Star God Soldier King Chapter 2172


After the basic construction of the camp was completed, Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, ordered some of the Red Dragon soldiers to continue patrolling the realm, and the other part to rest as soon as possible.

Obviously, they don’t have much time left.

They spent two days outside Xiufeng Valley, and the Blue Dragon Queen found their tracks.

It has just entered the Xiufeng Valley and has not been truly accommodated by the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis.

Therefore, they must be on high alert.

In addition to maintaining vigilance in Xiufeng Valley, Hilda also ordered her female guards to leave Xiufeng Valley and expanded the area of warning to an area 100 kilometers away from Xiufeng Valley.

In this way, if there is any trouble, they will be better prepared earlier.

After resting like this for about a day and a half, on the evening of the second day, a red dragon female guard hurried back.

“Your Majesty! Emergency military situation!”

“Speak!” Hilda said solemnly.

“We found that there are about 10,000 elite blue dragon troops flying towards Xiufeng Valley at a very fast speed! In about two hours, we will reach the Taniguchi of Xiufeng Valley! “The Red Dragon Girl Guard eagerly reported.

“It’s coming so fast!” Hilda held breath cold air: “Order all the red dragon female guards to shrink back to Xiufeng Valley, and order all the red dragon soldiers and the red dragon people to keep fighting. Alert!”

“Yes!” The red dragon female guard immediately spread her wings and flew away, conveying the order to go.

Hilda immediately found Chen Xing and the others again.

At this time, Chen Xing, the Queen of Blades, and Valenstadz are easily exchanging martial skills with each other.

“Lord Chen Xing! Blue Dragon’s elite troops are here!”

“oh?” “

Hilda nodded, “Yes, it’s just the Blue Dragon. Although they only have ten thousand people, their battle strength is not necessarily worse than that of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon coalition!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It seems that the blue dragon queen Karis, this time not only wants to destroy the Red Dragon family, but also wants to destroy the Green Dragon family along with it.”

Valance Taz helplessly said: “Unfortunately, the Old Guy of the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis has already lost his mind. He simply doesn’t think the Blue Dragon will destroy his Green Dragon family. He is still doing whole world at peace now. What a sweet dream!”

Hilda sighed, “I’m afraid that’s really the case. I’m not really worried about the Blue Dragon’s troops, at worst confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth that’s all! We are red Dragon clan, although only half of them are left, the courage to fight has never been lacking! I am just worried that if we are fighting in the front, and the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis makes a little trick behind us and interferes with us, then We’re in big trouble!”

Valenstadz analyzed: “Judging by Sulis’ character who doesn’t want to offend anyone, he shouldn’t be doing that.”

Hilda frowned and said, “However, we can’t put our hope on Sulis, can we? If Sulis really does it, then it will be our Red Dragon clan who will be destroyed. .”

Valenstadz nodded said: “That’s right!”

The Queen of Blades sneered, “Tell me to say, just do it all the time, destroy it first. Get rid of the Green Dragon family, so that you won’t have any worries! Chen Xing, are you right?”

Chen Xing slightly frowned, thinking for a while.

If it is in the Human Race world, Chen Xing will of course adopt the method of the Queen of Blades, directly eliminate the worries, and then go all out to deal with the enemy in front of him.

However, this situation is completely different from the Human Race world.

The forces in the Human Race world, no matter how strong they are, are only strong in military strength, and in general they are easy to deal with.

But in giant dragon world, it is not so easy to kill a Dragon Clan.

Moreover, although the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis is reluctant to fight, but if they really fight, with the spiritual essence in the Green Dragon Dragon King’s hands, Chen Xing and the Red Dragon clan may not be able to destroy them in a short time. Drop the entire Green Dragon clan.

If the Green Dragon was really that easy to fight, the Blue Dragon was so close to the Green Dragon, it would have killed the Green Dragon long ago, and would not choose to fight the Red Dragon clan.

In addition, the Green Dragon family is not bad in nature, they are just too obsessed with dreams and ignore the meaning of reality.

A team like this can actually be won.

If you really attack Green Dragon first, then not only can’t destroy Green Dragon, but it will push Green Dragon to the Blue Dragon camp.

In that case, the Red Dragon family really has no advantage.

After thinking for a moment, Chen Xing immediately said: “No, we can’t attack the Green Dragon clan, we can only try to win the Green Dragon clan.”

The Queen of Blades frowned and said, “Strive for? However, the army of the Blue Dragon has already arrived at the gate of Xiufeng Valley. What can we do with the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis? Is it just relying on a three-inch tongue? Well, it’s not that I doubt you, but that Old Guy iron It’s useless if you don’t mix your mind! Tell me to tell you, just do it! Even if you die, you can die happily!”

Chen Xing faintly smiled, “We It’s victory, not death. Of course, you’re right, it’s hard to convince Sulis with a three-inch tongue, and you have to find some other way to force him to submit.”

Hilda asked: “How to force it? Sneak into the Emerald Temple and threaten him personally?”

Valenstadz shook the head, “No! The Old Guy’s side It must be all mental projection, I am afraid that we will be affected by his dream before we get close to him, and we will fall asleep directly.”

The Queen of Blades said angrily: “It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, really. It’s too laborious! Chen Xing, please tell me, what should we do now?”

Chen Xing faintly smiled, “Don’t worry–I analyze, the Queen of the Blue Dragon, Caris, may not dare to directly Just attack us.”

Hilda blinked in surprise, “Lord Chen Xing, why do you think so? The Blue Dragon Queen has assembled 10,000 elites this time!”

“Of course I know.” Chen Xing said lightly with a smile: “But don’t forget, the last time we fought Morton, the Blue Dragon Queen Karis saw the whole process, and the Blue Dragon Queen also used Magic Essence Ray went to boost Morton. And even with the 50% Magic Essence boosting effect, Morton was killed by us together! In that battle, Valenstadz evolved into the scarlet Dragon King, and I activated it Titan form! Just these two points, Karis can’t help but be afraid of us.”

“That’s right.” Valenstadz and the others nodded.

Chen Xing continued: “You only consider that we are worried that the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis will help the Blue Dragon Queen, but from another angle, the Blue Dragon Queen is also worried, Green Dragon Dragon King Suli Will Sis help us? Think about it, if Sulis really helped us at a critical moment and interfered with the Blue Dragon Legion with his spiritual essence, then the Blue Dragon would be completely defeated in this battle. 10,000 elite blue dragon soldiers, none of them can escape, all of them have to be killed by us!”

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