Star God Soldier King Chapter 2175


“According to orders?” Queldara asked angrily: “By whose orders, and what to do? You better obediently and Answer honestly, otherwise, my Blue Dragon Guard, the next move, will cut off your head directly!”

It’s time to put your acting skills to the test!

Chen Xing pretended to be very weak, very frightened, and really wanted to beg for life, panting, and said, “Gong, Her Highness the Princess…I, we all served the Dragon King Sulis. Order… Dragon King Sulis has an agreement with Queen Hilda, the red dragon… As for the agreement, I don’t know, our mission is to bring the blue dragon Legion’s messenger to the red dragon Legion. Deal with it! Please, Her Highness the Princess, don’t kill me!”

“What?” , actually united with the Red Dragon clan to fight against us! Fortunately, I came to test it in advance, otherwise, my Blue Dragon Legion 10,000 elites will be buried here! Come on! Quickly solve them all Drop it! Then evacuate this place of right and wrong!”

“Yes!” The blue dragon soldiers did not say a word, and directly attacked Chen Xing and the others!

There is absolutely no problem in killing a few ordinary Green Dragon guards with such an ultimate move.

But for Chen Xing and the others, it has absolutely no effect.

Chen Xing pretended to scream, then collapsed to the ground.

Valenstadz and the Queen of Blades screamed and collapsed to the ground.

In fact, if the blue dragon soldiers observe carefully, they will find that the “death appearance” of these people is too rough, but the blue dragon soldiers are afraid of being discovered by the red dragon Legion, so when they make a killing move, They immediately evacuated their Her Highness the Princess under cover.

As soon as Queldara walked away, Chen Xing got up from the ground.

“Hey, Laowa, Queen of Blades, stop acting! Take off your disguise and chase quickly! Laowa, let Hilda bring the entire Red Dragon Legion to chase, the louder the better. !”

“Good Chen Xing brother!” Valenstadz immediately tore off his disguise and roared loudly with the roar of dragon roar: “Red dragon Legion strikes! Don’t waste Sulis Your Majesty in vain Good intentions! Catch up with the blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara!”

The entire red dragon Legion was on high alert, and when he heard Valenstadz’s roar, he didn’t understand it yet. What happened, but it was all in action.

Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades quickly intercepted those blue dragon soldiers, and the sword of judgment in Chen Xing’s hands blocked their way!

“Not good! It was discovered by the red dragon Legion!” A blue dragon soldier said eagerly: “Her Highness the Princess, you go first, we will block these two mortals!”

Quel’dalla frowned and said, “Don’t underestimate these two mortals! Everyone still advances and retreats together!”


The Queen of Blades rushed into the ranks of the blue dragon soldiers, and the powerful insect swarm was displayed, trapping two of the blue dragon soldiers in an instant, leaving them with no time to care.

As for the remaining dozen or so blue dragon soldiers, Chen Xing was also rude. The sword of judgment in his hand was like chopping melons and vegetables, and he killed five blue dragon soldiers in a few rounds. !

These blue dragon soldiers are all first-class elites!

But in front of Chen Xing, there is absolutely no way to fight back!

Quel’Dara was horrified, and quickly transformed into a giant dragon form–

The giant dragon form was too big, and they had come to negotiate quietly, So it’s always been in human form, but now, Quel’Dara can’t care about that much.

As soon as she transformed into the giant dragon form, the blue dragon scales on her body glowed with a dazzling blue light, and then, a huge magic flame sprayed on the remaining blue dragon soldiers. .

Those blue dragon soldiers also transformed into giant dragon forms, and with the addition of augmentation magic, their stature increased by three times!

“Is it bigger than the size?” Chen Xing laughed, concentrating his mind, and the star rune power was injected directly into the sword of judgment in his hand through the Star God gem!

The Sword of Judgment was originally just a dull and dull blade, but at this moment it burst out with rays of light like blood!

The Life Essence infused in the Sword of Judgment is also fully activated at this moment!

The power of Life Essence counteracts the star rune power in Chen Xing!

Directly increase Chen Xing’s body to ten meters tall!

Titan Form!

Those blue dragon soldiers who had just been augmented by the blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara had no physical advantage in front of Chen Xing!

Chen Xing laughed and slashed with a sword!

The power that the Sword of Judgment can carry is endless!

The last time Chen Xing didn’t have the Sword of Judgment in his hand, he could only fight with the True Dragon holy sword transformed from his body, and the True Dragon holy sword can only carry twice as much power as Divine Force. That’s it!

Now, things are very different!

Chen Xing roared, the sword of judgment in his hand condensed ten times the Divine Force, fiercely slashed at those blue dragon soldiers!

All blue dragon soldiers scattered ashes and dispersed smoke instantly!

The blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara teleported rapidly, barely avoiding Chen Xing, the Titan Slash!

Queldara managed to stabilize his dragon body, and then, regardless of other things, immediately condensed all his magical power and formed an eggshell-shaped magical barrier around his body.

Under her magical barrier, there is also a magical pattern of Transmission Formation floating.

Clearly, this is Quel’Dara’s ultimate escape.

She used a magical barrier that was immune to all attacks while preparing to teleport long distances to escape this terrifying place-

Chen Xing put away his sword of judgment, coldly said: “Her Highness the Princess, are you in such a hurry? We and Your Majesty, Sulis, haven’t treated you well!”

Queldara said angrily: “Mortal! I won’t You’re fooling me! You, the Red Dragon clan, and the Green Dragon clan are all in one group!”

At this time, Queen Hilda rushed over with the Red Dragon soldiers.

As soon as she saw Queldara, Hilda loudly said: “Queldara! Do you remember me?”

Queldara startled, “Hilda Hilda? Oh no, now you’re Queen Hilda!”

Hilda sighed, “We used to be friends, why do we have to be like this?”

Queldara also sighed, “Trust me, I don’t want it either, but… the form doesn’t allow me to change anything.”

Hilda then said: “Queldara, only us Work together, nothing can change! So, you stay, I will keep you safe with my throne, and we will negotiate with Sulis Your Majesty!”

Quier Dara said angrily: “Do you think I really believe you? Sulis has deceived our blue dragon family, and what awaits you next will be the wrath of the blue dragon!”

said After that, the magic Teleportation Talisman text at the foot of Queldara lit up, and after a dazzling rays of light, Queldara’s dragon body completely disappeared.

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