Star God Soldier King Chapter 2176


“Just let her run away like this?” the Queen of Blades asked unwillingly.

Queen Hilda sighed, “I’m afraid, that can only be the case. Queldara is the Princess of the Blue Dragon Legion after all, and the chief magician of the Blue Dragon clan, her mana is very powerful. In the process of her invincible immunity Any of our attacks will be ineffective against her.”

The Queen of Blades sneered, “hmph, don’t care how strong that Quel’Dara’s magic is, if Chen Xing wants to keep her If so, she will definitely not be able to escape! Chen Xing, are you right?”

At this point, Chen Xing has returned to his normal form.

Faced with the question of the Queen of Blades, Chen Xing just smiled faintly: “Perhaps, but the result is actually better.”

If Chen Xing really wants to keep Kui Aldara really has that ability.

He can condense an all-encompassing cage, trapping Quel’Dara within the confines of his cage.

In that case, Quel’Dara could escape without the power of the blue dragon magic essence.

However, Chen Xing has no plans to keep Queldara.

This is not because Queldara is the Blue Dragon Princess, but because Chen Xing needs to do enough tricks to force the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis to fight the Blue Dragon Queen Kalis.

That’s right, Callis, the real enemy.

The so-called Queldara Princess is just a forward officer.

But at the same time, Chen Xing was also a little bit puzzled – it stands to reason that in such an important battle, Karis should have sent a more experienced blue dragon general to lead, why did she let a scoundrel What about an inexperienced magician to be the commander?

Is it just trying to train Quel’Dara?


This is not right.

Queldara is the first in line to the Blue Dragon’s heir and the future hope of the entire Blue Dragon family.

It stands to reason that Karis can lead personally bringing troops into battle, but she can’t let her successor come out to take risks.

Because once the war is lost and the successor is killed, the blow to the entire Blue Dragon family will be very significant.

Could it be that Karis not only wanted to destroy the Red Dragon and Green Dragons through the Blue Dragon Legion, but also wanted to kill a person with a borrowed knife and get rid of her successor?

But that doesn’t make sense at all.

Chen Xing was lost in thought.

“Lord Chen Xing, Lord Chen Xing!” Hilda cleared her throat and asked, “What should we do next?”

Chen Xing returned to his senses, said with a smile: “We’ve done a lot of acting, and now Queldara must have no doubts about our union with Sulis. Then, it’s her and Queen Callis, and The matter between the Sulis Dragon King! We don’t have to worry. Tonight, find a thousand Red Dragon soldiers, wear magic dragon scales, disguise as Green Dragon guards, and station at Taniguchi, and then the others will Just sleep in peace. In the morning tomorrow, we will meet the Dragon King Sulis.”

Hilda said worriedly: “We attacked Queldara like that just now, she won’t do it tonight. Will they come to attack us?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Don’t worry, they can’t even quarrel tonight. Oh, by the way, Hilda, through you and Quelda just now Do you think she is a good person?”

Hilda thought for a while, “If it was the former Queldara, she must be a good person, and I am also Believe, she will make a good blue dragon queen. But now… the blue dragon legion has done so many evil things to our red dragon legion, I can’t trust any blue dragon legion anymore.”

Chen Xing nodded slightly, “Well, I see.”

Hilda asked: “Is there anything else? Lord Chen Xing?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No more, go and rest.”


The soldiers of the Red Dragon clan evacuated and returned to their own in the camp.

Hilda picked out another thousand Red Dragon soldiers, disguised as Green Dragon soldiers, and patrolled Taniguchi.

Such a move undoubtedly made the Blue Dragon Legion more convinced that the Red Dragon and Green Dragon were really united.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! It’s not good! It’s not good!”

While Chen Xing was fighting Quel’Dara, an emerald guard stumbled and ran to the throne of Sulis.

Sulis was awakened from the sweet dream, wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth angrily, and shouted: “What happened? You dare to disturb my sleep?”

“Sorry Your Majesty, but it’s an emergency! The blue dragon Princess Quel’dal, is playing against the red dragon Legion!”

“Huh? What?” Suliston stared wide- eyed, “What, what’s going on here? Why did the blue dragon Princess come? How many people did she bring? Why did you attack the red dragon Legion now? Alas, it’s nothing to us, since we fought, then Just fight, we’ll just stay neutral.”

The emerald guard said eagerly: “Your Majesty! It’s probably not that easy! The blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara put her large force on the After leaving Xiufeng Valley, he brought a dozen blue dragon soldiers into Xiufeng Valley. It seems that he came to negotiate with Your Majesty!”

“oh?” Sulis blinked, “But , I haven’t received the news either!”

“Regardless of whether you receive the news or not, Queldara Princess has already arrived, and it seems that several emerald patrolmen have brought it to the Red Dragon Legion. On the territory of the world! It is precisely because of this that Queldara Princess fought against the red dragon Legion!”


All the sleepiness of Sulis It disappeared in an instant!

This is a major event related to their Green Dragon clan!

He can’t sit still anymore!

He jumped up from his dragon seat with a whimper, “How could this be? Who? Those bastards led Quel’Dara to the red dragon Legion? This is not Are you going to cheat me? My God! Quel’dalla is the blue dragon Princess! She came to negotiate with me in person, and she must have great sincerity! But our people brought her into the territory of the red dragon family. It’s like telling the blue dragon clan, have we united with the red dragon clan? Where is Quel’Dara now? How is the situation?”

“I don’t know! It’s still fighting now. So I hurried over to report to Sulis Your Majesty! Your Majesty, please make up your mind quickly, if it’s too late, I’m afraid it will be too late!”

“Okay!” Sulis hurriedly Said: “Quick! Quickly gather all the emerald soldiers! Let’s protect Queldara Princess together! As long as we protect Queldara Princess, we will not be misunderstood by the blue dragon family!”

“Yes !”

Sulis stumbled out of the emerald great hall, and just walked to the terrace, before turning into a giant dragon to fly, he saw Chen Xing transformed into a giant titan, killing everyone with one sword. The scene of the blue dragon soldier in the augmented state.

Suliston was stunned.

And just when he was stunned, Queldara directly teleported himself away through the teleportation magic array.

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