Star God Soldier King Chapter 2169


Chen Xing smiled faintly, “Actually, I have already seen Green Dragon in my dream, Sulis. I also I have talked to him, and I know what he thinks.”

The Red Dragon Queen Hilda asked eagerly: “Then what did he think?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This Old Guy, it is estimated that he has too many beautiful dreams, and he can’t distinguish between reality and dream, so he is a little confused. I have already told him very clearly, once your red dragon family is extinct , the next one is their Green Dragon family, but the Old Guy doesn’t seem to care, and also said that when the time comes at worst, then surrender to the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon.”

“What? Surrender?” Valenstadz said angrily: “These Green Dragons are really shameless!”

Hilda frowned and said: “Lord Chen Xing, didn’t you tell him? How powerful are you? If Red Dragon and Green Dragon unite, plus your strength, we will never lose!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Of course I will tell him this. It’s passed, but he still doesn’t care. He even thinks that if we are really good, we won’t come to him.”

Hilda said dejectedly: “I thought… Green Dragon The Dragon King has lived for so many years. He should be a kind-hearted and reasonable person, but I really didn’t expect them to be so ignorant. We Red Dragons are just looking for a temporary shelter, but Even with such a request, the Green Dragon can’t help us, and he doesn’t even want to see us. This is really… so chilling.”

Valenstadz said: “Lord Chen Xing , I know this kind of thinking of mine is not right, but since the Green Dragon Dragon King is so heartless towards us, why should we care about him? Why don’t we just kill the Emerald Temple directly and force the Green Dragon Dragon King to help? Us!”

The Queen of Blades clapped her hands and said with a big smile: “Haha! Good! Valan, you finally got the hang of it! Tell me, you should have done this a long time ago! Chen Xing! You Hurry up and give your order! Although the Red Dragon clan’s battle strength is not as good as before, But with a few of us, there is no problem in destroying the entire Green Dragon family! “

Hilda stared wide-eyed, “That’s not going to work!” That does not work! There must be a better compromise! “

Chen Xing pondered for a while, and said faintly with a smile: “Green Dragon, Sulis, is a person who is afraid of causing trouble.” So, if we don’t attack him, he won’t come to provoke us. In this way, we will find a place in Xiufeng Valley to settle down first. “

Hilda said in surprise: “Don’t discuss with the Green Dragon Dragon King, just stay? This, this is probably not good? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis now knows he is right, so even if we stay, he doesn’t dare to do anything to us.” He will not offend the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon because of us, and naturally he will not directly deal with our Red Dragon. So, we can stay here in peace for the time being. “

Valenstadz frowned and said, “However, what if the Blue Dragon Queen’s army arrives in a few days, and they cooperate with the Blue Dragon Queen and attack us? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Don’t worry, his Green Dragon is too cowardly, he can’t do that kind of thing, he just wants to be happy in his dream, and the reality world He just wanted to live a day that counts as a day. “

Hilda shook her head and sighed: “It’s really unimaginable, the Green Dragon family is so passive. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It is because they are too fancy about the spiritual world, so they don’t care about the real world at all. “

Hilda said with a smile: “Okay, then let’s be a turn up without being invited guests, let’s find a suitable location to camp in Xiufeng within the valley!” “

“Good! ”

Valenstadz immediately gave the order, and the Red Dragon family immediately cheered excitedly.

Although this time was settled, it was not approved by the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis. , but the Red Dragons are still very happy to live in such a delicate and pretty perfect environment.

In less than half a day, they found a place near the water source, but not far from the Emerald Temple. There is a distance to set up a camp.

Although it is a bit simple, every Red Dragon citizen is very attentive to build their new home.

At night, Shifen, Their camp is already taking shape.

And in the Emerald Temple.

An Emerald Guard rushes toward the Green Dragon on the throne. “Your Majesty! Those red dragons have set up camp around us! Please Your Majesty Decide! “

Sulis sighed heavily, “didn’t expect, even my mental projections can’t trap them!” They really are a bunch of strong willed people. “

“Your Majesty, they turn up without being invited like this, it’s an invasion, we have enough reasons to attack them!” “

Sulis thought for a while, then waved his hand, “Forget it, let them go, if we call them, we will also suffer losses.” Let’s wait for the Blue Dragon Queen to deal with them. “

“But if they want to do something to us, what are we going to do?” “

“Then send more people and take good defense. In a few days, the Blue Dragon Queen’s troops will come.” “Sulis sighed helplessly.

“Yes! Got it, Your Majesty! The Emerald Guard bowed and stepped back.

Sulis sighed, “Reality, it’s too heavy, it’s still my dream!” “

Sulis yawned and was about to fall asleep when the Dragon Ball communicator in front of him rang.

Sulis reluctantly connected the Dragon Ball communicator, Blue Dragon The stern face of Queen Callis immediately appeared in front of Sulis.

“Dragon King Sulis. “

“Oh, so it’s Queen Callis.” “Soulis said with a smile: “How did Queen Your Majesty remember to contact me?” “

Blue Dragon Queen Karis said with a cold laugh: “Sulis Dragon King, stop acting with me, you should know why I came to you.” “

Sulis said helplessly: “The Red Dragon family is indeed in our Xiufeng Valley. “

Blue Dragon Queen Callis coldly said: “Oh? Are you at war? “

“Uh… not really, but I used mental projection to make them fall asleep at the entrance of Xiufeng Valley.” “Soulis said.

“oh?” The blue dragon queen Karis raised her eyebrows, “Nice job! That way, I can take down the Red Dragon’s Life Essence as easy as blowing off dust! You can also smash Chen Xing’s troublemakers into pieces! very good! Dragon King Sulis, you did a great job! I will give Black Dragon Your Majesty your credit, without omission and in detail, and it would be even better if you could give us allegiance to us and hand over your spiritual essence. “

Sulis said quickly: “Queen Kalis, I haven’t finished my words… I did use mental projection to deal with them, but… But that guy named Chen Xing, willpower is so powerful that he actually broke through my mind control and woke up by himself! “

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