Star God Soldier King Chapter 2174


Valenstadz said with a smile: “This is not called numbness, this is called affection. If you have ability, you can also find someone who can Go to the person who said this to you?”

The Queen of Blades said angrily: “Isn’t it exciting for me? Believing or not I’ll charge ahead now and put my anger on that Queldara Princess? “

Valenstadz begged for mercy again and again: “don’t, don’t, don’t! No kidding! Business is important!”

The Queen of Blades gave up.

At this time, Queldara Princess, with her guard squads, was approaching the position of Chen Xing and the others.

Chen Xing whispered: “Let’s go out to intercept them now, Queen Hilda, you don’t have to go out, go back to the Red Dragon camp first, and wait for us to bring you Queldara Princess. .”

Hilda started, “What? I don’t have to dress up as a Green Dragon?”

Chen Xing nodded, “No, since you know Queldara, then I thought of a better way.”

Hilda said: “Okay, everything is up to you.”

After speaking, Hilda quietly left.

The others, led by Chen Xing, pretended to be patrolling and swaggered towards Queldara and the others.

“Her Highness the Princess! There’s a situation ahead!”

“Who?” Quel’Dara asked in a low voice.

“It looks like it’s Green Dragon’s Emerald Guards!”

“It just so happens that we’re going to meet Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis, so let them show us the way.” Queldara ordered.


The blue dragon soldier immediately walked to the front and whispered to the emerald guards disguised by Chen Xing and the others: “Hey you guys. Green Dragon, come here!”

Chen Xing pretended to be nervous and shouted loudly: “Who are you?!”

The blue dragon soldier said angrily: “Keep your voice down! This is Her Highness the Princess of our Blue Dragon family! We, Her Highness the Princess of Queldara, are here to talk to your Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis! Hurry up and show us the way, if there is any delay between the two races It’s a serious matter, your lives are in danger!”

Chen Xing hurriedly pretended to wince, “It turned out to be the blue dragon Her Highness the Princess! Your Majesty, the Dragon King Sulis, has already explained to us. , if you meet a blue dragon Legion, must treat me well! Everyone, please come with me!”

Blue dragon soldier said with a sneer: “hmph, it’s almost the same.”

Queldara Princess frowned, “Did you Dragon King Sulis already know we would come?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Yes, yes, long ago. I know.”

Queldara Princess felt a little uneasy.

She wanted to give Sulis a “surprise attack”, but didn’t expect Sulis already knew she would come.

It seemed that Sulis was not as stupid as she thought.

This peace talks may not be as simple as imagined.

“Her Highness the Princess, please come here.”


As of now, Queldara can only be braced oneself, follow Chen Xing and the others to Xiufeng Valley.

“Her Highness the Princess, you must have brought a lot of troops this time, right?” Chen Xing asked deliberately.

Quilda pursed his lips, not wanting to answer the Green Dragon guard’s words.

The blue dragon soldier next to him sneered, “Of course! We have brought a total of 10,000 elites this time! The Xiufeng Valley can be leveled in minutes!”

“Aiya is amazing! Amazing!” Chen Xing hey said with a smile.

“So, you Green Dragon clan, you’d better listen to our blue dragon clan, so that you don’t have to get burned.” The blue dragon soldier added proudly.

“That’s, that’sβ€”this way please.” Chen Xing said with a smile.

The blue dragon soldier looked around, pointed to the towering Emerald Temple in the distance and said, “Isn’t the Emerald Temple in that direction? Where are you taking us?”

Chen Xing Hey said with a smile: “Our Sulis Dragon King Your Majesty knows that the blue dragon Legion is coming, so we specially let us take you Her Highness the Princess to a new meeting place, so that It can guarantee absolute comfort and safety.”

The blue dragon soldier frowned and asked: “A new meeting place? Hehe, your Dragon King Sulis, you still think quite comprehensively.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Yeah, the Dragon King Sulis can survive in this chaotic world for so long, he is older than all the Dragon Clan leaders, it is naturally very wise.”

Blue Dragon Princess Quel’Dara’s heart sank again.

“I thought, Your Majesty, the Dragon King of Sulis, just loves to sleep.” Queldara coldly said.

Chen Xing said deliberately: “haha, that’s just to hide people’s eyes and ears, actually…forget it, can’t say, can’t say!”

Queldara He was even more suspicious, “Can’t say anything?”

Chen Xing hey said with a smile: “It’s nothing, Her Highness the Princess, just think I was farting just now.”

“Damn!” The blue dragon soldier angrily shouted: “How can you say such vulgar words in front of Her Highness the Princess?”

Queldara waved his hand, “Forget it, hurry up See the Dragon King Sulis, I want to take a good look at the true face of the Dragon King Sulis.”

Chen Xing Hey said with a smile: “This way please!”

The Queldara entire group followed Chen Xing and the others, getting farther and farther from the Emerald Temple, but getting closer and closer to the temporary camp of the Red Dragons.

β€œHer Highness the Princess.”

A blue dragon guard whispered, β€œThere seems to be something wrong—”

Quelda Raslightly nodded, lowered his voice and said: “Well, I also feel it, this seems to be a trap. But here, let’s see what medicine Sulis is selling!”

The blue dragon guard immediately said: “Yes, I understand, Her Highness the Princess.”

Chen Xing heard their conversation, smiled secretly in his heart, and continued to lead them to the red dragon camp.

“Her Highness the Princess, coming soon, coming soon!”

When they reached the entrance of the red dragon camp, Quel’Dara turned towards the blue dragon guard beside him. winked.

The few blue dragon guards acted immediately, directly showing their weapons, and quickly placed them on the necks of Chen Xing and the others!

Chen Xing pretended to be shocked, “Aiya! Her Highness the Princess, what are you doing!?”

Queldara angrily shouted: “Green Dragon Dragon Guard, I came to talk with you, the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis, in good faith, why did you guys lead me to the territory of the Red Dragon?”

Chen Xing said quickly: “I, I don’t I know what you’re talking about, Her Highness the Princess!”

Queldara said angrily: “Do you think I’m a fool? Teach me a lesson!”

“Yes !”

The blue dragon soldier who used the dragon road to hang Chen Xing’s neck immediately punched Chen Xing’s chest fiercely.

The power of this fist is double the Divine Force, enough to shock the heart of an ordinary Green Dragon jade guard.

Of course, for a deified character like Chen Xing, this simply can’t be considered or something.

But Chen Xing pretended to be seriously injured and begged for mercy eagerly: “Don’t fight! Her Highness the Princess! Me too… I’m also under orders!”


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