Star God Soldier King Chapter 2168


Chen Ying blinked her beautiful big eyes, then smiled.

“No, Chen Xing, you are wrong, this is me, not your fantasy. I heard your call, so I passed through the dream barrier, and our dreams became one. In other words, we are now having the same dream.”

“The same dream…” Chen Xing couldn’t believe it.

Chen Ying said with a smile: “I know, it’s hard to understand, but it’s true.”

Chen Xing asked: “Little Ying, during this time You have been falling asleep, do you know how worried I am about you? What happened to you, why are you falling asleep all the time?”

Chen Ying said with a smile: “This…I am not quite clear myself. .I seem to be trying to understand something, but I don’t seem to understand anything. My mind is in a mess, it’s like Universe Great Explosion. But no matter what, I don’t have a big problem, I’m probably just a little tired , I just want to sleep for a while. However, looking at you like this, you can’t sleep anymore, you have to wake up quickly, in this world, there are still many major events that you need to take responsibility for.”

“Of course I know, but I finally saw you. I want to stay with you for a while.” Chen Xing put his arms around Chen Ying.

Chen Ying leaned on Chen Xing’s chest, “Of course I also want to stay with you like this forever. But if we both hide in our dreams, what about our friends who rely on us? What should I do?”

Chen Xing suddenly took a deep breath, “Even if I would like to part with you, I don’t know how to get out.”

Chen Ying said with a Smile: “Since I can pass through the dream barrier, I will naturally be able to help you blast away the obstacles of these dream vortex. Are you ready?”

Chen Xing slightly nodded, “It’s ready. .”

Chen Ying put his palm on Chen Xing’s chest and said with a faint smile: “Wait for me, I will wake up.”

Chen Xing wants to say more What, a powerful force was suddenly released from Chen Ying’s palm!

Chen Xing only felt a sharp pain in his chest!

Immediately afterwards, the Star God gem spun quickly, all the power was mobilized at the same time, and Chen Xing suddenly stood up from the ground!

The dream is broken!

He finally woke up completely!

He took a deep breath and found that the surroundings were in a mess, and he fell asleep.

The Red Dragon Queen Hilda, Valenstadz, the Queen of Blades, and all the Red Dragon people, there are each one, all hu hu slept with a smile on their lips.

Obviously, they are still dreaming.

“Chen Xing! Very good! You are finally awake!”

The crystal fox jumped into Chen Xing’s arms excitedly when she saw Chen Xing sitting up.

Chen Xing said in surprise: “Small Fox, so you are not confused by spiritual projection!”

Crystal Spirit Fox said: “At first I was also confused, but Later I found the problem, and I kept reminding you, and then you realized it, but suddenly you were taken away by the Green Dragon Dragon King, and I woke up. I saw you all people fell asleep on the ground , I really don’t know what to do. So, I put Chen Ying’s little elder sister in your arms, I hope you two can communicate in a dream.”

Chen Xing looked beside him Chen Ying, who was sleeping peacefully, then said lightly with a smile: “You are right, Small Fox, I did see Little Ying in my dream.”

The crystal fox asked eagerly : “How is she, okay?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “She is in good shape, but she is still a little confused.”

Crystal Linghu asked eagerly: “Then did she mention me! Did she mention it! Did she mention it?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “The time is so tight, what’s wrong with Little Ying? Maybe everyone mentioned it. However, if she wakes up and knows that you have been taking care of her, she will definitely thank you very much.”

The crystal fox suddenly said proudly: “haha , of course.”

Chen Xing looked around, “The top priority now is to wake everyone up.”

The crystal fox said: “Chen Xing , I only know to put the elder sister Chen Ying by your side, as for the others, I really don’t know how to wake them up.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I woke up. It’s much easier to handle, you continue to protect Chen Ying here, I’ll wake up the Queen of Blades and Valenstads first.”

“Okay!” The crystal fox was heavily nodded.

Chen Xing walked to the Queen of Blades, condensed his full deified power, and slammed the Queen’s heart with a palm.

The Queen of Blades roared angrily, and her body bounced up.

“What, what’s going on?” The Queen of Blades looked at her surroundings strangely, “I was just now, I was just…”

Chen Xing explained: ” I’ve been hit by the spiritual projection of the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis, and now is the real world.”

The Queen of Blades blinked, “It’s a pity, I still like that dream.”

Chen Xing smiled helplessly, “Okay, hurry up and wake up the others – use the palm of your hand to strike their hearts and make their hearts contract suddenly, under such stimulation, they will be able to wake up. I’m here.”

“Well, I see.”

“I’ll wake up Laowa, you’ll wake up Hilda.”

“Okay! ”

The two then split up.

After a while, Valenstadz and Hilda both woke up.

“What’s going on? Weren’t we at the Emerald Temple just now?”

“Yes, we took down the Emerald Temple, and then Chen Xing brother succeeded Retired, our two progeny are almost at the end of their lives.” Valenstadz said strangely: “Why, why am I young again?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “We have just been hit by the spiritual projection of the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis. Well, let’s not talk about anything else, hurry up and wake up your people, and then discuss how to proceed next. “


Valenstadz and Hilda jumped into action.

In less than ten minutes, half of the Red Dragon people woke up.

And the newly awakened Red Dragon people helped to wake up the Red Dragon people who were still trapped in their sleep.

It didn’t take long for all the Red Dragon people to wake up.

Except Chen Ying.

Chen Ying’s drowsiness was not caused by the spiritual projection of Green Dragon, and it was naturally impossible to be awakened at this time.

Hilda and Valenstadz walked to Chen Xing’s side, their faces extremely gloomy.

“Chen Xing brother, what should we do?”

“It’s so disgusting that Green Dragon treats us like this! It’s like putting us in the Fire Pit Push!” Hilda said angrily.

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