that he was a little high-profile, but he soon stopped caring about such thoughts.

Oh, let a man of spirit venture where he pleases!

He can easily blast out ten times the Divine Force, what other opponent can stop him?

The new Xiufenggu path appeared in front of everyone, and Chen Xing pointed his hand triumphantly, “Follow me!”

Valenstadz and Hilda and the others quickly followed!

The crystal fox jumped on Chen Xing’s shoulder again, “Chen Xing, it’s not right! There’s still something wrong!”

Chen Xing said impatiently: “OK! OK! No matter what enemies are in front of me, I will solve them! Don’t stop me from saving the red dragon Legion!”

“Chen Xing!” The crystal fox stared at Chen Xing in horror, as if watching Like someone you never knew.

Chen Xing also vaguely felt that there was something wrong with him, but he couldn’t tell where the problem was.

He continued on with the sword of judgment.

A group of Green Dragon soldiers rushed towards him, “This is the sacred territory of Green Dragon! Please leave immediately, otherwise…”

“Fuck you! ”

Chen Xing had endless killing intentions in his heart, raised his hand and waved, the sword of judgment in his hand immediately released ten times the Divine Force, and the entire team of Green Dragon soldiers was beheaded with one sword. kill!

“Lord Chen Xing is amazing!”

“Chen Xing brother! It’s amazing!”

“We Red Dragons rely on Chen Xing Your lord!”

Valenstadz, Hilda and the others all shouted excitedly.

Chen Xing felt even more proud, “My power is very powerful, a trifling Green Dragon Legion, how can it be my opponent? Come with me and slaughter the entire Green Dragon Legion! If so , Xiufenggu belongs to your Red Dragon clan!”


“Follow Lord Chen Xing! Kill!”

All The red dragon clan rushed up, and the Queen of Blades was no exception.

Only the crystal fox was anxiously guarding Chen Ying, who was still in a drowsy state, not knowing what to do.

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