Star God Soldier King Chapter 2167


“Of course it’s not good enough!”

Chen Xing shouted angrily: “Hilda always told me that the five Dragon Clan same qi, The connected branch was born from the same ancestor! Now, all the red dragons are at the entrance of your Xiufeng Valley! Do you want to watch them all go extinct in the real world?”

Sulis sighed, “Life always has an end, but dreams can be endless. Death in reality or the end of a beautiful dream, which one makes you more nostalgic?”

Chen Xing coldly said: “Of course I also like to have sweet dreams, but I think you are saying the exact opposite! It should be that sweet dreams always end, but life can go on!”

“Can life go on? “Sulis sneered.

Chen Xing coldly said: “Look at the old red dragon queen, she has been killed by the crystal red dragon queen, her life has indeed ended. However, the red dragon family has a new Queen, that is Hilda! Hilda is pregnant now, the red dragon family can have a new offspring immediately, and continue to inherit their bloodline of the red dragon family! This is the greatness of life Here, life is endless! Prosperity! What about your dreams? Except you can do it yourself, who can continue your beautiful dreams for you? No matter how happy you are in your dreams, once your life in reality ends , isn’t your sweet dream over?”

The Green Dragon Dragon King Suliston frowned, not knowing how to refute Chen Xing for a while.

He thought that with the lifespan he had lived for more than 5,000 years, he could easily defeat Chen Xing mentally.

But what didn’t expect was that Chen Xing’s words left a deep trace in his spirit.

Yes, life is the foundation of all existence.

Without life, sweet dreams will disappear without a trace.

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis sighed, “I just…don’t want to cause trouble. Now that the Black Dragon clan and the Blue Dragon clan have united, they want me to hand over the spiritual essence, of course I don’t want to. I don’t want to be an enemy of the Blue Dragon Black Dragon, I just want to maintain the good life of my Green Dragon clan, isn’t this also wrong?”

Chen Xing said in a serious tone: β€œWe Humans Race has an old saying, be prepared for danger in times of peace. It means that in a comfortable environment, pay attention to potential dangers. Even more how, your Green Dragon family is not in a truly comfortable environment now. What you call comfort and beauty, In fact, you are just deceiving yourself. The external situation is already very serious! The Black Dragon Dragon King will not only destroy the Red Dragon family, but let go of your Green Dragon family. Think about it, once the Red Dragon family is wiped out , who will be the next enemy of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon? The Bronze Dragon family? No, the Bronze Dragon is the guardian of time, they are not very easy to deal with. So the easiest goal to achieve is the group of you who sit all day long and dream of spring and autumn Green Dragon is gone! You guys, will follow in the footsteps of the Red Dragon family!”

Green Dragon Dragon King held breath cold air, “I thought…such a thing…will not happen soon. After all, it is very early. Before, the blue dragon and the black dragon were dealing with the red dragon, and so far, there seems to be no progress.”

Chen Xing said with a sneer: “The reason why the red dragon family has not become extinct, That’s because the Red Dragon family is unyielding! It is also because of the Red Dragon family that the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon did not deal with you. Your Green Dragon family can still live in this drunken stupor. If the Red Dragon family is really being Destroyed, the next one is your Green Dragon clan. Therefore, for your Green Dragon clan to continue to dream, you must not let the red dragon clan go extinct!”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis After thinking for a while, then slightly nodded, “Mr. Chen Xing, what you said may make sense. But what I worry about is whether you and the red dragon family are really strong enough to deal with the blue dragon. What about the alliance with Black Dragon? I don’t think you’re strong enough , because if you are really strong, why go to the territory of our Green Dragon to ask for help? If you are not strong enough, and we follow you against the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon, won’t our Green Dragon die miserably? We still had a chance to surrender to the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon, but once we unite with you, we really have no way out! As the leader of the Green Dragon clan, this is an important question that I must think about! “

Chen Xing smiled faintly, “Surrender? Sulis Dragon King, it seems that your Green Dragon family is really different from the Red Dragon family. “

Sulis said in a tranquil voice: “It’s nothing, we are indeed different from the red dragon family. You can feel that the Red Dragon family is unyielding, or you can feel that we are timid and cowardly, but in our Green Dragon’s opinion, as long as life can be lived, we can continue to have our own dreams, which is enough. We don’t want to fight any Dragon Clan, be it the Red Dragons, or the Blue Dragons or Black Dragons. In a word, my spiritual projection will always affect you and prevent you from fully awakening. As for when the blue dragon will come, it will depend on your own destiny. “

Said, the Green Dragon roared, then turned to leave.

“Sulis!” return! return! “

Chen Xing roared loudly, but he couldn’t stop the Green Dragon King Sulis from leaving.

Chen Xing clenched his fist angrily, “Damn! ”

I am enclosed in this dream vortex space, and now I can only worry about it!

I must find a way to leave this dream vortex as soon as possible and get rid of the spiritual projection of the Green Dragon Dragon King. OK!


What should I do?

The crystal fox who reminded him before is not here!

Here There is only Chen Xing alone!

Sulis has isolated Chen Xing from the dream alone!

How can I wake up?

Chen Xing was very anxious.

At this time, a vague silhouette came over from the middle of the vortex.

“Who? “Chen Xing couldn’t help stared wide-eyed.

You know, this is a fantasy world projected by the spiritual essence. Even if you have Life Essence, you can’t break through from this dreamland, let alone. Someone will come close to his dream.

This person’s spirit strength must be stronger than the projection power of the spiritual essence!

So in addition to Sulis, And who can do it.

β€œChen Xing? “A familiar voice came.

Chen Xing let out a low cry, and then saw the silhouette in front of him –

It was none other than his yearn for day and night. Chen Ying.

β€œLittle Ying! how are you here? “Chen Xing asked in astonishment.

Chen Ying also blinked and said incomprehensibly: “Yeah, why are you here?” “

Chen Xing took Chen Ying’s hand and said softly with a smile: “I asked you this first!” This is my dream, and it is still a dream that was isolated by the spiritual essence projected by the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis. Anyone can enter it, but you are obviously in a comatose state. How can you enter my dream? Oh, I see, you’re not yourself either, you’re just a part of what I miss! I must have missed you so much that I saw you in my dreams, right? “

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