Star God Soldier King Chapter 2170



The Blue Dragon Queen Karis said suspiciously: “How could such a thing happen? You Green Dragon The spiritual essence of a man can completely control people’s thinking and dreams. Once attacked without any precautions, even if it is me, it may not be able to get rid of it! Hmph, let’s be honest, if it weren’t for your racial specialties, I would The Blue Dragon clan, you have long since destroyed your Green Dragon clan! And now you are telling me that a small mortal has broken through your mind control? Sulis, are you deliberately deceiving me?”

Sulis was terrified, and said hurriedly: “No no no! Queen Kalis, Your Majesty! We Green Dragon family have always only wanted to survive in the cracks, as long as there is a trace We don’t expect anything else if we have room to survive! How dare we risk the world and deceive the mighty Blue Dragon Queen?”

Blue Dragon Queen Karis said with a sneer: “That’s good, Then you can attack the red dragon Legion when they are unstable!”

Sulis said with a troubled face: “Queen Kalis, Your Majesty, we don’t want to fight, so…”

Karis sneered, “So, you still want to wait for me to do it yourself, right?”

Sulis smiled helplessly, “Yes, yes. Our Green Dragon family has always been Those who are not good at fighting, so this kind of thing should be done by Queen Callis. What I can guarantee is that as long as Queen Callis’s army reaches Xiufeng Valley, I, Sulis, will never activate spiritual projection. I will never interfere in the war between the blue dragon and the red dragon Legion.”

Karis said with a sneer: “It’s easy for you!”

Soulis Red With an old face, he said, “Don’t interfere in disputes between other races. This is the creed of our Green Dragon clan. Please don’t take offense to Queen Kalis.”

Karis’ eyes bulged Turn around, then said with a cold laugh: “Well, it seems that you Green Dragon family really don’t want to quarrel. Then I will not embarrass you, you just need to remember that when my army arrives, you must obediently and honestly Please stay aside and don’t use mental projection. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Sulis hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, yes, please! Queen Caris, please. Don’t worry!”

Karis snorted coldly, and then hung up the Dragon Ball communication.

Sulis put out a long breath, wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead, slumped on his throne, and murmured: “How did this blue dragon queen become so fierce? Yes, I remember… I remember she used to be very talkative. Was it influenced by the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio? Alas, Dragon Clan, it’s really hard! Let’s sleep and have a good dream.”

Sulis closed his eyes and quickly returned to his dream.

In my own dream, I am the Lord of all things, the world of my dream is harmonious, and everyone loves each other…

On the other side.

After the blue dragon queen Callis hung up the Dragon Ball communication, Fiercely threw the Dragon Ball communicator to the ground and shattered.

Under her throne, there was a voluptuous female blue dragon officer, one-knee kneels lying on the ground, waiting for her instructions.

“This nasty Green Dragon king! How dare he ignore my orders! I should have killed the Green Dragon clan sooner! To avoid unforeseen troubles!”

Blue Dragon Queen Kari Si roared angrily.

The female blue dragon officer under the throne frowned slightly, as if she had something to say, but she finally endured it.

Karis seemed to be aware of this, she sat back on her throne angrily, and asked in a cold voice: “Quel’Dara, you are the chief magician of the Blue Dragon Legion, more My favorite daughter, the future first in line to the Blue Dragon Legion. If you want to say anything, just say it.”

Queldara slightly sighed, “Your Majesty , I think… our blue dragon Legion seems to be a little too overbearing.”

Karis’ eyes suddenly became like torches, and her eyes were fixed on the young Queldara, ” Say it again, my daughter?”

Queldara felt like a needle stick all over her body, “Your Majesty, I don’t mean anything else, I just think we just want Life Essence. , there’s really no need to kill the Red Dragon Legion to the last one.”

Karis said with a sneer: “If you don’t kill them all, how can you carry out the cause of the great master Nezulio? How can we Dragon Clan really rise? How can we Dragon Clan not really rise, how can we deal with the threat of the Titans? How can we achieve the great revival that the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon has never achieved? Queldara! You just This remark is really disappointing to me! You still have an excess tendency to clemency in your heart! How can I give you the Blue Dragon Throne with confidence in your state?”

Queldara said bitterly: “mother! I Queldara just want to serve mother well, so that mother’s rule can last for thousands of years! With the sky! I never thought that I would inherit the blue The Dragon Throne!”

“Do you really think so?” Karis looked at Quel’dalla suspiciously.

Queldara hurriedly nodded, “This is the real mother! I, Queldara, only think about mother and the blue dragon Legion, apart from this, and nothing else! Neither do I! Poor Red Dragon Legion, I just think that if we really kill the Red Dragon Legion, then the Blue Dragon Legion will probably be infamous for the ages.”

Karis laughed heartily, “History, Just a little girl who can dress up! As long as we are the winners, history will be written by us! We can say that Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Bronze Dragon are all bad guys, and we Blue Dragon and Black Dragon are Stand up for justice! When the Green Dragon Bronze Dragon doesn’t exist in this world, who would suspect that our words are false?”

“But…” Queldara’s face filled pain.

“Is your conscience difficult to live with?” Caris sneered: “Daughter, you are really too young. When you live to my age, you will know that your conscience is simply hindering your success. A stumbling block. apart from this, it’s useless!”

“Yes, mother, I…get it.” Quel’Dara said gloomily.

Karis stepped off the throne, came to Queldara, reached out to help her up, and then gently stroked Queldara’s beautiful face.

“No, Quel’Dara, you still don’t understand. But it doesn’t matter, I will use a very practical battle to make you realize it gradually. The Red Dragons must die, and so must the Green Dragons. Die. I’ll leave this task to you.”

“Me?” Queldara shuddered slightly with a look of horror, “Your Majesty, I…I have no experience… …I’m worried…”

Karis covered Queldara’s mouth with her fingers, “With me, you don’t need experience.”

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