Star God Soldier King Chapter 2166


Chen Xing took the Red Dragon soldiers on a whole journey of slaughter. Wherever he went, Green Dragon soldiers and Green Dragon citizens were all beheaded kill.

Chen Xing was covered in blood, but he was getting more and more excited.

He had a faint feeling in his heart that this kind of killing was wrong, but this happy feeling held him tightly, making him unable to stop.

“Lord Chen Xing! Look! That’s the Holy Land of the Green Dragon family! The Emerald Temple! That Green Dragon Dragon King must be in the Emerald Temple!” Hilda pointed to a scattered The tower with a strange green light said.

“Okay! Let’s go there! Kill the Green Dragon directly! Let’s see if he dares not let us enter Xiufeng Valley!”

Chen Xing said, Showing the wings of light, he took the lead in flying in the direction of the Emerald Temple.

“Chen Xing! Wait!” The crystal fox wanted to catch up with Chen Xing, but couldn’t let go of the sleepy Chen Ying, so he could only slow down and follow along step by step.

Valenstadz and Hilda, as well as the Queen of Blades, followed closely behind Chen Xing and quickly rushed to the Emerald Temple.

The emerald soldiers of Green Dragon appeared in large numbers, but Chen Xing just laughed wildly. The sword of judgment in his hand was like chopping vegetables, beheading all the emerald guards of Green Dragon.

Behind him, there are large corpses of Green Dragon.

Chen Xing stepped on the Green Dragon corpse and rushed directly into the Emerald Temple.

On the Emerald Throne, an aging green giant dragon transformed into a human figure and sat nervously on the throne.

“You are the Green Dragon, right?” Chen Xing said coldly with a smile.

The aging Green Dragon said quickly: “Yes, yes, I am the Green Dragon Dragon King, Sulis. Please, please don’t hurt me! Whatever you want, just take it away. It’s over!”

Chen Xing coldly said: “hmph, when you Green Dragon family didn’t help the Red Dragon family, I’m afraid didn’t expect today?”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis said tremblingly: “Yes, yes! We didn’t expect! We didn’t expect! We were wrong! We were so wrong! Please, let me go!”

Chen Xing laughed heartily, “It’s too late! I’m going to kill you, then clean up all of you Green Dragons, and let the Red Dragon family live in Xiufeng Valley! This Emerald Temple will also be renamed Life Temple!”

Valenstadz and Hilda said excitedly: “Very good, Lord Chen Xing! Very good!”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis begged Said: “Lord Chen Xing! Please, be merciful!”

Chen Xing raised the sword of judgment high, “Stop dreaming! Go to hell!”


With that said, Chen Xing chopped off the head of the Green Dragon King Sulis with one sword.

All the red dragons cheered.

Chen Xing himself felt a sense of ecstasy that he had never felt before.

But the more he did, the more he doubted himself.

At this time, the crystal fox dragged the sleeping Chen Ying and galloped.

“Chen Xing! Everything here is completely wrong!”

Chen Xing stared at a pair of bloodshot eyes angrily roared: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I am the strongest in this world. person! Who dares to say I’m wrong?”

The crystal fox took a few steps back in fright, and then gathered up the courage to walk in front of Chen Xing, “Chen Xing! Wake up! This is definitely not the case. The real you! The real you will never be so arrogant and conceited, so cold blooded and emotionless! Even more how, even if you come to Xiufeng Valley, it is really to help the Red Dragon Clan gain territory, how could you forget , you should let the Green Dragon save Chen Ying’s elder sister! In your heart, Chen Ying’s elder sister should be the most important, right? You killed the Green Dragon directly, without letting the Green Dragon be the first Go and wake up the elder sister Chen Ying! Doesn’t this explain the problem?”

Chen Xing seemed to have been beaten with a stick, and his whole body suddenly fell into a dizziness.

He worked hard to maintain his consciousness and not let himself fall down.

But the sword of judgment in his hand seemed to have disappeared, unable to support his stumbled body.

He suddenly realized that he probably didn’t have the fantasy of breaking through Green Dragon!

In other words, everything that happened from entering Xiufeng Valley was just a dream!

This must be the spiritual essence of Green Dragon, which invaded the dreams of each of them, and then infinitely magnified the darkest part of their hearts!

It is precisely because of this that Chen Xing can use ten times the Divine Force in his shot, and he will kill without hesitation!

It’s definitely not in his nature!

It was deliberately guided by the spiritual essence of Green Dragon!

Chen Xing woke up instantly, and when he opened his eyes again, all the surrounding scenery completely disappeared!

The Emerald Temple, the Green Dragon corpse, and even my own friends have all been disappeared!

He is standing in a green space-time vortex, and opposite him is an incomparable gigantic, a green giant dragon with a pair of antlers on its head!

This giant dragon is extremely majestic, completely different from the aging Green Dragon dragon king I met in my dream before!

“You are the real Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis, right?” Chen Xing coldly said.

The Green Dragon roared and said: “That’s right! Chen Xing! Really didn’t expect, you can break through the spiritual projection created by my spiritual essence! This is not supposed to happen. , you, and all the friends around you, will sink into my spiritual projection, but that crystal fox is made of crystal essence and is the pet of Divine Race. My spiritual projection will not affect it. Big. I think you wouldn’t be able to wake up if it wasn’t for his prompting. However, even if he gave you a prompt, you must have the ability to resist my mental oppression. From this point of view, you It is indeed very difficult to deal with, and it is no wonder that in the hearts of Queen Hilda and Valenstadz, they both adore you very much, without the slightest distraction.”

Chen Xing coldly said : “We don’t plan to be your enemy, but as soon as you come up, you will use mental projection to deal with us, is this really good? Sulis Dragon King?”

Green Dragon Sulis sneered, “We The Green Dragon family is independent of the world. We do not want to offend the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon for helping you, nor do we want to hurt you because of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon. Therefore, I will use the method of mental projection. If I really want to If we deal with you, we will send Green Dragon soldiers to kill you long ago. Don’t think that our Green Dragon is quiet, and that our Green Dragon’s battle strength is not strong, we can confuse the enemy’s spirit, make them have illusions, and catch them. Stay on the weak spot, directly attacking the key point! You and your Red Dragon clan are now paralyzed at the entrance of Xiufeng Valley dreaming! If I send Green Dragon soldiers now, you will all die!”

Chen Xing coldly said: “You still said that you are not helping the blue dragon Black Dragon? The queen of the blue dragon, Karis, is going to hunt down and kill the red dragon family! And you are trapping us at the entrance now, this is not harming us What is it?”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis coldly said: “I made you have a good dream! If you don’t break this dream, you will be able to live a whole life! The Red Dragon Clan Will occupy the Xiufeng Valley, Queen Hilda and Valenstadz can have many children! This beautiful dream will always be until they die! They will not think they are dreaming! Is this not enough for them? okay? “

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