Star God Soldier King Chapter 2178


Blue Dragon Queen Karis looked coldly at Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis, “You don’t need to explain, I’ve already read it all. Understood.”

Suliston felt a burst of fear in his heart, “no no no, Queen Callis, let me explain! I really didn’t harm you, and I really didn’t unite with the Red Dragon clan! I I don’t know where the problem is, but as long as you give me some time, I will be able to find out.”

Karis coldly said: “As a person, I always don’t pay attention to the process and only look at the process. The result. The result I see now is that my daughter, the commander of our Blue Dragon Legion, the future heir of our Blue Dragon clan, almost died in Xiufeng Valleyβ€”do you admit it?”

Sulis said bitterly: “Yes… this, I can’t deny it, butβ€”β€””

Karis coldly said: “There is nothing to be but, I’m not interested in listening to your defense, even if you are really wronged, then I don’t care! What I want is only a result! If you really want to prove that you are not united with the Red Dragon Clan, then it is very simple, open With the Dragon Ball communicator, order your Green Dragon soldiers to attack the camp of the Red Dragon clan directly! As long as you put all your troops into it, you are really inseparable from the Red Dragon clan, and you will naturally be able to prove your innocence. It’s over!”

Sulis said with a bitter smile: “Queen Karis, isn’t it difficult for you to be a strong man? You clearly know that my Green Dragon family is not willing to intervene in any disputes! , If, if I am really inseparable from the red dragon clan, when the time comes you blue dragon Legion rushed in the fisherman profits and killed both of our clan, then who am I to reason with?”

“Hahahaha!” Karis said with a smile: “Finally tell your truth, Dragon King Sulis! It seems that you don’t believe our blue dragon Legion at all! But this is also Excusable, after all, you Green Dragon family and Red Dragon family belong to the weak Dragon Clan who should be eliminated! And only our Black Dragon and Blue Dragon family are the real Sovereign of Dragon Clan in the future! You are afraid to be us So it’s only natural for the two weaklings to join forces!”

Sulis’ face was full of pain, β€œQueen Caris, I really want to defend myself, but Your words hurt my heart deeply. I thought that as long as I could follow your wishes, you would leave a way out to our Green Dragon clan, but didn’t expect… You have already thought about it, and you want to kill us to the last one! From this point of view, what the mortal Chen Xing said was not wrong at all. The so-called dead lips are cold. Once the Red Dragon family is destroyed, the next one will be our Green Dragon family. “

Carris smiled coldly, “hmph, what if you understand, let’s be honest with you, I’m not afraid of the union of you two weak races!” Tonight, I will let you all take a breath, and tomorrow morning, my Blue Dragon Legion will invade your Xiufeng Valley! Let you taste the real magic power! “

After saying that, Karis directly interrupted the Dragon Ball communication with Sulis.

Queldara looked at her mother in surprise, “mother Your Majesty, is it too early to declare war with Sulis? My magic hasn’t recovered yetβ€””

Karis coldly smiled, “It’s okay, Queldara, my dear daughter. Our Blue Dragon family is very powerful, and we have no problem dealing with two rubbish Dragon Clan. As for your magic, don’t worry, when you fight Chen Xing, I will use my dragon shadow to help you fight, by then, the magic essence ray will strengthen your strength, you will definitely defeat Chen Xing and them ! “

Queldara said worriedly: “However, Chen Xing’s power, I have just experienced, he can turn into a Titan! “

Carris laughed and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, it’s just an illusion!” The essence of Chen Xing is still just a mortal! Alright, my daughter, hurry up and rest, tomorrow morning, we will attack Xiufenggu together! “

Queldara sighed helplessly, “Okay mother Your Majesty, I am willing to fight for you to the end!” “

A sinister trace flashed in Karis’ eyes, and then disappeared in an instant, “Very good, my daughter, very good!” “

The two cut off communication.

On the other side, the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis was slumped on his throne.

“Your Majesty, we should How to do? The emerald soldier next to him said worriedly: “Depending on the situation, the Queen of the Blue Dragon has already torn her face with us, and she has declared war with us. “

“Yeah, didn’t expect things to turn out like this.” “Soulis sighed and said: “I have always hoped for peace, and our Green Dragon family has always been indifferent to the world. But didn’t expect, in the end, we are still forced to fight. “

The emerald soldier said angrily: “Your Majesty, in fact, we should have fought the blue dragon Legion long ago!” Blue Dragon Queen Callis is bully intolerably! If she is allowed to be arrogant, our entire Green Dragon clan may really be wiped out by the Blue Dragon Legion! “

Sulis nodded heavily, “Since war is inevitable…go!” Come and invite Hilda, Queen of the Red Dragon, and Lord Chen Xing! no no no! I’m going to meet them in person! “

“Your Majesty, it’s still dark, is that appropriate?” “The Emerald Guard asked.

Sulis said eagerly, “Where is the right thing to do? At dawn, the blue dragon Legion will attack! Don’t we have to rely on the Red Dragon Legion if we want to win the war? Lord Chen Xing can become a Titan, and he will definitely help us win this war! “

After speaking, Sulis rushed out of the Emerald Temple and flew towards the Red Dragon Legion’s camp.

At this time, the Red Dragon Queen Hilda and Wa Ranstadz just fell asleep, and Chen Xing didn’t need to sleep. As soon as Sulis flew over, he had already sensed it.

“Queen Hilda! Mr. Chen Xing! I, Sulis, have come to compensate you! Sulis roared with a blushing face.

Red Dragon Queen Hilda and Valenstadz were awakened and walked out of the room in confusion.

“Huh?” , it really is the Dragon King of Sulis! How do you…” Hilda saw the ashamed expression on Sulis’ face, and immediately understood the general idea.

Valenstaz said laughter: “Sulis Dragon King , We are having a sweet dream, so you come here, is it too rude? You, the master of dreams, can make up for our beautiful dream when we look back! “

Sulis said with a blushing face: “Valan Little Brother, ashamed and ashamed! I used to be so confused, but through the events of this evening, I have completely woken up! I hope to cooperate with you all! Let’s take on that nasty blue dragon Legion together! “

Chen Xing on the side smiled faintly, “It seems that you have already explained to the Blue Dragon Queen, Dragon King Sulis, and you haven’t gotten the Blue Dragon Queen’s understanding, right? “

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