Star God Soldier King Chapter 2173


“Chen Xing, you mean that the blue dragon queen Karis is also worried about Sulis?” Hilda asked thoughtfully.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “That’s right! Carris is very insidious and cunning, and generally insidious and cunning people will not trust others easily. Even more how, Sulis has never agreed to talk to him. The blue dragons have formed an alliance. Moreover, after we entered the Xiufeng Valley, Sulis did not attack us.”

Valenstadz said quickly: “But Sulis interfered with us with mental projection! If you hadn’t woken up first, Chen Xing, we are still sleeping in Taniguchi! And if we were still sleeping, the blue dragon Legion could easily wipe out all our red dragon clan! From this point of view, Sulis It’s still a disguised and indirect help to the Blue Dragon Legion!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Of course I know this. However, the Queen of the Blue Dragon, Karis, has always paid no attention to the process. It only depends on the result. And what was the result she saw? The result she saw was that Sulis allowed our Red Dragon clan to enter Xiufeng Valley and set up camp in Xiufeng Valley. I think Karis must be Will question Sulis through Dragon Ball communication, and Sulis will definitely explain that he used mental interference on us, just didn’t expect, we are all free – this, Karis kind People will never believe it. As long as Caris has a little doubt about Sulis, she will not dare to attack Xiufenggu directly! She is also worried that if Sulis is just deceiving her, then she will The Blue Dragon Legion will really be wiped out.”

When everyone present heard it, they were all convinced.

Hilda said: “After Mr. Chen Xing’s analysis, I suddenly felt that our pressure did not seem to be that great. In this war, not only our red dragon Legion is in crisis, but the blue dragon Legion is in danger. They are also in crisis!”

Valenstadz was also sighed in relief, but then frowned, “But, Chen Xing brother, that being said, it’s just a comfort, And they can’t really let the Blue Dragon Legion retreat, after all, they have already overwhelmed the environment.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This is exactly the second point I want to analyze. The Blue Dragon Legion is overwhelmed with troops. , I think it’s not only for us, but also for the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis! Queen Kalis wants to threaten Sulis through actual actions and let him help the Blue Dragon Legion. So, I dare It was concluded that when they reached an agreement with Sulis, the Blue Dragon Legion would not rashly directly attack Xiufeng Valley. They would send a messenger to negotiate with Sulis secretly, and promised Sulis the lavish benefits, so that Sulis is tempted. As long as the covenant between the blue dragon messenger and Sulis is signed, then our red dragon Legion, I am afraid it will be really difficult.”

Hilda was the first to react, “I understand! Lord Chen Xing! The key to this battle! It is to fight for Sulis and not let Sulis and the blue dragon Legion ally!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “That’s right. , that’s it!”

“Then what should we do?” Valenstadz asked eagerly.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It’s very simple, we disguised as the Green Dragon Legion and killed the messengers, but let some of the messengers go back to report. In this way, the suspicious Blue Dragon Queen would Sulis will be more suspicious, and Sulis was misunderstood by the blue dragon queen. If he wants to survive, he can only fight against the blue dragon Legion with us. In this way, we can also be regarded as the old loach of Sulis. On our ship!”

Hilda happily clapped, “This idea is really second!” It’s the red dragon family, how do you disguise as a Green Dragon?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Remember the magic dragon scales of the crystal red dragon? Those crystal red dragons were originally blue dragon soldiers, After they put on a layer of magic dragon scales, they turned into crystal red dragons. We can also use the effect of those magic dragon scales to temporarily disguise as Green Dragon Legion. The special envoy of the Blue Dragon Legion will surely sneak in at midnight. Xiufenggu, when the lights are dark, they may not really be able to tell that we are disguised.”

“Fortunately, we didn’t throw away those magic dragon scales, hahaha! didn’t expect, this time It finally came in handy!” Valenstadz said happily.

Hilda also said with a smile: “Then let’s get ready. This time, we must push the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis to a dead end!”

Several people then summed up the details again, and then acted.

At midnight, the Green Dragon family almost all fell asleep except for the guards of the Emerald Temple.

And Chen Xing and the others put on magic dragon scales, transformed into the appearance of the Green Dragon family, and headed to Taniguchi of Xiufeng Valley.

At this time, ten thousand Blue Dragon elite troops, as expected by Chen Xing, were stationed outside the Taniguchi of Xiufeng Valley and attacked unhurried.

Chen Xing and the others waited for a while, and finally saw a blue dragon squid sneaking into Taniguchi.

Hilda lowered her voice and said to Chen Xing: “Lord Chen Xing, shall we do it now?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Don’t worry, we have to let go Long line to catch big fish, and the fish hasn’t bit the hook yet!”


Several people sank and waited patiently.

Sure enough, the blue dragon squid tried it out, and then whispered to the outside of the valley: “Queldara, Her Highness the Princess, there is no danger here, and there is no spiritual projection!”

“Very well, let’s go in, pay attention, must be careful not to attract anyone’s attention! This time we are here to negotiate, not to fight!” Queldara’s voice came from outside the valley.


The blue dragon squad became more cautious, and at this time, Queldara also walked into Xiufeng Valley with several guards.

“Queldara? Really Queldara!” Hilda held breath cold air.

“What, you know each other?” Valenstadz curiously asked.

Hilda said with a bitter smile: “Why don’t you know each other? Quel’Dara is the Blue Dragon Princess, the future heir to the Blue Dragon Queen’s Throne! She is very smart and has a pure heart, Many years ago, we performed a joint mission together, so we still have a little friendship! I remember at that time, she once told me that her greatest ideal was not to inherit the Blue Dragon Throne at all, but It’s the use of magic to make their blue dragon family better. I really didn’t expect that she was the one who brought the blue dragon Legion to kill us this time.”

Valenstadz said with a smile: “People’s hearts can change – of course, my heart for you will never change, my love.”

Hilda smiled happily.

The Queen of Blades couldn’t help but said, “I can’t stand it anymore, you guys are too nauseous.”

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