Star God Soldier King Chapter 2171


Blue Dragon Princess Queldara winked painfully, “Well, if mother Your Majesty really wants me to do this , then I absolutely dare not refuse, and, I will work hard, strive… to complete the task given to me by mother Your Majesty as soon as possible.”

The blue dragon queen Karis was satisfied, and turned back to her own. On the throne, sit gracefully.

“Quel’Dara, you are a magician who grew up in the deep palace, and you have been obsessed with studying blue dragon magic, and I didn’t want you to handle the war. It’s just that the blue dragon general Morton is dead. , and the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces were also defeated by Chen Xing and the others, and there was no way to regroup in a short time. Therefore, I can only send you to deal with the Red Dragon family.”

“I It will give you 10,000 Blue Dragon elite soldiers, although the number is not as good as the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition forces, but in terms of battle strength, it is not necessarily worse than the Blue Dragon Black Dragon coalition forces.”

“As a Queen of the Blue Dragon, I have to admit, I have to learn from the failure of the last battle – the soldiers of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon are not in harmony, which also caused the soldiers of the two tribes to compete for each other after Morton’s death. The phenomenon of escaping.”

β€œNow, Chen Xing and the Red Dragon Legion are in Xiufeng Valley, and Xiufeng Valley is only a day or two away from the magic forbidden area where we are. In this case, it would be a waste of time and unmanageable to regroup and deploy the troops of the Black Dragon clan. So this time, we will only use our own Blue Dragon troops.”

“I have already After a rough calculation, the soldiers of the Red Dragon clan who can fight are only a few thousand at best, and the rest are old, weak, sick and disabled. Therefore, in terms of the total number of troops, we have to overtake them. “

“The only thing you have to watch out for is Chen Xing, and Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, and his consort Valenstadz. I’m not quite clear what exactly happened to them, but they released The power of Life Essence that came out could turn Valenstads into a scarlet dragon king, and Chen Xing, a mortal, into a ten-meter-tall Titan!”

Hearing this, Kui Aldara sucked in a cold breath of air in surprise, “Scarlet Dragon King? Isn’t that only a legend? Also, a mortal turned into a Titan? This, this Chen Xing, is too powerful?”

Karis sneered, “hmph, they’re just a flash in the pan. You don’t have to make a fuss about nothing. Of course, this also shows that Life Essence is really powerful.”

Queldara frowned and said: “If I want to deal with these three people at the same time, I’m afraid…”

Carris said with a smile: “You don’t have to worry, when you fight, I will Will give you the help of magic essence. Plus, we can use a little tactical tactics! “

Quel’Dara asked quickly: “Tactical means? “

Karis smiled sinisterly, “The Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis has always refused to help us, but if he can be forced to help us, he will use mental projection to affect Chen Xing and the others in battle. If so, you can kill Chen Xing with no difficulty. “

Quel’dalla said: “But, I have seen the call between you and the Dragon King Sulis just now, mother Your Majesty. The Dragon King Sulis did not agree to help us.” “

Karis said with a cold laugh: “That Old Guy, like a loach, dare not bite.” But if you went to talk to him in person and promised him all kinds of benefits, he would definitely be tempted to help us. “

Queldara asked, “For him?” What kind of benefits? “

Karis said with a smile: “Isn’t he like a peaceful corner? You can meet him in person as the future Blue Dragon Queen, and promise that as long as he helps us, we will destroy it.” The Red Dragon family, then the Blue Dragon family and the Black Dragon family will never violate him. With such favorable conditions, even if he wanted to remain neutral, he would inevitably be tempted. And as long as he moves his heart and interferes with Chen Xing at a critical moment, we can win this war very easily. “

Queldara’s eyes widened immediately, “But mother, didn’t you say you want me to destroy the Red Dragon and Green Dragon clan? Then why did you promise not to infringe the blue dragon clan? “

Karis laughed heartily, “So I say, Queldara, you’re too young.” Remember, when you negotiate with him, you must promise not to violate him, never promise not to violate his Green Dragon family. “

Queldara asked, “Is there a difference?” “

Karis Yin said with a smile: “Of course there is a difference!” We can destroy the entire Green Dragon family, leaving only an aging Green Dragon Dragon King, let him fend for himself in his own dream. This is not a breach of a promise. “

Quel’Dara said embarrassedly: “But…will this be too cunning?” “

Karis glared at Quel’Dara angrily, “Cunning? my stupid daughter! You are not allowed to question me and refute me any more! since ancient times, winner is the king, loser is the villain! What other king is considered a deceitful one? “

Queldara hurriedly knelt to the ground and said ashamedly: “I’m sorry, mother Your Majesty!” I will never question your orders again! “

Karis then slightly relieved, “Okay, get up.” “

Queldara stood up slowly, “mother Your Majesty, I still don’t understand something, you can tell Sulis Dragon King this through Dragon Ball communicator, why do you want to?” Let me meet the Dragon King Sulis in person? “

Karis smiled coldly, “The Old Guy of Sulis, just through the Dragon Ball communication, can’t make him really nervous, only when our soldiers are overwhelmed, he will be really nervous.” nervous. “

Queldara nodded, “I see mother Your Majesty.” “

Karis said with a smile: “Okay, go, my daughter, take my order, assemble the blue dragon elite troops!” Go and kill the red dragon clan for me! If all goes well, you can also directly destroy the Green Dragon family! When you bring back Life Essence and spiritual essence, you will be the greatest contributor to the master’s great revival! “

Queldara immediately one-knee kneels, “Yes!” mother Your Majesty! “

After finishing speaking, Queldara got up and left, and went to assemble the blue dragon elite troops overnight.

After Kalise waited for Queldara to leave, her face was revealed. A vicious smile came and disappeared in an instant.

second day.

The construction of the Red Dragon Legion’s camp is coming to an end.

Last night , all the Red Dragon people are busy, even Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades are not idle, they take the initiative to help the Red Dragon family build.

This makes every Red Dragon people very Thank you.

Chen Xing not only saved their entire Red Dragon clan, but also did not take credit and pride, but really regarded the Red Dragon clan as friends.

Before the Red Dragon The people don’t even look at Chen Xing, a mortal, but now, every Red Dragon people put down their work immediately after seeing Chen Xing and respectfully salute to Chen Xing.

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