Star God Soldier King Chapter 2177


“Wait! Quel’Dara Her Highness the Princess β€”β€”” Sulis let out a weak howl, then collapsed in a slump on the ground.

He was too late to catch up with Queldara Princess.

Rush over now, only to clash with the murderous-looking red dragons.

He didn’t want to offend the Blue Dragons, but he also didn’t want to offend the Red Dragons, especially after seeing Chen Xing’s strength after turning into a Titan – such strength can completely cause fatal damage to his Green Dragon Legion of.

“Your Majesty! What should we do now? Are we going to assemble the Emerald Soldiers?”

“Alas…forget it, no need.” Sulis said helplessly: ” The only thing we can do now is to find out the reasons as soon as possible, to clear our grievances, and we have to hope that the Blue Dragon Queen can understand us.”

The emerald soldier said with a bitter smile: “This time, I’m afraid it’s really not easy to handle.”

Sulis sighed and said: “Wait, it is estimated that the Blue Dragon Queen will call me soon.”

At the same time.

Queldara teleported back to Legion, the blue dragon outside Xiufeng Valley, and collapsed to the ground as soon as the magical protective shield was lifted.

A magical escape like this continues to drain her magical power.

Even her blue dragon scales became incredibly pale at this time, as if they had faded.

Without three or five days of cultivation, her magical power cannot be fully recovered.

Of course, with the help of magic essence, she can quickly regain her magical powers.

“Her Highness the Princess! Are you alright?” The surrounding blue dragon soldiers were all turned pale in fright when they saw that Queldara had fled back in such an embarrassing manner.

Queldara transformed into an adult, panting heavily, “Quick, be on guard! Green Dragon and Red Dragon have joined forces! We were deceived by that old loach in Sulis! In addition, , give me the Dragon Ball communicator, and I want to get in touch with mother Your Majesty immediately!”


Soon, a Dragon Ball communicator was placed in Quelda pull in front of.

The silhouette of the blue dragon queen Callis also emerged from the Dragon Ball.

“Queldara? How did you do this?”

“mother Your Majesty!” Queldara said eagerly: “We’ve been fooled! Sulis Simply not to cooperate with us, but to cooperate with the Red Dragon Clan! I was tricked into the territory of the Red Dragon Clan by them. If I hadn’t reacted fast enough and had seen through their conspiracy earlier, I’m afraid even I would have died there. What! It’s a pity that none of my blue dragon soldiers were spared!”

“What?” The startled of Queen Callis fiercely.

To be honest, she didn’t trust Sulis either, so she asked Queldara to negotiate with Sulis again.

But what made her absolutely didn’t expect was that Sulis really dared to join forces with the Red Dragon Legion.

“Is this old bastard so bold now? He dares to attack our blue dragon with Legion, the red dragon?”

“mother Your Majesty, this is Qianzhen That’s true! Although Sulis didn’t do it himself, he just led me to the territory of the Red Dragon Clan, but he did so, definitely united with the Red Dragon Legion!” Queldara said firmly.

“hmph! This old bastard! Act recklessly!” Queen Callis gritted her teeth, “No, I have to question him face to face! Queldara, don’t turn off the communicator first, let me I’ll contact Sulis directly and see how he explains it!”

Queldara said: “hmph! That old loach must be denied in every possible way!”

Karis The queen’s gloomy face, connected to the communication with Sulis.

As soon as the call was connected, before Kalis could speak, Sulis said eagerly: “Queen Kalis, Your Majesty! This matter has nothing to do with our Green Dragon family! We Green The Dragon family has always adhered to the code of conduct of a matter of no concern to oneself! Besides, Queldara Princess came to negotiate with me in person, how dare I disrespect Queldara Princess? Hey, Her Highness the Princess, you are here too! Very good very good! Are you injured? Does it matter?”

Queldara said with a cold laugh: “Sulis Dragon King, you It’s really like it!”

Sulis said quickly: “no no no! I’m definitely not pretending, I really care about you, Princess Queldara!”

“Of course you care about me. You have to know if I’m dead. If I die, you can breathe a sigh of relief, right?” Queldara said angrily.

Sulis was speechless and said anxiously, “Aiya, my Her Highness the Princess! I really didn’t mean that!”

“The reason you said that, That’s because I didn’t die at the hands of the Red Dragons as you planned! Humph, if I died at the hands of the Red Dragons, you would be happy now. Your Green Dragons can get rid of me The soldiers of the blue dragon clan are overwhelmed, and they can also blame the red dragon clan for my death. I have to say, you use this move murder a person with a borrowed knife, it is really wonderful! No wonder you are alive so much After a long time, it really is Old Jiang!”

Sulis was about to cry, “Queldara, Her Highness the Princess, listen to my explanation! First of all, you come to my Xiufenggu, I really don’t know! I don’t know, how can I send emerald soldiers to lead you to the Red Dragon Legion? There must be a misunderstanding here!”

“Misunderstanding?” Kui Eldara coldly smiled, “Good misunderstanding, good sentence I really don’t know. Dragon King Sulis, I ask you, did you arrange the Green Dragon soldiers at Xiufeng Guguguchi now? Put it at the door to prepare for my blue dragon Legion, how dare you keep on saying here that you don’t know? It’s all a misunderstanding? Do you really take me and Queen Caris for fools?”

Sulis exclaimed in horror: “This! I really don’t know about this! I don’t know how there are Green Dragon soldiers to defend Taniguchi! Queldara Princess, please give me a moment, Let me investigate! I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer!”

Queldara laughed heartily up, “Give you time? I’m afraid I gave you time to prepare you for battle? The red dragon Legion can’t kill me this time, you see that your fox tail can’t hide, so you are ready to unite with the red dragon legion, and then deal with my blue dragon legion together, right?”

Sulis was about to go crazy, “Queldara Princess, why don’t you believe what I say? I really, really, really didn’t lie to you! I, the Green Dragon family, really really really just want to be there. We have no ambitions, no lofty sentiments and high aspirations, we just want to sleep!”

Queldara said with a sneer: “It’s so pitiful, but you definitely don’t think so in your heart. “

“Queldara Princess!” “

“Enough! “

The Dragon King Sulis still had to explain the fight. Queen Kalis, who had been frowning and kept silent, roared, interrupting Sulis’ defense.

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